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    Don't you mean the Definition control? Clarity really only affects dirty sounds. Definition is what gives the amp a more vintage sound (0-5) and a more modern or brighter sound (5+). Different pages, but same soft-knob.

    I might do - I'm 400 miles from home. Just googled the amp section, indeed I do mean definition.

    I think folk have more or less said this, but you really need to treat a profile as a snap shot. Don't adjust the gain very much, and use as little eq tweaks as you can get away with (think of the eq as the sort of post eq you might apply at the desk rather than amp). Then find a profile that works for you. I found most of the stock profiles unusable, to the extent that I almost returned the Kemper. I also found that the majority in the rig exchange (the few I tried, so maybe I'm not being fair) don't work for me either. For dirty sounds, TopJimi and some MBritt profiles really excel - my favourite being the Lee Jackson and SLO profiles from TopJimi for dirty, and a TAF for clean, slight break up, and crunch. If the profile isn't close immediately, move to another.

    It helps to listen to some of your favourite recordings first to get your ear tuned to recorded tracks rather than aiming for the amp in the room.

    Coming from the Axe FX 2 XL to Kemper, I'm really happy with my tones, very amp like, and less tweaking. Just don't expect to be able to make more than minor tweaks to gain or eq without losing some of that authentic tone. Also, in the amp block, look at the clarity control - increasing it can make an amp sound brighter, thinner, and harsher, decreasing it will do the opposite - sometimes a small tweak here is all you need before digging into eq and presence.

    As paults says, you need to drag them over to your Kemper, to the My Profiler/Presets folder. Then on your Kemper, when you are in a particular FX block, that preset will show up under the presets in the right hand column. Of course, most of these are already on your Kemper as factory presets.

    I picked up a couple of new toys (and traded out a couple of old toys) within the last couple of months.

    Suhr Pete Thorn (Mahogany neck/body, maple cap)

    Anderson Drop Top (Alder body, roasted maple neck,maple cap)

    Just received my quad momentary switch from Bright Onion pedals. It's pretty awesome. They've set the rear buttons higher than the front to make it easier to switch, they are nice silent non click switches (though clicking is an option). You can customise the labels when you order.

    I've currently got it set to switch delay on and off, drive (stomp C), fx (stomp B), and M is on morph but I may use it for MOD, hence M.

    Only £50 shipped which I thought was pretty good.

    I've had an alarming number of green screens of death in addition to the weird lockups. Never had any such problems with my Fractal. Hoping this all settles down with RM3 eventually appears.

    Yes, me too. Headphones is all I use and have no issues. Used Sennheiser HD6xx with both Stage and Toaster. Not easy to drive but totally fine and plenty loud on both. Like 30% volume is loud enough. They definitely sound better on the Toaster but were fine on the Stage. I do turn off pure cab and leave the space at default 3.

    All my practicing is with headphones. I use several different types. I find Kemper’s headphone amp to be leagues ahead of most others. Very powerful and clean and great stereo field.

    You may have an actual problem.

    No. I copy it to a new location so that kemper and rm are in sync, then reorder the slots. Then delete the old one.

    I've had weirdness with performances too. Sometimes it all gets out of sync for whatever reason - where what's on the Kemper and what's in Rig Manger no longer match and no amount of changing and saving fixes it. What I found that does work is copying and saving the performance to a new slot, which gets both back in sync. Delete the old performance. Update the new one either on Kemper or RM after that. Also find that copying and pasting profiles between slots rather than dragging to re-order is safer.

    I've had a few occasions where I've powered up my Kemper and there's been no sound. Twice this week. Each time required a reboot. Have also had it hang several times this week (I think always connected to my Mac by USB, though the Mac wasn't always powered on). Once it was just really really slow, so slow it looked like it hung, until I disconnected my Mac then it was back to normal, Mac wasn't even awake. Not sure if these are just life with a Mac connected, OS7 issues, or my Kemper - I'm new to Kemper and have only had it a couple of weeks.

    I think I'm just going to return this and get a simple 4 button momentary pedal instead. If I can only have 9 or even 24 performance slots, and must select the performance via a bank button, then this isn't that useful to me. A 4 button pedal instead to cover stomps will be fine, and half the price.

    I can't get the cust1 or cust2 to go above 9 banks. Honestly I'd be happier without any banks and being able to just send a performance slot change and a stomp change, but it seems that's not possible.

    I don’t gig. I just want it for home use so going cheap. But I’ve just noticed that the bank buttons can’t be reprogrammed. That’s disappointing! Max of 4 slots in a performance then.

    I was making a performance for each amp I like to play, and treating each slot sort of like an amp channel. Guess I need to go back and delete the 5th slot. And limit stomps to B, C, Mod, Delay.

    Hey, thanks for the quick reply. I wonder if setting up a morph CC on the second press would work? Honestly I’m not sure I need to be able to morph, but it’d be fun to play with. I’ve never done any midi programming before.

    You had any freeze issues? I see there’s new firmware to fix that but I don’t have a PC and their update tool is not Mac compatible. I’m also assuming that said firmware is compatible with the Harley Benton variant.

    Does nothing in browse mode? Tip: don’t use the pre-programmed Kemper setting, use one of the 2 custom settings and program your own midi commands. I have my bottom 4 switches selecting 4 patches in a bank, and my top 4 switches selecting stomp C, D, Mod and Delay.

    If I set up the 5 buttons at the bottom to access the 5 slots in the currently selected performance using codes #50-54, can I simply change performances via the Kemper itself and these 5 buttons will then let me select a performance slot - without the need for me to have banks on the midi pedal? I'm happy to change performances with the Kemper rig buttons. If I press the same foot switch a second time, will it morph? I'm thinking about setting it up to give me 5 stomps B, C, D, Mod, Delay, and 5 Performance slots.

    Also, do you need to choose the startup mode every time, eg Custom 2, or does it remember which you selected and automatically boot to that next time?