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    Well, I'm right now experiencing the same issue as Joel2016. The rig down isn't working at all, and it happened because the rig manager stopped working while connected to the stage. I've spent over 2 hours trying to work around the issue and for now I've set the looper button to rig down (bank down). Problem is that I'm using the most current firmware so is not like I can update the Stage. Also, I'm having buzz noise coming from the 1/4 main and monitor out...really thinking about calling sweetwater and ask for another unit. I've had the lunch box for over 7 years and didn't experience anything like it.

    I've had a good buzz from my 1/4" monitor out too. They just added the monitor ground lift to 7.0.9, but it does nothing for my buzz

    I have to say, the response time with Kemper's support is frustrating. I contact them Wednesday...they respond Thursday, and I instantly give them the info they ask for. They respond Friday, and I give them the info they're looking for. They we're to the weekend and probably won't hear back until Monday. It's going to be almost a week before they even tell me the solution


    I'd get back to support to exclude there is a hardware issue.

    Thanks for the welcome Ingolf! I already emailed them back. Wait and see I guess :) Does it seem like they have this switch problem under control from what anyone knows? I know there's been some people on here with issues on more than one unit. Just wondering if they're fixed, or if I should wait until they are

    Hey all,

    I have a Stage, and my effect button 4 stopped working a couple days ago. I updated the firmware last night trying to see if it would remedy itself, but it didn't. I also contacted support and they had me hold the system and rig button when starting it to reset the cache etc. but that did nothing.

    I've searched and found one thread here about a broken effect button, but it was a separate button so I wasn't sure if it's a similar problem/solution.

    Anyone have the problem with button 4? or is it the same issue people are having with button 3?