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    I've been using a VP Jr pedal for years with my kemper as I like to control the gain going into the front of the amp and it works great. If I get a mission expression pedal, is there possibly a way to have it be like that on all my patches then if I want a wah could I program lets say the tuner button to make it a wah?

    I'm still searching for a lush chorus sound that doesn't cut the high end and I've been messing around with the single delay and am getting decent results, but I'm curious as to what others have been coming up with.

    Thanks for all your help and advice guys - very helpful to get experience from people who own the units.

    I've just taken the plunge and ordered the powered rack unit.

    Should be with me on Friday for high gain fun times.

    You really cant go wrong with having the powered unit, if you don't need the power, well you don't have to use it and can actually turn off the power amp in the output menu, but its nice to have it when you need it. These things sound great pushing a regular guitar cab.

    I've heard a few things about the unit sounding a bit strange through a cab, rather than frfr - some profiles not sounding as good as they should and such. Is this something you'd say is accurate - profiles need a bit of tweaking to sound good through a cab, or would I be able to just literally plug into cab, download profiles, and go?

    I've had mine for going on 2 years and I would totally disagree with "sounding a bit strange". I profiled my main amp and a/b'ed them side by side and the kemper was 99% the same exact sound. This is my two cents but I don't ever see me using a frfr speaker cab, more than happy with my Marshall 4x12. Some profiles will not sound as good as others i'm sure, but I profile my own amps and love the outcome.

    I have the Power rack and I love the capability to just plug directly into a guitar cab and not have to use an external power amp. The power amp in the kemper is great and is made to work really good with the profiles. Just my 2 cents...

    I have one more question, well today at least my Kemper family, I bought headphones and when I used them the sound was slightly different then what was coming out of my cab with some profiles, Is the sound coming out of the headphones closer to what the audience would hear at a show if I went direct? Is the true sound of the profile closer to the headphones and maybe the cab just disguises it slightly?

    Really depends on what "headphones" you are using, what are you using?

    Yeah at rehearsal I use a pair of Alclair molded triple driver flat eq iems, so I've been able to tweak my sound to sound identical to my 4x12 sound. Cant wait to just plug straight in at the next gig, whenever that may be...

    The next gig we do I will def be going direct, I've gotten my direct sound identical to my 4x12 sound. The profile I use is the one I did with my Peavey Jsx and the same cab I play through now, so I have the advantage of having the same cab as the profiled cab sound.

    Does it do it with nothing plugged into the input jack? Did you find a solution to this?

    Manual reads: "If your cabinet has an impedance of 8ohms you need to halve the displayed values."

    The other night using my 8 ohm cab, I had it turned up to where the meter showed 50 watts. It was way louder than most any average club would allow on stage without everyone hating you. I thought I was using 50 watts (I assumed because the amp was "meant" for 8 ohms the meter would be calibrated for that) (and it sounded like 50 watts too!) but a couple weeks ago I read that part where you need to halve the shown value.

    So I was only using 25 watts???? I am almost in disbelief about that meter because most of the time (normal) solid state amps need to be about 300 watts to keep up with a 30 watt tube amp. If it was true I was only using 25 watts, there should be no shortage of power available for any purpose I could imagine.

    I have another(hypothetical) question, if I was on stage with the WHO and needed 500 watts of power running 8 ohms, the meter would be pegged correct? The meter only goes to 600 watts and at 500 watts in a 8 Ohm cab it would have to be reading 1000 watts. This seems kinda odd as the power amp was intended for 8 ohms yet the meter caters to 4ohm users. Too bad it couldn't be easily switchable for the connected cab because for a 8ohm user the meter would be useless after 300 actual watts as it would show 600 on the meter. For a 16 ohm user, the meter becomes useless after 150 actual watts. I'm not complaining as I know for sure that I will never max the meter at 8 ohms unless I get a gig with KISS and they don't put me through FOH lol.

    I can totally agree with what you are saying. At rehearsal I run a 4x12 Marshall @ 16ohms and I will hit the 100 watt mark sometimes and to think that its only 25 watts is hard for me to believe. Will be curious too see others chime in on this as I've always wondered about the meter and its accuracy.