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    One more update regarding where I went with this problem. I liked the I/O and basic sound of the NI Komplete Audio 6 - but was getting dropouts in the audio out.

    One more trip back to the store, returning the NI which I'd traded the Apollo for. Now I'm using the Antelope ZenGo which is USB 3.1 and has a S/PDIF connection. Works fantastically - really liking this interface.

    Thanks for the links however I'd spent a ton of time already with all of those. Problem solved - got rid of the Apollo Arrow and got a different interface that solved the problem instantly. BTW it's a NI Komplete Audio 6, no real difference in the quality of audio recording with my mics, and S/PDIF input that I'm running the Kemper into - sounds fantastic.

    it may be the apollo arrow’s headphone amp.. from when ive looked into apollo’s small desktop interfaces the arrow is out of date from my understanding, they have a unit referred to as the ‘Solo’ now (maybe thats what you meant)

    I was interested in the apollo solo so good to know if it under performed

    It's not the headphone amp, monitoring through the monitors and the recorded sound was very poor sound. I tried every possible way of connecting the two that was available, varied the gain structure so many times, tried every possible pre-amp model I had plus no pre-amp model - all very bad.

    Having recorded now with the Kemper through the NI Komplete Audio 6 - way, way, way better sound. I'm very happy now. 8)

    Not all perfect - there is no routing for the Komplete Audio, so I have to have the track active and with the monitoring engaged to hear the Kemper. There's no download app to 'manage' the interface. What you see is really what you get with this unit. But the recording with the two mics I have set up (ART T-4 Tube Mic and an AKG C1000s) sounds just fine - no real difference from the Arrow or the Focusrite Clarett I had before.

    But, on a Mac it's plug and play. Plug in mics, plug in the Kemper, fire up the DAW - redo a bunch of volume setting on the Kemper to work with the S/PDIF connection, and I'm recording.

    So - not perfect but for the price, it sounds perfectly fine and it has a ton of I/O (I'm running a Radial Reamp to put some of my effects pedals into a mix, which was impossible with the Arrow.

    Where you using a loopback feature on the Focusrite before that's not on the Apollo?

    No I wasn't.

    However, this problem is no longer an issue for me. For several reasons I was quite disappointed by the unit - so this morning I took it back and traded it in for a NI Audio 6 with S/PDIF and lots of inputs and outputs. Reviews on audio quality and usability have been good so we'll see shortly if this works better for my needs.

    Been using my Profiler (unpowered toaster) for a couple of years now to mostly do recording my mix of blues and jazz. I went through a lot of different plugin amp sims, Line 6/Boss/etc floor boxes and amps before I had enough and put out the money for the Profiler. As I told my friend who was the salesperson at the store - I could run a real amp and mic it, if I weren't in a townhouse. And I'd only have one choice of amp. Now I have all the amps I want and it costs a lot less than having a dozen or 20 'real' amps to play with.

    BTW - I was shocked to see I only did my first post today about recording with the Profiler, so thought I'd better introduce myself. 8)

    I recently 'upgraded' my interface for recording having gone from a Focusrite to an AU Apollo Arrow. However, I'm struggling to get the nice full sound I used to get through the Focusrite. I've tried balanced, unbalanced cables, each of the output jacks on the back of my Profiler - I even tried running the headphone jack into the Apollo. Nothing gets the sound I get through headphones or the interface I used to have. I've tried with no Unison preamps, tried all the different ones I have, changed the gain structure - but everything comes through as thin.

    Any suggestions or do I sell this Apollo off and get another Focusrite?

    PS - I've owned the Profiler now for a couple of years and love it. Just frustrated right now trying to do some recording.