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    I'm not saying they should sound exactly the same. That's near to impossible and also not what happens with traditional equipment.

    But, as an example, I have found a P12Q IR that behaves very closely to the imprint and have found that it gives much consistency between stage and FOH. They're not the same, but the P12Q peculiarities really come through.

    I'm just saying it could spare some work to have such an IR (or a few choices per imprint) at the ready that reflect the imprint choices.

    I totally get what you are saying.

    The "amp in the room" concept is great... but if the imprints create a sound on stage (e.g., Jensen P12R) that isn't matched to what is sent to FOH (mic'd up Jensen P12R), the player may not have a reasonable idea of what the audience is hearing. If the imprints are not reflective of what is going to the house, I'd rather use a house monitor; at least that's coming from the same source as the PA.

    In effect, the imprints give you the flexibility to create an "amp in the room" sound that is not full linked to the actual sound going back to the house (which, at least to me, is counterintuitive).

    Don't get me wrong, I think it's awesome that Kemper is adding cool features like the imprints (and I know some users were asking for it) - but I also understand the problems that markvs is noting here.

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    Another idea - would be great to open up the platform to 3rd party development. Let others build more intuitive editor GUI's, add their own effects algorithms, etc. That's sort of already in place with regards to creating profiles and sharing with others, but would be great to widen the developer pool for future features. May not be possible given the proprietary techniques driving the system (and level of complexity in the existing code base), but could be an interesting way forward. Of course there would have to be a way to QA these updates, so that garbage doesn't find its way into the system (think Apple AppStore workflow, although that has its "issues" as well ;) )

    Would also love an arpeggiator (like the H9 has). Have I mentioned sweetened tunings? ;)

    But again - no knocks whatsoever re: current capabilities and rollout strategies - Kemper has done so much for this product and user community, if it stays as is into the future, I don't have any complaints.

    I think you are correct. It is unique to you.

    The whole Kemper workflow is based around getting a finished FOH or Recorded sound from the main outs. Once you are happy with this, you are free to adjust your monitor sound any way you wish. Starting from the monitor out is completely backward to front. Start with the sound you want the audience to hear then sort you monitors to suit your own needs.

    Perhaps, but I find it hard to believe that my use case is so unique. Seems that the powered toaster/rack was created to allow people to use Kemper as a guitar amp, into a guitar cab. That is how I (and several friends/collaborators) use it 95% of the time. I would suspect that many people don't have a PA or studio set up at home to demo sounds from the audience/engineer's perspective. I create sounds that sound good thru the guitar cab; I just want a more reliable way to get those tones back into the XLR outs.

    But as i've said... all good! Thanks!

    For me, I'd pick rigs that I think sound good for FOH, then worry about tweaking a monitor mix for myself from that point.

    The thing is, someone (like me) using the Kemper primarily as a guitar amp (e.g., powered toaster) doesn't know what the FOH sounds like because we are not listening thru a PA or console - all we hear are the sounds going to the guitar cab/speaker via the powered monitor out.

    So when I pick sounds, it's not because they sound good for FOH, it's because they sound good thru the guitar cab sitting in front of me. I only hear the FOH speaker when I'm at the gig, with a PA to play thru - and then it's very hard to quickly tweak profiles to sound good thru the house (although that's basically what I've done over the last 3 years of gigging with Kemper, and I'm at the point where it sounds pretty darn good thru the house AND the monitor mix). Hopefully this clarifies where i'm coming from on this point.

    I recently went to a recording session and used some of my patches that everyone really dug thru the 1x12 cab in the room... but those sounds didn't work nearly as well when I went direct to the board via XLR. That's the problem I'd like to solve. Having the imprints on the monitor out further complicates this situation, since it takes me further away from what is actually going to the XLR outs.

    Perhaps the issue I'm describing is unique to me, but I'd be surprised if it is. Any one else experiencing this?


    The amp in the room sound is what’s missing.

    You cannot get that without the imprints mated to the Kone speaker.

    The problem is that the Kemper can separate the amp from the cab when Profiling. What it can’t do is remove the mic from the Cab equation.

    Thanks but that’s not the issue I’m raising - if you use imprints for the in the room effect, that’s great. But once you’ve made that choice, the speaker selection should also be available as an automatic option in the Cab section IMO.

    Btw, I rarely use the imprints, and think the Kemper with cab monitor off sound like an authentic amp in the room through a regular guitar cab. Many of the demo-style videos I’ve seen online testing this feature would seem to agree with this perspective. But again, all good :)

    To find a Kemper cab you can search in Rig Manager for EVM12L. There are quite a few rigs that come up as using this speaker. You can save the cabinet from any of those to try in your rigs while still using the EVM12L imprint for your monitor. Or you could look around for and IR based on that speaker that you could then import as a cabinet.

    Beyond that, it's pretty much trial and error to find one that you like the sound of through FOH.

    sure, you can do that in rig mgr… but if I already picked the EVM imprint, it would be helpful if the profiler had an option to coordinate that with the cab profile automatically so I don’t have to do double the work. All good.

    Well Dango, looks like you want the KPA to work the opposite way around as it is supposed to be (tweak your tones for FOH and then find an Imprint that work for you on stage). I understand why. I believe the best would be if the KPA could automatically generate imprints from the profiles.

    that’s exactly what I mean, thx! If you are using Kemper as a guitar amp primarily, you are using the monitor section, not the FOH mains mix. So you would tweak the monitor mix first, and then want that replicated in the house mix. Also agree that the imprints should be tied to the cab component if the profiles in some way. good stuff!

    ^ This

    (Makin’ my life easy!!!🤣

    Good discussion, and appreciate the feedback. I think it's great that Kemper is introducing these cool new features in response to suggestions from the user community.

    I think I'm coming at this from a different angle than you guys are. I start with the monitored sounds, to get a tone I like, and then I want that moved to the mains/FOH system. So if you want to use the Kone imprints, that's part of the sound I'm trying to craft to begin with. To me, it would be logical that this tone would then be available to the house mix (with mic sim added of course) - so if I put together a Deluxe Reverb with Jensen imprint (or celestion green or one of the other 16 options) at the monitoring level, I should be able to get that combination (i.e, the "in the room" sound but with a mic on it) going to the house. Of course the house sound will not be exactly like the "in the room" sound going to the monitor- that's a given, and part of any live/PA situation - but I'd still expect the PA to be a mic'd representation of the amp that is sitting in front of me on stage.

    so I don't want the "Kone to sound like FOH"... I want the FOH to sound like the Kone... with a mic in front of it ;)

    At the moment (unless I'm missing something, which is certainly possible), the 16 imprint tones are not available to the cab simulation section that goes to the house - they are independent areas of the profile. So I can come up with a great tone at the monitoring level (with say the EVM12L), but not find that exact option within the Cab settings that go to the house. Hopefully this makes sense - but if not, all good - not looking to create controversy with these thoughts - if there's disagreement on this point, all good, we can leave it here ;)

    Peace out,


    I get your point - but if I make a specific choice to have the tone imprint of a Jensen in the monitor, you would think that the Kemper would be attempting to push that same speaker selection to the house mains as well.

    Look at it this way - If I play a venue with my Deluxe Reverb w/Jensen mic'd up, I expect the house system to sound like my Deluxe Reverb/jensen with a mic in front of it - not a Deluxe Reverb going thru a 4x12 with a mic in front of it - that's all I'm trying to say. If I'm using a Kone Imprint, you would think the same imprints would be available and connected to the Cab Sim section which goes to the house. As is, you may have a radically different tone going to the house... and you may not even know it, since your reference point is the monitor out. I ran into this problem early on when I first started using Kemper; once I became aware of it, I was able to make appropriate adjustments, but it was very confusing at first, and I wouldn't be surprised if others are confused by this as well. But all good, and different strokes for different folks... if it's working for you, that's great, and we are all team Kemper here ;) Have a great weekend!

    These types of post make me scratch my head a bit. What does everyone think needs to be in this unit? I can tell you from being in both the Kemper and Fractal ecosystems, the Kemper had far less issues than the Fractal and it just works. They are on version 3 of the firmware for the FM9 and there are still things that don't work like they are supposed to. They are still trying to get things from the Axe III ported and working for the FM9.

    I like that my Kemper works every time I plug into it and I don't run into any software issues. For my uses I don't feel like anything is missing. I also look at the Kemper I have as a solution to replace my amp and pedalboard that is more than capable of doing that for playing live. I suppose that people that only use theirs for recording may think they need something more. I think Fractal has perpetuated this thought that all of these devices need to have constant updates in software and hardware. I think that is where the comments come from about the Kemper being outdated. It is far from outdated. It keeps up with anything on the market and is used by many touring pro musicians.

    Interesting post - I'm not an FM9 user, and have never logged time with AxeFX, but as you experienced, Kemper just works for me, both live and in studio settings - it's a fantastic grab and go solution. I've done some session work that produced (IMO) totally realistic results that you would never have guessed came out of a digital box. And it feels more like a real amp then any other platform I've tried so far (although clearly I've missed a few!). I have no desire to road test the FM9 or QC, since I have limited personal bandwidth, and Kemper does what it's supposed to do, extremely well.

    That's not to say I don't have a wish list ;)

    - sweetened tunings !!!!!!

    - more control over min/max values for the leslie simulator

    - Better synchronization between the speaker imprints available thru monitoring, and what goes to the house (this is a very unintuitive area within Kemper - you can make monitor out sound totally different than the main outs... what's the point of that? Don't most people want to accurately monitor what the rest of the audience is hearing? Perhaps I'm missing something but this is a very confusing part of the platform... Why would I model a jensen in the monitor out, and then send a celestion 4x12 cab model to the PA?)

    Other bells/whistles like multiple amps in left/right, blah blah blah - those are less meaningful to me - who actually does those things in reality? When I played out with my deluxe reverb, it was a simple, glorious MONO setup - like every other player around me. Don't see the real need for these types of uber-features that everyone is excited about on QC and Axe products. But that's just me I guess ;)

    Best regards from a generally happy Kemper user ;)

    - Dango

    Check out the Katzenbach Marshall profiles, they are not expensive and sound GREAT IMO. Their site has a handful of freebies to try as well.

    Also - I may have missed it but not sure if you are having issues with the monitoring path (i.e., going to a local guitar cab) or the PA path (out to the house). I've found that the PA part takes some tweaking of the XLR output level to really optimize the overall sound - when I first started playing thru the PA with Kemper, I didn't think it felt right; after playing with levels over time, it made a very big and positive difference IMO.

    I play through a crappy open back 1x12, hardly a 4x12 (I do use a 1936 2x12 occasionally) - but it sounds absolutely great - my Marshall preferences lean in the Jimmy Page to EVH territory - it does that extremely well IMO. If you listened to a real amp and Kemper side by side in the house, you would never know the difference. Through the guitar cab, I also think it sounds great, but it did take a little tweaking to get there. Hope you find what you're looking for!

    Wouldn't be surprised if new hardware is in the future - but I'm not missing anything major at the moment. My wish list is less about the basic tones, and more about features on the fringes. Such as:

    - better tuner options (sweetened tunings anyone?)

    - more control over the leslie effects (like setting the max and min values, which I don't believe you can do at the moment)

    - synth style patches (I'll take mono... but poly is even better ;) )

    - switchable mono/stereo power amp internally (why they simply bridged a 600 watt amp to mono is a point of confusion for me)

    - better remote control (i.e., wifi connect) options for the editor (which is missing in the Toaster, but addressed on the Stage)

    I hear people asking for things like multi-amps going left right, "better" effects, etc. For myself, as a gigging and occasional session guitarist, I don't need those capabilities, and never understood why it was so important to others... but that's just me I guess. I think Kemper 1.0 sounds fantastic for what I do. Is FM9 or QC "better?" At this point, I don't need to pursue that line of questioning. I'm sure I could work with any of them, but Kemper, out of the box, just worked for me, more so than other "amp simulator" solutions I've used in the past. Oh, and I've used just about all of them (like most of you :) ).

    and now for the obligatory "ymmv" - :)

    Peace Out,


    FYI - saw Pat last night in Great Barrington MA - one of MANY shows of his that I've seen over the years.

    Sounded, well, just like Pat - Amazing! The archtop tones were big sounding; the guitar side of the Roland GR303 (or is it an 808?) - sounded great as well and sat perfectly well in the mix. Overall house mix was quite good and balanced as well.

    Went up to the stage afterwards and can confirm that his rack has the Kemper featured prominently at the top... and really not much else in there.

    Score 1 more for Kemper ;) Go team!

    Over the last few updates, switching profiles in performance mode (via the footswitch) has become pretty laggy on my toaster - going up/down between performances loads the profile details very slowly, and then selecting the new profile takes another 1-2 seconds to load, which, can be musically significant when you are in the middle of a tune.

    I've also noticed that on occasion, the wrong profile loads (almost like the previous amp module "sticks")... and I have to toggle to another profile and then back again before the originally intended profile/amp loads.

    Anyone else experiencing this? And to the Kemper developers out there, any thoughts on potential solutions (either that I can try, or that may be upcoming in the firmware)?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can send my way! And thanks also for making and supporting such a fantastic product!


    I had wrist pain issues several years ago - after many months of cortisone shots, chiropractic and physical therapy, I had nearly given up hope that I would be able to play pain free. My wife convinced me to try Acupuncture (which I was absolutely not interested in pursuing at first).

    It worked surprisingly/amazingly well - I highly recommend it.

    Hope everything works out well for you.

    I have a Mission expression pedal attached to the foot controller, used for volume swells - taper seems to work fine throughout the range of the pedal.

    However - when switching to the looper, in record mode, the taper of the pedal changes/becomes more abrupt - you can feel a bit of a zipper effect which makes swells almost impossible to execute cleanly - has anyone else experienced this?

    Also - I'm finding that when in Looper mode, the footpedal suddenly switches to tuner mode, or back to the performance mode view, intermittently. I didn't notice this before I had the expression pedal connected to the footpedal, so perhaps these things are related?

    If anyone has any thoughts/remedies on the above, I'd love the help :)


    Looks interesting. Can you give more details on how you are using/connecting the extender?

    Sure - the unit comes with 2 connectors, a USB connector for power and an Ethernet connector that goes into the footpedal jack - just plug in, turn on the Kemper, and the Vonets unit will be automatically powered up.

    - at that point, you can immediately see the Vonets wifi hub on your iPhone when you go to wifi settings - select the hub, and then start up the iPhone Kemper app and you are basically good to go.

    I found this initial approach works, but was a little intermittent for me (connection was dropped from time to time).

    The other option is to use the Vonets software to connect directly to your home wifi - then you connect your iPhone to your regular home network, and the app still sees the Kemper. This is a little easier to use at home (don't need to switch networks), but won't work if you take the unit out of your home network (e.g., at the gig).

    Hope that helps!

    Hopefully they can address this in an upcoming update.

    I'm also wondering if it may be noise introduced by the mechanical switch itself (the pops seem to happen when I add/end the overdubs)...

    Hi - in case anyone is considering this device - here is a quick review/update:


    - easy to setup - you can have the WIFI bridge functionality (i.e., connecting to your home network) working in about 2 minutes, and then the IOS app will detect the Kemper rack/toaster straight away

    - CHEAP - found it for 18 bucks on Amazon in the US - you can find it here:…_yo2_dt_b_product_details

    - small/light, with all necessary cables built in

    - when using as a WIFI bridge (e.g., connect to your home network), it worked well and held a stable connection to the Kemper


    - when using as a dedicated WIFI hub (i.e.,the out-of-the-box mode, where it behaves like a mobile hotspot), I experienced intermittent connection issues where the IOS app would lose connection with the Kemper - in this mode, the Kemper also kept trying to sync with the IOS, which was a bit of a PITA. This is a slight bummer, since I'd like to be able to use the mobile capabilities during gigs to tweak settings. I'll continue to experiment with this to see if I can somehow improve performance in this area

    Not quite a Pro or Con:

    - current draw on this device is in theory under 500ma, so based on what I've read in the forums, this is within the limits of what the Kemper USB jack can provide... but I'm using this thing very sparingly at the moment, just in case... If anyone has any further details to share on this point, please do!

    Hope this is helpful to someone out there - enjoy ;)