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    No wonder I felt that all hi-gain profiles lacked gain - my charvels neck humbucker was mounted in the bridge position & vice versa, both about 3 mm from the depressed strings.

    Now that I have switched I feel no need to increase the gain.

    But where can I activate the “space” function on the Stage? I hear it’s great for headphone usage?

    I’ve searched the quick start guide

    If you don’t want to spend too much money on an interface I’d recommend the Zoom U44 for ~140$ - which is the cheapest interface with S/PDIF ins & outs I could find. The only potential downside is that it’s only USB 2.0 (AFAIK).

    ...& here was me adding extra ‘pure boost’ pedals to profiles, so as to avoid potential tone contamination :) Good to know it’s not necessary :). The green screamer also increases the tightness.

    I’m very happy with the Kemper Stage into a Zoom U44 S/PDIF into 2 small M Audio BX5’s for jamming.

    I don’t mind a 2 colored screen but they should’ve included an exp. pedal IMO.

    OK - interesting!

    No, there's nothing inherently wrong with it. The reason some people elect to not use it as much is it functions more like a studio EQ. The further you change a parameter, the further you get from the original source tone since they aren't meant to emulate the controls on the front of your specific amp. If someone wants to stay more true to the tone they mic'd, they're less likely to change a whole lot.

    That being said, it's not as if the controls are unusable. They can be useful, at the very least, for boosting or shaving certain frequencies, especially with a different set of pickups. I notice the controls work well with some profiles, not so well with others, so it's better to use your ears and rely on your own judgement.

    I understand - I shouldn’t expect the EQ to behave like the EQ on the actual amp profiled. But say I want to increase the gain? Sometimes I like to start with a Van Halen type sound but increase the gain to modern metal levels; should I avoid the ‘amp gain’ & instead add boost/distortion pedals?

    I have had zero problems with the hardware, but it looks strange that tuner is always lit & looper is always dimly lit in the middle, but O guess that’s a design choice.

    I was just adjusting the definition for one of the top jimi VH profiles & it made a huge difference. The Full Shred pickups are very trebly & does not have a lot of output, despite its name. I suspect the hard rock/metal profiles were made with higher output pick-ups like the SD JB or similar in mind.

    Now I just need to restore the profiles I have ruined & try from the start by tweaking them with definition & adding a stomp :)

    Thanks for your help

    Definition is under the Amplifier block, but I wouldn't recommend that as a volume booster, as it will change your tone. The Volume control in the Amplifier block is a better alternative IMO. I don't have a Stage, but on the KPA you push and hold the Amplifier button to get to the settings there.

    Yes I know, but I was thinking about trying tweaking definiton before I tweak the amp EQ; Bass, mid & treble

    For a clean boost, there are multiple possibilities. I normally use morphing in conjunction with the volume within the amp module.

    Edit: now that I read your post again, perhaps you're looking for an increase in volume all the time, in which case I generally use the volume in the amp module, but without morphing involved.

    Yes I want to boost the basic sound all of the time, not just a solo boost. For a solo boost I figured I could add a volume increase, EQ mid boost & some delay with a pedal.

    How do I access Definition on the stage?

    I only play my Kemper through 2 small M audio studio monitors at home for now.

    If I find a profile I like but find it lacks a bit of gain I’ll add a green screamer with drive & tone at 0 & let the green screamer volume control be what adjusts the gain - correct or is there a better way? I want a clean boost that doesn’t affect the tone.

    That’s usually how I use a tubescreamer in front of a real 5150.

    I’m going to try using the definition instead of the profiles amps EQ


    I heard it said on a YT video about the workings of the profiler stage; that you should find profile you like & use it as is. I find that all hi gain profiles need some tweaking like reduction of treble & an increase in gain on the guitar I use, which has a medium output bridge pickup (SD Full Shred).

    It sounds absolutely awesome. I added a green screamer to the Top Jimi brown sound FW M profile & it sounds awesome. As do the Keith Merrow 5153 profile

    Just received my Stage today. Never had a profiler before & didn't buy it to profile my own amps but to play others :).

    I have only used the early Line 6 UX1, 11 rack & Amplifire Box (with which I was very happy). Have heard nothing but good things about Kemper products & I'm psyched to get to know the workings of this machine.