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    I appreciate the suggestions. You are correct about me noticing a difference between clean and distorted/gained out profiles. Its really just the inability to hear any major differences in similar profiles and the respective amps/cabinets characteristics for each profile. For example a clean fender profile on my kemper sounds the same to me as a clean marshall profile. Both paid for as well. I have seen a thread where someone mentioned turning off pure cab, but i didnt notice much of a difference that way either. I even changed the settings on my QSC to guitar settings, to see if that would make a difference. I think thats what made me believe that I should just invest in a kemper kone to dial in my tones, and then maybe i would really hear the difference, and it would be portrayed better in a PA. Not sure if thats the best way to look at it, but I really dont want to give up on the kemper.

    That sounds really odd. And it has been like this for a year? I agree that something must be locked. Which profiles are you using/have you tried?

    I have tried all of the stock profiles, as well as some paid profiles. Both from Tone Junkie and Top Jimi. Marshall profiles as well as some tweed profiles, and even fender deluxe reverb. I will say there are slight differences, but its never anything drastic. Like for example, that sparkle/shiny sound you get with certain clean fender amps, i would never be able to hear that difference on my kemper. Not sure if its because im playing through a FRFR though.

    Hey guys. I have had the Kemper profiler stage for over a year now, but still don’t feel like I’ve come anywhere close to my tone sounding anything like the tone that I hear online from other users. To me, all of the stock profiles sound the same and/or very similar, it’s not like listening to different amps, which is the whole point of the profiles. That being said, I just play/listen through QSC 12.2 speakers and some cheaper headphones, so I’m wondering if I go ahead and invest in a kemper kone, if I will find that true amp tone I’m looking for? Seems like I should already get great tone because your kemper gets routed to a PA anyways.

    Maybe QSC speakers just aren’t great for the kemper or maybe it’s just me, but I literally can’t tell a significant difference between profiles. The only difference I hear on profiles is only effects/gain. Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated, as I’ve been very disappointed with my kemper, and thought about just going back to a regular amp, while everyone else loves theirs lol.

    Hello all. I recently posted a question about profiles sounding relatively the same, but I started to think that it had less to do with the profiles themselves, and more to do with the speaker that I was playing from. I have a QSC 12.2 that does sound good, but it does not sound like an amp. I hear people on YouTube getting tone that sounds like the actual amp. That is what drew me (and I'm sure many others) to the Kemper profiler stage specifically. My question is, does a FRFR speaker provide better "amp like" tone since it is designed specifically for guitars? If so, is it better tone wise to just mic the FRFR speaker for a gig, instead of going straight into house sound?

    My advice: Don't give up too early. The reputation of the Kemper stuff has a reason. And maybe let the audience here know a bit about the sound you are aiming at. Many people here know great tips and tricks how to get there.

    Thank you for your helpful reply! I did not mean to come across as a critic either, I am very unexperienced with anything like this, but see the amazing potential that it has. That discouraged me but also enlightened me to the possibilities. I will be sure to do some more research!

    I am searching for very basic tone from Fender amps and Marshall amps. I started with twin reverb deluxe and was not sure how I felt about the profiles from Top Jimi. I want to explore the Princeton profile as my next purchase. Really nothing too crazy tone wise, just trying to figure out how to make it sound like a tube amp :).

    Hello all. I am brand new to the world of Kemper products, and digital rigs and pedalboards as well. I understand the basics of Kemper profiles, and have already purchased one profile that I wanted, but I feel some what disappointed with the effects choices. I am not sure if this is because of my limited understanding of how to manipulate the effects that come on the board or if I need to download other effects. I don't see any overdrives and the effects that come on the board seem underwhelming (as a general statement).

    My questions are:

    Are the effects that come on the board the only effects that we can use with our profiles and if so where can I find out how to get good tone and set them up?

    Can we use any external analog effects and/or will that diminish the quality? (essentially an analog pedal boards tied to the kemper profiler stage, I am aware about using a wah and expression pedal but not other analog effects and stompboxes outside of those).

    I'm liking my Kemper profiler stage so far and I see YouTube videos that show absolutely incredible tone. Unfortunately my experience has been some what lackluster with the tone I've been getting from a QSC 12.2 speaker.