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    I am a senior experienced music producer and have used about every amp plugin and for a time even owned a Helix (which I found very frustrating due to general less than impressive factory presets and the often ludicrous difference in their outputs). My general inclination is toward clean/hairy clean thru to crunchy amps. Not much interest in high gain. Anyway I have taken the plunge and have bought a Profiler stage. The "feel" of almost everyone of the 100s of supplied profiles is very impressive. They immediately feel like amps but it is immediately a honey trap of constantly trying out multifarious presets...and not playing the guitar. I have also bought the Michael Britt "Grab & Go" pack. For the moment I am just using the Kemper through my studio interface and Genelec monitors and I'm trying to ascertain the best way to set up a performance setup with a: a clean combo sound (ie Fender Deluxe) that just pushes the front of the amp on a hard pick b: exactly the same amp with a bit more "hair" and c: exactly the same amp with a bit more hair again. I then want to duplicate this performance for a telecaster, a stratocaster and a Gibson hum bucker equipped guitar. My intention is just to always have a good working, bread and butter rig for each of 3 guitars for when I just feel like playing. I can explore the multitude of profiles at my leisure later. Would a three profile performance per guitar with increasing gain be the best option or would a single profile per guitar and use the morph to increase the gain and maybe a boost in one of the pedal spots be a better way to setup. I'm sure some of you Kemper vets have basic "plugin and go" settings for just play/practice and/or quick pickup gig rigs and I'm hoping to use your knowledge to help me just get a comfortable basic setup. Thanks in advance, Jim and apologies as I'm sure I'm not the first to ask this.