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    Hello everyone! Is there any way to "force" a sync with Rigmaster and your profiler? The reason is simple, it seems like after a while of inactivity it will "forget" it's connection to my profiler. I've never measured how long, but it's not a long period. I've noticed this when plugged in and searching the exchange for a period of time, only to find that I've "lost" the connection.

    To be clear, everything is live and in fact - it will show a rig loaded, you just won't be able to load any new ones or change the current after it "forgets" if that makes sense.

    Running with current Mac OS and plugged directly into the profiler via USB - although this has been an ongoing thing through several updates which makes me believe it my be on my end. I've searched through the settings and don't see any way to force the sync.. my usual go to is to shut off the profiler and let it reload... not a huge deal, just thought there might be a better way.

    Did some quick searches and didn't see anything on the subject, any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated!

    How are you guys "not near" your Kemper? My Kemper and guitars are only feet away from me all day unless I go to the bathroom in which case I am thinking of them. :P

    Ahhh - my dream. I work at a corporate office all day and think of guitar at the same time. Surprised I haven’t been called out in a meeting for “daydreaming” yet - however, my work pays for my “playtime”.

    Kemper sounds awesome to me right now, However, I do admit that I’m looking forward to the next update. Each time there is an update it just gets better!

    Reading some posts of possible updates to the MOD features and that makes me really excited as I admittedly use too much “sauce” sometimes.

    Whenever the update lands it’ll be like Christmas all over again.

    Happy New Year everyone!

    I use a USB-C to USB-A (the normal usb) adaptor (or a USB hub), then a USB to USB-B cable (same as used for most USB printers). Both items easily found at any decent electronics/computers/office supply type stores

    As shown by the previous response and the diagram.. if you’re using a USB-C to USB-A cable and plugging into the normal USB port on the Stage, that won’t work. That port is for USB STICK only.

    I have a MAC Air and a stage just like the OP and use the USB converter dongle that apple sells (overpriced but hey) and it works fine.

    Hello and welcome to the forum and the Kemperverse! I love Savatage and CO, but I would be surprised if anyone would have readymade profiles for that. You may try as they do a lot of “ready to go” profiles in that genre (also on sale) along with other commercial profilers (check the commercial announcement sub forum as well)…

    Lots of free profiles on the exchange that will get you close - I would start with a profile that’s close to what he used (Marshall is a good start and there are a LOT of good ones on the exchange) and then add In the desired effects. The attached article is a pretty good read on his gear if you haven’t seen it.…riss-olivas-gear-details/

    I really like the dinky bodies - neck thru and the ones with bolt on necks. My problem with that particular model (and some ESP's) is the volume knob is too close to the bridge pickup and my knuckles always hits it. I had to sell mine for that reason.

    Agreed… I hit it all the time, not the best design on their end.