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    :thumbup:So if you are happy you Made The right Choice . I onlly use Di Profiles with my own IRs and Kemper Sounds like the Amp through Captor X with the same Ir - 98 % I can‘t hear the difference . And ist feels gr8 !

    yellow ist real Amp with boost into Captor X and my own IR - Green is Di Profile with baked in boost and same Ir loaded into the Kemper .

    what amp(s) are we talking about?

    have you tried reducing the volume of the amp?
    have you refined the Profile?

    The amps are Peavey Ultra + , Victory Kraken and an old Ampeg . On the Peavey i did a mod to bypass the internal noisegate , but the profiles are about 75% close to the source . The bass frequency pumps up every time when i refine the profile - i did a lot of different techniques , but nothing helped .When I profiled with a Lowcut n and 80 hertz , the profiles went into a thin and lifeless character .

    I have some Amps where the Kemper struggles with accurate Profiles - bass and lowend is mushy and over the top .

    I wish that i can profile these amps with good accuracy -

    An updated algorythm or perhaps a match eq in the refine mode is an option to get closer ?

    Kemper is a great unit -- but profiling has to be much more simple with awesome results , no matter what amp, setting or pedal is used ;-)

    Thx .... that is what i wish for Christmas


    Last weekend i used my Kemper Stage live for the first time - im impressed and it could hold up against the JVM of our other guitar player !

    I think it needs a little more tweaking - cause my 800 profile was a little bit on the bright side --- but i will use it more for future gigs ! :-)

    lol oh ok theres like over 100,000 profiles or more made .theres lots of info on forum for making profiles . if your car didnt start do you just tow it away lol

    If it did not start for over 2 years -- perhaps :-) I purchased lots of profiles and most of them tend to overpower bass frequencies ! So there have to be a lot of people struggling with this issue !? Okay , i can throw eq in the profile and come closer to the source - but its not the same and will not make me Happy ! Thx !

    So here we are --- after creating over 100 profiles of my Amp Collection -

    Why the hell is no profile correct captured ? Done miked cabs, direkt profiles put eq in , reduced bass but nothing worked out fine !

    profiles sound woofy , distant and higmid/highs are missing !

    If there is no solution for this problem i am done with this unit . Is it my vault or do others have problems to capture their sound too ?

    Need help !

    Okay --- i need some help too ! No matter what i do - Kemper is adding so much sub bass to my profiles ! Honeymoon is over and i am not satisfied how profiles come out ! Also highmid and highs are not as the source --- is there a fix for this ?

    Same problem here ...... profiling is often pain in the ass . I have to cut low frequencies during the profile process . Most time the palm mutes are somewhat shifted an overpowered in the 100-120 hz department-refining adds more of this sub bass no matter what i do ! If you cut in this range . palm mutes sound better but the profiles sound thin and cold . It happens on all of my 7 Amps.

    I did watch Guidos profile videos -- so what is he doing better ???

    I don’t know about you but when I create a profile I try to get it as close as possible. If I can hear a noticeable difference like that, to me that means that it needs more “refine”. Sometimes you have to refine a few times or even tweak a bit.

    In the video, that did not happen. Both devices seem to require different approaches to get the best possible results. I think Rabea tried to make the comparison as fair as possible by not refining/tweaking on the Kemper (1st video) since you don’t have that option on the QC but the problem is that the QC is actually doing it on its own without user input. Then a lot of people complained and he recorded a 2nd video using “refine” but in my opinion he still missed the point since you are supposed to use (and reuse) “refine” as a tool to get as close as possible not just to demonstrate that you used it on the new video.

    That’s why I believe it was not completely fair. I don’t believe that it was something planned or intentional to make the Kemper look worse but that was the result.

    Yes - and don`t forget : the QC needs 5 minutes to capture the amp ! If you spend this time on the Kemper you will probably get a better result .... in some cases better than the actual amp. Please keep that in mind ! You are able to tweak the profiles much further with the Kemper . Fore my taste the QC sounds overly produced and not as raw as the Kemper .

    Possibly I could get closer tuning those post-profile parameters in the amp block, I'm not going to say that they're not useful.

    But if QC doesn't require any of that and gets closer to the amp with less faff, then I think that could be a lot better.

    First thing is to lower the definition parameter if the profile is lacking depth in is to crunchy - it is a very good tool!

    Same here , Victory Kraken profiles are very strange . Profiling the Peavey Ultra Plus is not possible ! Every time you try to profile the Kemper says : noisegate detected - but there is no noisegate and the profile sounds nothing like the actual amp even if you try to refine .

    Otherwise my DSL and my Ampeg VL profiles turned out fantastic !

    Greetz Marco

    Okay - so much hype ? I think all Neural products sound quite processed and polished ! I`ve been curious and did a little shootout between the Nameless plugin and my own boosted DSL profile with the same signal .... long story short : the Kemper sounded miles better - more punch , clarity and definition ! No need for a QC - love my Kemper ! And yes , i think Kempers profiling process needs an update at some point - i think the missing roomsound is the problem with some profiles .

    Cheers ,Marco

    Hey !

    I`m new in this forum.

    I run my Kemper Stage into the Return of my DSL100 - the signal is weak and i cant get enough volume out of the Marshall .

    I read that the powered Kemper has a poweramp boost in the output section , but can`t find it on the stage .... is it possible to get more signal out of the stage ?

    Greetz, Marco