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    Maybe this is already somewhere... Anyway, loaded 7.2.2 to Stage.

    Now every press of tap tempo also toggles effect in slot A ON and OFF ?!?

    Feeling stupid again with this thing...

    Edit... and tap button now longer impacts to rig tempo at all (tempo is enabled)...

    So Tap button became effect A on/off button...

    Is there some new setting needed with the latest SW? Everything was ok before this update.

    MIDI clock is a part of a group of messages called "System Realtime" messages and it has no specific channel.

    Set the KPA channel to e.g. 2(different from the channel of the kb) and thats it. (System->MIDI Settings -> Midi Global Channel)

    If you have Omni then KPA recives every keyboard controllers MIDI messages.

    I indeed have omni. **Thanks** ! :)

    I suppose there is no way to receive/act just to MIDI clock and not to other MIDI commands?

    I'm usually hooked to our kbd player's MIDI out to sync to tempo as he has individual settings (with tempo) to each song we play.

    With my previous devices like Axe-FX I could re-map i.e. block his "harmful" MIDI commands and with Headrush I could select to receive only MIDI Clock and ignore the rest.

    Now with Kemper I had strange behavior like morphing activating by itself etc. and scratched my head for a while until I realized that it has to be kbd player's MIDI commands

    doing nice "things" to my Kemper. So therefore the question... Can I do something to receive just MIDI clock?

    I suppose the only way is to find out if kbd guy can somehow configure his end to send MIDI clock separated to some specific channel and then I only would listen to that.

    7.1.5. Seems to work for me, so far. Tried few times, did not loose date/time. Before (7.1.4.) it was always lost.

    If I plug the AC chord out while power is on and then plugging AC chord back makes device start but that is ok and maybe even

    wished feature sometimes. In this case did not also loose date/time.


    I have heard excatly the same noise :) Not with Kemper but with Campridge Audio DAC. It was related how powering of AD and DA was done and how something blow up there. Again a peak from mains power most probably did that... Weird, but what comes out from your Kemper sounds excatly the same to what this DAC output was.

    Hi, kpahuitsing , maybe the words of mrserge were not that friendly and I understand the pressure there BUT...

    We customers have bought a device with expectation that it works. At least I was not expecting that we need to be part of the process of maturing it to the level that we could actually use it. Seems that there is not only one issue but something more, maybe even at the making process of this HW as there seems to so strange issues.

    Therefore I’m kind of sceptic that there will be one silver bullet fixing this for all of us.

    I have 2nd unit, some have 3rd unit etc. So definitely something that is not normal. I think we are not the only ones.

    I’m not blaming You at all, and I just hope that management at Kemper would blow the whistle and start taking some actions. You being here in forum during the weekend is of cource a good customer service, thanks for that but I hope someone is doing something at the company level.

    I just updated to new 7.1.4. and there was no help to my unit. Still looses date and time just like before.

    And not only that... The whole thing completely froze while playing with band today. There was "about" the latest rig sound hearable and then some strange wobble "tremolo" on top of that (there is no tremolo block set in that rig...), really terrible. None of the buttons worked, so AC chord out and back. Booted up but again date/time lost etc. and I had to go, so do not know if it worked again. Probably it does - for awhile at least.

    I start to loose my nerves with this thing... Maybe there is something wrong with this unit.

    I suppose the "toaster" and rack versions are more reliable as a lot of people are gigging with those?? Maybe I should negotiate with Kemper and get this "stage" version returned and switch to "toaster"/rack + remote combination.

    This has all the time been so unreliable that I do not know if I ever can really use this...

    Do you have other than stock profiles in these units? What if you add say some 200-300 profiles? And some also to performance side. Does number of profiles in browser or performance have any impact to how unit boots up?

    This issue may also relate to what setup/settings you have or even amount of profiles... This may explain why kemper can not reproduce this and why someone’s unit still fires up even it should not.

    Meaning that timing of boot up and initializing stuff varies. Potentially a nasty one to fix.

    This definitely came with 7.1.3. and maybe with the "fix" that Stage does not turn on when you plug in power cord. It is quite typical that you keep device behind some stable/protecting power source which you then turn on when you start playing while it is otherwise off. I now get this day/time lost problem every time I go to play with my band.

    Very strange if this can not be reproduced with Kemper guys which would mean that there is some HW dependency also behind OR it can be just timing issue in boot and "normal" variation between units HW. Some work ok and some not.

    My unit gives a short "lights flickering" flashes, when you plug in power cord. So part of HW is at least waking before SW kicks in and keeps the unit off. This is a bit disturbing looking as such. I wonder why the power switch was designed to be this type of "SW switch" instead of the real HW switch.

    The 1st unit I received had a dead column in display and I had to return it. I'm still experiencing some odd behavior now and then which I may not be able to reproduce. How ever good sounding this device is I've been reluctant to gig with this because I do not yet trust it. I hope Kemper will get this matured so that it can be trusted. Unit sounds great as such (I've had / still have Fractal Axe-Fx, Helix, Headrush....)