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    You make good points. I kept my old Peavey JSX that I have played through for years, profiled it and its really the only profile I use. I dumped all the profiles on my kemper except for about 90, but I only use the ones that I profiled of my JSX. I feel like I have more control over my sound with the kemp.

    I really feel like selling all of my gear. (except vintage Marshalls) I've already sold some and am just down to a couple amps I would gig with. I may keep them just for a valve reference (mainly my 5153 50W 3ch) Once you skip around with a kemper that's as light as a basket of flowers and hear how good it sounds, lugging a 100W ENGL in a flight case to have not as much versatility just doesn't make sense. Have you noticed a lot of big names that were all using Kempers and AXFX are starting to go back to amps in iso cabs? I believe this is not because of the sound but: #1. When everybody starts doing something all of a sudden you're not special enough and have to be different. #2 the have a road crew to lug big amps and Iso cabs around. But mostly #1. I heard some bands using Kempers live and it sounded KILLER. I went from hating on them for the look to having to get one. It was SKID ROW that did it for me. I saw them at a smaller 2,000 seat venue and their guitar sounds were awesome. I wish I could get their profiles!

    I feel the exact same about just wanting to turn it up, I play mine through a 4x12 Marshall and I wouldn't want it any other way. I run mine like that with no speaker emulation of course and then I go direct out to a mixing board with cab emulation for in ears. Love having a speaker cab behind me pushing air while monitoring with in ears, some people may think overkill, but I love the option to be able to use cab emulation with direct and no cab emulation with a real cab simultaneously. Can't imagine having to have a real guitar amp again. Coming up on a year with mine and I can honestly say I have NEVER been disappointed with mine.

    This reminds me of my own "tipping point". I had mine for a few weeks and had been comparing it with my Bogner Shiva and thinking there was a lot missing. So I plugged the Kemper straight into the speakers of the Bogner and it sounded virtually identical. The next day I was playing through it and forgot which one I was playing until I looked over and the Bogner power light was off. 🙂

    I had my old rig setup to where I could A/B them and I could not tell the difference. I think for hard rock and metal its best to use a good guitar cab. Wouldn't change a thing.

    I bought the powered kemper and use it with the same cab i played my peavey jsx through. Profiled my peavey jsx with my speaker cab and its the only profile I ever use. Literally sounds just like my jsx side by side.

    You know how hard it’s been to dial in that 2.3 mix on your reverb every time or whatever it may be. The knobs seem to be so sensitive when trying to get to a certain number. Please make an option to adjust the sensitivity of the knobs.

    Curious to see what everyone’s experience has been with the power amp. Has anyone had any failures or issues with the power amp itself? My Power rack pushes a 4x12 cab at about -14db and just curious of how much life these power amps may have.

    Try the profile I have of my Peavey Jsx on the exchange. Search "Selby".

    With playing metal through my experiences a 4 x 12 cab sounds so much more natural to me, its what most of us have been hearing for years. Will never go the flat response route as they never sounded natural to me and I know a lot of that is what i've been used to for so long.