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    do you have powered KPA or if not what do you use to power your cabs?

    As you know Guitar players are very conservative. They use tube amps since decades.;)

    so I’ve worked for a German manufacturing company before, believe me I understand conservatism now ;-)

    “We do not understand why our customers would want this feature” ........... I heard that several times.

    It was also difficult to get them to understand that “competence” means “eh we can do it, but maybe not the best” in United States, while there it means excellence.

    Yes very true but i have everything i need and everything running perfectly so i do not wish to upgrade to windows 10 just to be able to have this editor that just does not make sense it makes more sense for Kemper to have the editor working on Windows 7 , 8 , and 10 as most other developers have with there additional editing software.

    people need to accept the fact that Windows 7 is unsupported after a couple weeks. You’re not going to get it. You can update to 10 for free.

    I get it, I hated win ME (mistake edition) and wanted to go back to 98SE, but Win10 is a very solid OS, I’ve been using it for over a year for my work machine and updated my home machine from 7 to 10 last month, everything just works better now, printer issues gone, WiFi issues gone, etc.

    I’m predicting somewhere between the 9th and the 20th of December, because I’ll be out of the country for a week then grinding out a week of being out of office stuff plus the day to day before my 2 weeks of holiday break while all the customers are trying to crunch their end of year stuff for me to finish up in a week.

    Or January 6th when I return after said break.

    Here I was all ready to be thankful for an editor on this amazing day.

    Kemper crew, take your time and make it right, I’ll be ok. I bought my stage knowing there wasn’t an editor, and I can live without it for awhile :-)

    You will not convince me to like Apple just like I made no attempt to make other dislike them. I did not even state my reasons for disliking them until I was asked. I have been in the IT field since 1992 and have many certs and degrees, A+, Net + , CCNA, ITIL, AAS in Networking and Systems, BS in Information technologies which all started with a cert in computer repair in 1992. I am also current the most senior support tech at my company. I have skin in the game, decades of it.

    to be fair I wasn’t even trying to make you like them. I don’t have stock in them and couldn’t care less.

    I was anti apple also until I got sick of pulling the battery out of my Android every single day from lockups, switched to iPhones and they just work so I’ve stuck with them.

    Not trying to dis your Field experience either, I was just saying that if someone wanted to work on them you’ve got to get certified. Dell is the same way, I was a software systems engineer at a school district for a bit and got Dell certified on everything we had so I wouldn’t have to pass tickets to the hardware techs when I’m perfectly capable of replacing any hardware in Dell workstations or servers. I got the dispatch cert also so I didn’t have to schedule their field techs, just send me the parts thanks :-)

    somehow I ended up as a sales engineer, which pays about double what I made in support but adds travel. It also allows me to be able to afford nice toys :-)

    There are a few reasons, first off I don't like that you can buy their product and be told what software I can use simply because they have not had the chance to review it. I used own a computer store as well and even though I had all of the IT credentials to work on PC, I could not even look inside someone mac without voiding their warranty. The company I currently work for has a contract with them to allow us to backup their OS for restoration purposes and they will not even give us access to enough code to do it correctly. Couple those issues with their declining quality since the passing of Jobs and you have a product and company that I choose not to give any of my money to.

    so they control their software, which helps their bottom line AND saves people from getting hacked. Unlike windows.

    well done Apple. Most of the people I’ve seen who hate on them either want to tinker and can’t, or don’t have certs which can easily be taken. And yeah I’ve got a bunch of IT certs also so I get the work that goes into studying for them, but if you want to play you’ve got to have skin in the game.

    I also seem to notice that us older folks have more patience, not like the instant gratification generation that has a whining breakdown when they don’t get things NOW. Our own fault for not teaching patience and learning to deal with disappointment.

    Not true since arthrog purchased at the beginning of summer, and Kemper had set the ETA for the editor shown at NAMM for summer, or before.

    For Stage users, it is especially important and I can understand the frustrations already with software and hardware issues, then still not having a desktop editor to set up patches by the ETA.

    I personally don't mind waiting a little longer, but after WNAMM, anybody who purchased a KPA did so under the guarantee that a software editor was on the horizon.

    they “guaranteed” exactly nothing. They made an estimate and we all know software gets pushed back or changed.

    What was guaranteed is the product description on the Kemper Website

    I’ve got stage myself and am looking forward to the editor but it didn’t affect my purchase decision at all.

    No, I would rather have something that crashes once in a while and get back to recording.

    I can't see that 1980 calculator screen. Amp sounds better than anything I have ever owned....

    Bought it at the beginning of summer under the impression I would have an editor.

    I had an awesome recording setup now I don't! Lucky for Kemper with a dedicated following and producing an awesome amp.

    Sorry but I don't tell my contractors "I see you're trying real hard, no hurry"

    I assume your contractors have scope of work and deliverables.
    Kemper fulfilled yours when you made your purchase, there was zero guarantees of an editor.