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    Is it just me or do most guitarists get stuck on auditioning so many different Rigs and hardly play any guitar?? Also , I wish there was more artist named rigs then name of the amps they would play.

    Would rather be auditioning good, faithful reproductions of amps than tweaking a zillion settings to make something sound like an amp. I’ve been down that route with previous gear... I find I play more now. Spent a little time on the rig exchange yesterday, called up a nice profile - tweaked it to my taste within seconds and played on it for most of the afternoon.

    I’m new here and have read through most of the posts - some are quite funny and it’s nice to be part of a forum like this.

    I’ll be patiently waiting like everyone else and will of course try it out when it’s released. However, I’ve used PC based editors on other platforms and have never been impressed. Part of the reason why I bough the Kemper over some other devices is so I don’t have to do that as much... I hate to tweak. The physical knobs and scrolling on the device works well enough for me, but I can see where others would like it on a PC (and maybe it will make it easier).

    Haven’t said any more than anyone else has already - but I’ve said my 2 cents.

    Besides - sitting at the airport early am needed to give me something to do... maybe I’ll go read some more “drama zone!”. ;)

    Cheers to all - really enjoying this forum!

    I took a lot of advice from this forum and ended up burying the Dunlop DVP3... love it. I haven’t used some of the others listed on here so I don’t have a comparison- but it’s working great for me. Volume swells are smooth which is primarily what I need it for.

    That would be awesome!

    I’ve always wanted to be able to do Baba O’Riley and Won’t Get Fooled Again on guitar ?

    Agree 100%! Seems like I remember EVH doing it with just his volume (I think) on a live album they did years ago... was a very cool version.

    I’ve had synth effects on other multi-effects units over the years and while cool - just weren’t “musical” enough to use consistently. Would love to have one available on the Kemper if possible.

    I apologize if this has been asked before - searched and couldn’t find a good answer and the manual wasn’t really as clear (unless it’s just me).

    I’m wanting to play along with some backing tracks for practice - according to the manual for my Kemper Stage... I need a patch cable with 2 TS outs to plug into the return 1/2. I had that plugged into my iPad, set up the effects loop and then adjusted the audio. Here’s the odd thing... I had sound, but the backing was only playing the left side of the stereo (can tell because the track had some hard panned guitar parts R/L) field although it played through both my headphone speakers.

    Hopefully that makes sense - what am I doing wrong? I‘ve read where others use a small mixer... is that really the best way? Seem’s overly complicated if that’s the case.

    Thanks in advance!

    I agree - long time player and first time Kemper User... received my stage a few weeks ago and haven’t looked back. Played my first time live with it this weekend - straight into FOH and used a stage monitor... sounded great on stage and out in the audience as well. Not to mention - set up was quick and easy!

    Started playing 35 years ago - as others have pointed out, no internet back then and I’ll add also that the lesson books weren’t much to be desired either. I picked up Mel Bays Level 1 and that was just standard chords to get started.

    Another book that I found was “Improvising Rock Guitar” which taught your basic blues scale and had 7” record with it to play along with. That was all it took for me to dig in deeper and want to learn more.

    The best thing I ever did was copy records - listen and try to learn the licks and rhythm playing going on. My biggest influences were Hendrix, Clapton, Page, Gilmour, EVH etc. and it was wonderful learning those songs. Too many players now focus on just a TAB and use it as a crutch - learning the song by ear is the best lesson you’ll ever get.

    I do wish sometimes I had pursued it further -later in life I did focus heavily on classical/flamenco and have studied it along with some a Gypsy Jazz... however I learned more in my formative years than I’ve learned ever since.

    Honestly though - just to see that guitar is being talked about now and folks still want to play in a day where music is just “sounds” and samples are more dominant is a plus. The guitar is wonderful instrument - however you choose to learn!

    Waited for months to order my Kemper Stage and finally got it last week - haven’t looked up since! Spent a few hours going through all the loaded profiles then finally read the manual (it helps!).

    Already building my performances to use and I’m amazed at how good this unit responds and sounds just though headphones!

    Enjoying also the information shared on the forum - very helpful!

    Thanks for the responses - I’m more inclined to try the iPad route w/USB Connector as the old Win 7 Laptop is pretty much toast. I might just trade it in at Best Buy and put it towards a cheap laptop if the other option doesn’t work.

    I’ve read a lot about the upcoming editor and that might be cool if it works with iOS, but I’m not really a tweaker. What draws me to the Kemper as it seems like it requires less tweaking (subjective) - I don’t need or use a ton of effects... just looking for a good raw amp tone with some color.

    Sweetwater might be getting my money pretty soon!

    Hello all - I’ve been looking into the Kemper Stage and it seems like it might be a good fit for my needs. My only question is in that it looks like it currently doesn’t have a way to easily interface with iOS.

    At present time I don’t have a good option for a windows PC - I do have an old one (Windows 7 which would make a nice boat anchor) that I need to upgrade, however I just purchased a brand new iPad Air3.

    I know the Librarian option is out and there isn’t an editor - but could I still DL a profile from the rig exchange using the lighting to USB Adapter? If that will work it will buy me some time. I just haven’t needed a new PC as the one I use is work provided (which I don’t think they’ll like me loading the librarian software on!).

    Loving what I’m seeing (and hearing!) with the Kemper - can’t wait to get my hands on one!

    Thanks in advance,