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    sometime it is really sad to be limited on 4 effects after distortion.

    I use to have always a EQ after the amp for Solo Boost and adding some mids. If i want to have also Reverb, Delay, chorus and Tremolo it is not possible....

    Would be great if i could put for example the chorus on one of the Pre effects (ABCD) und give it a Check to route it post (after amp).

    This is the biggest contra for me with the kemper to be limited on 4 FX after the amp... Other devices can do this too.

    maybe the checkbox would make a lot people happy

    Everyone knows it... you have your kemper in the rehearsal room but you want to play around with some new rigs and effects and build some new tones.

    How awesome would it be if you could record a few riffs/licks in the Rig Manager and play them again and again whenever your guitar or Kemper is not next to you. So you could create new sounds and experiment with all the kemper effects you want.

    Think that should be easy to set up isn´t it?

    in my case i want the delay in some situations to get enabled for some silent fills.

    On any patch i want to hit 1 Button for the solo Tone. This enables a EQ for volume and sound and the delay and maybe a distortion.

    Since we have only 4 blocks after the amp my rig is almost filled with EQ, REV, and DLY.

    So there is only 1 Slot left for most of my rigs. Why isnt it able to enable DLY for example on A and enable DLY and EQ on B without any duplcates and wasting needed slots :(

    Profiles have such a drifferent volume. its hard to set them to the same level.

    i now, depending on frequences Rigs must be louder sometimes, which can not be messured by DB meter. But it would be awesome to set new profiles to one level before meeting bandmates. than you can adjust and tweek ;)

    With a Kemper you are limited on 8 FX. many times i would like to have more space.

    Especially after the AMP i need more space because i always use a EQ for Solo Boost, Delay and reverb,
    Sometimes i wish to add Chorus and Vibrato. But there is no space.

    So a virtual Block would be awesome.

    1 Space with 2 virtual blocks to set up 2 FX in on block

    It is so much easier to record with BIAS Fx and other great Plugins. I love the sound of my Kemper, but songwriting is really not easy with it. You have to remember any Profile for any Song. After Months you will never remeber that patch and settings you had. A standalone VST Plugin would be unbelivable awesome!!!!

    But it would also help to have a Plugin, that opens the correct patch by clicking on the path