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    I'd rather have a vendor supplying me with constant improvements and requested features frequently than dealing with the same old bugs for years. Frankly, especially RM needs improvement, as it's quite quirky here and there... For example recently found that editing the morphed settings does nothing until you hit the preset switch two times. Perhaps a good compromise would be to put more effort in an extended (automated) testing/QA process, that might automatically lead to a longer time span in between updates.

    I hope you don't mind if I share my recent experience, as that is related to the initial post in a way.

    I've had the Kabinet for two weeks now and used it on two band rehearsals.

    On the first rehearsal, I simply loaded a merged profile I had made of my Morgan RCA35 and used it with the Creamback imprint. The Kab was elevated and positioned close behind me. I was totally unhappy with the sound. Either it was harsh or lacking defintion. Then I set it to the V30 imprint and that was a little better already, but nevertheless I returned home after the rehersal feeling rather disappointed.

    What I did a little while after that, I sat down with the Kabinet. I placed it about two meters away from me on the ground and played through a couple of profiles in imprint mode until I found something, that sounded and felt most amp-like. To my surprise, that was actually a Studio profile by MBritt (Champ). I picked a Jensen imprint, since I thought it would make the most sense. Comparing it to the sound on my Neumann monitors, it was actually pretty similar.

    At that point, I had learned the following things:

    - "Don't stand so close to me" - The Kabinet sounds better at a distance, not if you sit close to it. Fiddling with "Directivity" didn't help me much.

    - It sounds better placed on the ground than in an elevated position. Bass Boost didn't do it for me.

    - MBritt's profiles are way better than mine! ;) My RCA35 profile sounds way too harsh through the Kabinet. But he's the god of the profiles anyway. ;)

    Tonight, I took the Kabinet to another band rehearsal. I placed it on the ground, two meters away. At first I noticed, that the Jensen Imprint wasn't right for that situation. So I chose the Creamback. For most of the songs, I kept using the Champ profile... and the tone was amazing, interacting perfectly with my PRS. The sound was... there.. it was present, had a certain pressure to it and I could easily go from clean to mean just with my volume knob and shape the sound with the guitar's tone knob. For a more distorted sound, I used my own Smallbox 50 (merged) profile with the V30 imprint. That might need a little more tweaking, but it could "compete" with the rest of the band. I returned home all happy, because it was so much fun to have this tone and let it inspire me to just... play and be creative.

    So lesson learned:

    - Certain profiles work better than others

    - Don't give up too easily. Sit down and fiddle with it, get your hands dirty. It's so worth it. :)

    Direct Profiles of guitar amplifiers sound fizzy with Kone Mode enabled because a Direct Profile automatically enables Full Range Mode. This is by design, for use with acoustic guitar profiles. If you want to use Direct Profiles with Imprints, you have to include a cabinet, to prevent automatic Full Range Mode.

    Thanks for the explanation. However, it doesen't seem to be really full range mode, because if you keep that Cab module off and change the imprints in the output section, it still affects the tone. So, that whole signal flow is still confusing me. ;)

    I just loaded a direct profile with the cab module disabled and chose a nice Imprint in the Output section (Monitor Cab off, Kone mode enabled).

    Then I decided to pick an IR for the direct sound, but as soon as I enable the Cabinet module, the sound on the Kone darkened and lost its chime, even though Imprint Select is set to "Use global Imprint". Even tried to match the cab module's "Pure Cabinet" to the setting in the output section.

    Why is that? I thought, "Monitor Cab off" bypasses the cabinet module for the monitor output, thus expecting it would make no difference if I enabled the Cab module or not, especially on a direct profile.

    As I understand it from the manual, the act of merging a cab from a studio profile to a direct profile creates a "difference" between those two profiles, resulting in a separated cab preset and a merged profile, that is predestined to be used with Imprints or a guitar cab. AFAICT, if the maker of the merged profile forgets to name it so it is clear, it's a merged profile, nobody will ever know.

    So my FR would be to display a small icon along with the resulting merged profile and the cab preset that makes it clear, that I'm dealing with a merged profile.

    P.S.: is that information alreay part of the metadata of a profile?

    I don’t understand the request. It is possible to use cabinets from other rigs including IRs with the KPa itself or in Rig Manager already. What is missing that you need?

    I'm missing choosing Cabs from other rigs in RM. AFAICT, it's only possible to choose IR presets so far.

    The ability to create merged profiles is a totally different issue. A merged profile is not just a combination of amp and cabinet but a specific process to extract the cabinet from a studio profile by comparing it against the Direct Amp Profile of the exact same Rig. Both the Direct and Studio profile need to be made at the same time to ensure they are identical if the Merge process is going to work.

    I know the process, but it would be great to do that merging or perhaps even control the entire profiling process from RM. Especially as I keep my Stage under the desk, because I don't have room anywhere else.

    I've had my Kabinet for a little over a week now and finally managed to sit down with it and fiddle with profiles. For some odd reason, the direct profiles I made of my Morgan RCA35 and Friedman Smallbox 50, which sound quite nice with IRs or even as as merged profiles (used an OX bosx while profiling), sound fizzy and annoying through the Kabinet with Imprints.

    However, using one of MBritt's Champ profiles, that seems to be a Studio profile actually, sounds very authentic in Imprint mode. In fact, most of MBritts profiles sound way better through the Kabinet than my own profiles do!

    I just wonder, if the Kone straight from the factory is quite stiff and needs to be broken in. It can be pretty harsh-sounding.

    Good point. Maybe I just get one for now and address the other modeler problem when it's an actual problem. Who knows when FM9 and QC will actually be available to buy. ?

    The QC hasn't been really available for ages and suddenly they increased the price. I went "screw you" and decided to support local economy by buying a Kemper Stage, even though I'm really missing a couple of features the QC has and the Stage hasn't. Like USB audio to make recording way easier.

    Well, theoretically, you could disable all the blocks (Amp, Cabinet, FX,...) in your KPA and enable Imprints, connect your audio interface to the KPA's input and Monitor Out and create an impulse response of the imprints and use those on other modellers along with the Kabinet.

    Thinking of it... that's almost "profiling the profiler". ;D