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    personal taste applies everywhere Dan 😆

    whatever, sounds good to the person playing is good. For me I’ve spent 35 years gigging and being frustrated by having to use guitar cabs on stage. Getting the Kemper and some IEM was a revelation that finally freed me from that and allowed me to hear myself on stage and also sound more like the studio sound I like. However, I understand I am a bit of a weird fish and in the minority in that respect.

    I don't see that as "weird" at all. I agree 100% - using a really good monitor on stage or in studio allows you to get the benefit of the cabinet profiles rather than just getting the pre-amp profile from the Kemper.

    Simply put, if you play the Kemper through a nice 4x12 cabinet, every profile you select will still sound like that 4x12. If you play through a monitor, it will sound like whatever cabinet was used when the profile was made. This gives you a MUCH wider range of possible sounds.

    The cabinet or IR is a big part of the total sound, so as long as you are running into a 4x12, it's going to sound like a head running into that 4x12.

    To really hear the range of sounds available from the KPA, get a powered monitor cabinet (PA-style) and use that instead. By putting the cab sim back into the loop, you'll hear the difference between the 4x12 and, say, an open-back 1x12 combo. This changes the overall character of the sound more than you might expect.

    Yes - SteinbergerHack... That's my situation too.

    I am reading Guitar 1 off Mamma Mia in a theatre pit with no amps and monitoring is IEM... (so no cab, no FRFR)

    I am looking for something that gives me "take off" to send me a harmonic feedback an octave higher than a sustained note

    Typical theater pit work - we closed a local production of We Will Rock You last night.

    It would be very nice if the Kemper had a way to use the Rig Manager software with a wireless tablet / iPad. This would be similar to how most mixing consoles operate today, allowing us to go out into the house to hear what the audience is hearing while adjusting the rig.

    I saw a used Stage at my local GC, priced at $1699.99. I asked the guy why it was priced so high, and he was completely clueless that the new ones are $1700. I thought it was ridiculous pricing, but if they are on a long back-order, they might be able to sell it.

    With powered monitors, you generally get what you pay for. Both the QSC and Yamaha are good options in their price range,

    I use the DXR12s and am very satisfied with them, with the only issue being that they are just a bit heavy on the low mids (~1-2 dB). Using the "floor monitor" DSP setting gets them very close to being a true flat response, which will allow you to run the same exact feed to your monitor as you run to FOH.

    Resist the temptation to go cheaper. The few extra $$$ you spend on the monitor cabinet(s) goes a long way.

    Look like the song was written by Richard Marx, and Lee Ritenour was credited as a performer on that album...but that doesn't sound like him at all.

    The backing band for that particular track sounds a lot like the guys who worked with Marx on his first two albums - maybe Michael Landau or Bruce Gaitsch.....hope this helps.

    If you edit a Performance on the front panel of the PROFILER, these edits are just temporary until you store the Performance. This also applies to selecting another Rig from the browse pool via BROWSE knob. If you leave the Performance without storing, these edits are lost.

    If you modify a Performance in Rig Manager, changes take immediate effect. This also applies,, if you drag & drop another Rig into one of the Slots.

    I cannot reproduce any exceptions from these rules under OS 7.1.19 and RM 3.0.99 beta.

    I found this to be very counter-intuitive, and lost a number of hours' work when trying to set up a loaned KPA for a one-off gig. After having set everything up in performances while attached to my laptop (Win8), fighting through software crashes and lock-ups about every 15-20 minutes, I unplugged and all seemed OK. When I plugged in my MIDI controller at rehearsal everything I had done vanished. Very embarrassing, and not easy to recover from.

    I love the way the Kemper sounds and feels, and I am tempted to purchase and make it my gig rig. The UI and software is giving me all sorts of problems, though.....and it has me on the fence. I get that some of it is a matter of not doing it the way the KPA wants me to do it, but should it really be this difficult?

    I would have purchased a Stage or Remote if they had one included.

    I found another solution with a built in pedal. Works great.

    Yeah, that's pushing me in the direction of a rack Kemper and a non-Kemper floor controller. The Remote is a bit of overkill in total controls and lacking a couple of key pieces from my perspective, and I really want a single-piece solution.

    The combination of simplicity and completeness should be the goal of any user interface, right?

    A dual Mono cable will let you use a volume pedal as an expression pedal, but, the pedal response will not be linear. The potentiometer in the volume pedal responds to movement in a logarithmic way.

    The Ernie Ball has a taper switch that puts a 220K between the in and out (parallel with the swept end of the 250K) - will that get it closer? I need to just hack something together for a gig and don't want to risk a delayed shipment.

    Has anyone here used a standard Ernie Ball (or equivalent) volume pedal for an expression pedal with the KPA? If I understand the (very cryptic) manual, it would appear that a stereo to dual mono splitter cable should work...but has anyone actually done this and had it work (or not work)?

    Thanks in advance.