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    yes this is definitely a software bug, (and the bug most probably has been around some time already, but was not triggered so prominently yet)

    What we've found out until now:

    sometimes the initial communication with the front panel is not successfull, but the system boots nevertheless (after a time-out.. so this is the 'extra boot time' some people experience in that case) which results in the brightness of some led groups not being set correctly at boot.

    That explains it pretty well. I've experienced that timeout and that bright LED issue last night. I had Rig Manager connected via USB and I usually switch the Stage by mains power.

    I'm currently using a soft bag from my old Palmer Pedalbay 60 and as long as you put it into the bag with the footswitches first, you don't have to worry about potentiometers. Unfortunately, the bag is way too big, has no laptop compartment, and you can't wear it as a rucksack. The upcoming Kemper bag looks way more promising, IMO. ;)

    Quo got me into music when I was still in nappies. They were a fantastic band back in the seventies. Very unfairly picked on by, I'm.not sure how to label be honest, musical snobs? Their rendition of 'roadhouse blues' blew the original out of the water.

    I assume it's because Quo here in Germany were very much reduced to their most catchy tunes and thus have mostly been played by solo entertainers and bands focusing on party music. And those bands could have been found on weddings and typical German fairs, where the focus was probably not on savoring sophisticated music. But this is only an assumption based on how my dad (rock musician) reacted to them, whenever Quo appeared on TV on some oldie show, lip-syncing to a playback.

    Hard to realize what a bunch of really conservative we guitar players are ..still..

    That isn't a bad thing after all, since it hopefully will always be keeping some tube amps around so we can feed our profilers. ;)

    (before somebody kills me for that remark: I love the three handwired tube amps I own and I always will have some around. ;) )

    Exactly this.

    I think ckemper is fully aware of the fact that emulating "the speaker/"the cab" is still a challenge, and will always be.

    I keep making the same experience like the Captain mentioned: When using headphones, it just doesn't sound and feel right. However, things completely change as soon as I move some air. With my Neumann nearfields, even at low volume, it is just pure fun to play. But what I like about the KPA is, that if you neither like the headphone sound, nor enjoy the signal via fullrange speakers, you can disable that cab sim altogether and use your favorite guitar cab.

    I just listened to recordings i made, and the analog outs of the Kemper sounded

    more "alive" to me

    so no measurement which can show a diff between analog and spdif

    just my personal opinion

    Which is kinda weird, when you think of it, as you're chaining up A/D converters. Does anybody know if the Kemper does dithering on its analog outputs only? That'd explain it.

    You could try running your recorded SPDIF signal through some plugins simulating analog gear (they usually introduce a bit of noise) and/or use dithering while exporting.

    I'd try that myself, but my audio interfaces are all lacking SPDIF. *pouts*

    Would be very cool if you save it then to the Rig Exchange ;-)

    You'd probably also get the sound of my Morgan RCA35 with that. Then again, if it sounds great, why not? ;)

    Unfortunately, I can't really profile much at home. But I have plans for renting a small rehearsal room for a couple of hours in order to do that. Just not sure when I get to it.

    Well, hi there. ;)

    I've been posting for about a week here already and thought I probably should introduce myself, as well.

    I'm a hobby guitarist, playing mostly rock, blues, and a few flakes of jazz in a band. Living in such a big city, it's not always easy to take all the gear with you to rehearsal. I got a car, but sometimes it's quite annoying to fight your way through the traffic. And because I could avoid that by using public transport and since I had severe back pain the other day, I decided to give the Kemper Stage a chance.

    The first two days were so frustrating. That damn thing didn't sound right, profiling my beloved tube amp failed, and somehow bugs in a new device tend to find me. But I kept on tweaking and twiddling and eventually ended up with a very versatile arsenal of sounds.

    At home, for practicing and home recording, I had used my beloved tube amp together with an OX box. For me, it was clear: It's either the Kemper or the OX. If either one of those has to go, then a decision has been made. Today is the day: I just sold the OX and shipped it. It wasn't an easy decision, but for some reason, the Kemper Stage feels and sounds better while practicing on headphones and is rather versatile if I wanna record something. It still feels a bit weird, but Kemper can actually help me to never regret that decision: Keep fixing those bugs and make RM3.0 and that promised editor the best darn piece of software, that was ever made for bass and guitar players!!! ;)

    Oh, btw., anyone else from Berlin here? Lacking a bit of contact to other local musicians. ;)