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    I didn't even know you could get ni-cads anymore! (can't stand them and haven't used them in years) AA LI-ion batteries are not rare, easily available here and pretty inexpensive in many brands of possibly better/worse quality. I have about 10 of them I rotate in home electronics. If I ever kill my G10, I might move to a system like that. The G10 suffers from a fragile mini usb (or so reported) I put one of those magnetic plugs in so the port doesn't get "wore out". I know people tear them open and put in a different jack or even a little 9V to 5v converter you can buy for like a dollar on Ebay so you can use a regular wall wart.

    I wish the Kemper had that ability. I worry about plugging and unplugging the vital ethernet plug every gig. For home use I bought a male/female dongle so I an leave the plug in the unit but it won't transport like that safely. I like what some do with their rack Kempers where they make a panel. That's almost worth me wanting a rack Kemper for.

    On my power rack I did a patch bay when I first got it for the speaker out, remote and input just so I'm not wearing out those jacks, simple and pretty inexpensive to do as well.

    Rig Volume is before the X, MOD, Delay, and Reverb slots, so, adjusting it can change the amount of signal being sent to those FX slots, and the amount of signal can change the sound of those FX slots.

    Rig volume is at the end of the signal chain, after the X, MOD, Delay, and Reverb slots. Changing it simply turns the output of the Rig up and down.

    Did you mean to say “Amp Volume is before the X, MOD, Delay and Reverb slots”?

    Simple: If you play with different rigs you can set them at different volumes at the rig volume setting and save that volume level to the profile. You cannot save master volume settings to the profiles.

    I’m not talking about “master volume”, was talking about the rig volume and the “amp volume”, that’s under the amp block.

    I have been using one of these since they hit the market. I have never had an issue with mine. I have also been on stages with other guys that are also running them and we have never had issues with running multiples of them on the same stage. I never play a gig without mine.

    They are definitely made for the road, love mine and have also been on stage with others that use the same model and flawless.

    One professional musician after another has indicated on video that they couldn't tell the difference between their amp and the profiled version on the KPA. Most said it was a 50/50 guess on their part which one was their amp. I don't profile but that was good enough for me to know that it was covered if I ever did need to profile an amp, which takes some experience and tweaking just ask the guys that turn out profiles commercially. This beast has been rock solid for 6 years plus with constant upgrades and new features. Even if they tweaked the profiling process to make it a tad bit better, wouldn't even make me think twice about getting the newer model. "They said" is all marketing on the oppositions part but you are welcome to spend your money on all the gear in the world to find "your" holy grail of tone. Enjoy your journey as I'm content right where I'm at for many years to come.

    My final thought on the KPA is.... Where in the world are you going to buy a digital piece of hardware that has been backed with updates and features since 2011. Unheard of as that is money well spent for pocket and ear! Go in Peace:)

    All great points, so true about products still putting out new features and updates like Kemper has been for 10 years now.

    From the Main Manual 7.5: Pressing Store in Browser Mode will offer you three different options via the soft buttons: “Replace” will overwrite the currently selected Rig with the new version while keeping the original name, “Store as” will save the Rig under a new name and won't delete the original Rig. “Rename” will allow you to change the name of the current Rig.

    If you press the STORE button with a module or section in focus, you have the option to either save a preset of that specific module or section, or to save the entire Rig. If you decide to store a preset you will have the same options to “Replace”, “Store as”, or “Rename”.

    Thanks for bringing that to light, I actually go back and read the manual often on certain sections and I missed that. Thanks again.

    I am an owner of a kemper power head and kone. A new product has been released that competes with the Kemper and a lot of people are saying Kemper is outdated and needs to be update. I hear a lot of comparisons where the Kemper is adding some eqs that are not in the real amp. Kemper needs to update their profiling algorithms and interface. They have done a wonderful job of updating Kemper for free but now they need to do a 2.0, It would be cool it they just did a update for everyone. It would be awesome to see Kemper put out a powered floor unit with an updated profiling algorithm and updated interface. This is what we are all waiting to see Kemper, lets see if this happens.

    What is this “new product”? Don’t always believe what “a lot of people are saying”, use your own judgement, it will end up better for you that way...