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    I’ve had my stage for a few years now and been playing live regularly ever since - loving the tones I’ve gotten. However, recently I had an opportunity to provide the music for a friends wedding and thought this would be a good test.

    I found a free profile on the Rig Exchange of a Fishman Aura Preamp and that, along with my 2 Headrush 12” Cabs sounded outstanding. Guitars used were my Taylor and an Alvarez Nylon String - played a mix of classic rock songs fingerstyle and had a blast. Got a lot of compliments on the guitar sound - even before the booze started flowing!

    Glad to share that time with those folks and push the envelope of what this amazing piece of kit can do!

    I have the same interface, using a Mac Air and GarageBand- I’m using normal guitar cables into the Focusrite though... not balanced. I haven’t tried using the balanced, but frankly it sounds so good I haven’t wanted to try.

    One thing I’m not doing is the -12 db thing... seems unnecessary, just set the input gain where you don’t have clipping. Also, don’t set it for “instrument or mic” on the front (small button to the right of the input) as I belief that activates a preamp.

    My recent recordings I’ve done by using both inputs simultaneously to take advantage of the stereo effects on the Kemper, usually I record dry into the DAW and use its effects so I can tweak post. Still on the fence as to which sounds better, but it’s always sounded good.

    I’ve always done it for the pure joy of being able to share my gift in a positive way. The folks I play with are like family... most I’ve known for many years. That outweighs any pay I would ever get out of it.

    Not my day job of course and if it was, I may feel differently.

    How to get a “worship” guitar tone?

    take a great Vox style amp (Vox, Matchless , Morgan etc) running in the sweet spot around the edge of breakup. Marvel in the gloriously juicy tone coming from your amp. Then, completely obliterate it with so much delay and reverb that the guitar sounds like is bobbing around in a sonic ocean and you can no longer hear anything meaningful 😬

    sorry in advance for being an arse. I know that sound does work for many players but its way over the top for my liking. The first thing I need to do with most profiles is remove about 90% of the delay and reverb 🤣

    I know you’re jesting but this is spot on. The “wash” is very popular now... TONS of reverb, usually multiple delays... the more ambient the more it’s “cool”.

    Not my thing but hey... I like it from time to time for a special effect, but not all the time.

    I’ve been playing in Churches for years - long before the current Worship Style became very popularized with Hillsong etc. Years ago, I was an amp/pedal guy then embraced the earlier Line 6 stuff when it first came out. The sound wasn’t the same but I made it work because I preferred the simplicity.

    Fast forward to now - some of the Worship Guitar Players I know are using pedalboards and racks? I get it, lots of “color”... but again, I like to make it easy. I bought the Stage last year and that’s all I use... and it sounds awesome. I compared the Helix (not the 3.0 I’m sure) and the Axe FX... too much for me... too much programming and tweaking.

    I have paid for a few profiles and performances from Tone Junkie that are great, but my faves are the ones I’ve built on my own. My stock sound is the Morgan AC, add reverb (I admittedly don’t use as much as many), Delay and run my amp slightly overdriven.... if I need a clearer tone I roll off the volume on my LP. Just like the old days except I’m using a profile as opposed to the real amp.

    I wish I had the time back that I spent tweaking with Line 6 stuff years ago... too much time spent trying to make something work. THAT is my bigger love of the KPA.. I can get a GREAT sound in seconds...

    That said, play what you like and what moves you... have fun!

    Hey all, this is my first time doing this - I read on this forum a lot (you guys are great!) and thought I would share something. I'm a closet player and music is my therapy - thought recording some Holiday Music might cheer up what seems to be such a sad year for many of us.

    Anyway, this is my cover of the TSO version of this great song. Hope you enjoy - j