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    check if the volume link for the outputs that you use for monitoring is activated in the output menu.

    Also check the output source setting for the outputs that you are using for monitoring. They should be set to Master Stereo or Master Mono to include the complete signal chain.

    Are you getting the noisy sound on any output including the headphones?

    Check the volume settings for the output that you use for monitoring. Maybe it is clipping your monitors.

    had to make a full reload of the new 7.0.8 release and seems to work noe

    hi all, just updated my Kemper Stage and got the following issues

    • Master Volume not working - Volume not changing
    • none of the effects is working - from presets or if I assign them. All parameters can be changed but effect not audible
    • all profiles have a very bad, noisy, like a defect speaker

    any idea or someone having same issues