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    Having recently come over from fractal im very used to the work flow of an editor, and that editor is refined and quite brilliant. BUT i was fully aware of the situation when buying the Stage and i knew the editor was in the works so im not complaining for buyinging into something that wasn't owed to me. Using the native controls on the Stage has been a learning curve but its not a deal breaker and far more intuitive than the Axe FX 2 front pannel, so again i can still get stuff done and above all the sounds are just wonderful.

    Having a tour looming there is definitely a part of me that craves the editor because i have so many sounds to program and trial/error. Keeping the stage on the floor to see what feels comfortable on the foot-switching front whilst using the mouse to click and tweak from the comfort of my chair is 'subjectively' my ideal work flow for long programming sessions and for that reason i really would love a beta available, even if its a little crashy. If its got beta or even alpha stamped on it i would still be happy with that and submit bugs as i find them etc. I get the impression many would be happy with this idea and gladly help out so i can only hope they might consdier putting something up for us to play with. I can't see why anyone would be angry at them for that, those that want to get their hands dirty with full knowlege of the the software's state would do so, those that want to wait can wait.

    I just speculate my subjective needs might be in accord with yours because i'm terribly self-centred :D

    I certainly frequent the downloads page and I know, I know... 'a watched kettle never boils' but the thing is being from the UK i drink a lot of tea. :S

    big plus one for Bert Meulendijk profiles. Used the Freidman BE100 last night on stage (in-ears - best sound ive had yet) and it was absolutely amazing. Lots of compliments from the sound guy who was very used to my Axefx sounds previously.

    This was through a USA tele.

    Cant recommend this guy's profiles enough.

    neilius Hey, try the 3 Monkeys Orangutan by Feck on the Rig Exchange. It has all of the qualities you mentioned liking. Also check out Big Hairy Profiles Matchless, Orangutan, Supro, Diaz and Silvertwin. I really wish I'd known of them when I got my Kemper, since they've become my go to profiles.

    ill check them out, thanks! :)

    i think if you have a klon you have a good chance of replicating it roughly. But these effects preset with a different amp profile and different guitar is likely off the mark. If you have the klon then again, as they did you could tone shape a green scream back to sounding like it but i think its going to be tricky without the actual pedal as a reference..

    +1 for a proper Klon Model :)

    musicmad its gone with the headphones what is the problem.....??

    i might be wrong but what i think you're hearing is the acoustic sound of your guitar and the transposed sound of the changed pitch together. When you turn up the headphones (and drown out any chance of hearing the noise your guitar is making acoustically) the problem goes away. Hence musicmad's question :)

    Totally vaild point, sir!

    and I would say you're absolutely right about a good FRFR. My studio monitors are pretty good on that front and since taking some advice on here im definitely heading in the right direction now, which is great news!

    The only difference in my, of course subjective world, is that the i'm very familiar with these IEMs and usually ill try to strike a balance between the two monitoring scenarios. The results have always been good so i think it will work out, hopefully. I tend to lean towards getting the in-ear sound as good as possible and then letting FOH dial the last bits out front. The premis being is if the sound is rocking in my ears, i'll have a way better gig.

    Not sure i made much sense there? haha



    Well what can i say.. You guys are just awesome!

    This is all brilliant advice and i shall now spend the evening going through these valuable tips.

    As for the monitoring situation - I work pretty much 99% of the time on in ear monitors, but those are really great and balanced sounding 5-driver custom molds, so i really need to set my sounds for them. Every time i get it right in those its pretty close to spot on out front (certainly from live videos ive seen and from hearing back desk recordings through other monitoring sources etc.) The FOH guy always says it good, but when do FOH guys ever say their sound wasnt amazing out front? :P

    Thank you all so much for your input, i've note all the details and the suggest amps to go try out. It certainly seems like i need to be working a few layers deeper in terms of tone shaping, as mentioned things like defenition/pure cab/clean sense etc need addressing so ill get stuck into those and report back.

    just the support here is enough for me to stay:)

    Feeling positive, ill keep you all posted!

    Many Thanks,


    Hi All,

    First time Kemper user but not at all new to the modelling game. Im a session guitarist from the UK and i was that guy that got laughed at for being such an early adopter of modelling rigs. Right back from the early line 6 stuff to where i ended up for the last 6 years on the AxeFX2. I have a helix too but the main thing for me was to have somthing light for festivals etc where its short trips travelling light and working with fast stage changes. SO the Stage was ticking all the boxes for me and i know so many of my pals are using the kemper to good effect. Now i really do miss the editor but i can see that's on route so no great shakes, ill wait. The bigger problem for me is the sounds. Ive bought a ton of packs from various sources like M Britt and Tonejunkies etc, and looked all over the rig exchange but im really not getting the desired effect..

    Now my main workhorse is a PRS custom 24 with the coil tap, and my sounds are mainly nice warm cleans that dont cut too much and again warm overdrives where the guitar sings through rather than smothered in gain (though i like those sounds too!). Im one of those players that backs off the volume knob on the guitar a lot to vary my tone and compared to the fractal it just seems like i cant get the same sparke when doing that. Im also finding the gainier sounds pretty harsh with strange overtones higher up the fretboard. Anyone else finding this stuff? Is ther a way to adjust the guitar input, impedance etc like the fractal?

    Pedals-wise i see there are many built in to the OS but are they programed to work as a model or as a mini profile? What i mean by that is with the green scream for instance (which i take to be the tube screamer) on my other modellers of that pedal and the ones i have in real life, you can back the gain off to be virtually nothing or just light in what it adds on top a clean sound, but on the kemper even with the drive dialled to zero there is way more gain added than there should be.. again is that just me?

    I have a few weeks to lay into this thing and try to get close to what i like before perhaps returning it if i fail, but i hope that im just missing something.. i love the feature set, the morph especially is very cool for live use. Any help would be appreciated.