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    Thank you VERY much!

    So the effects from DAW must be on a separate track huh? I'll give it a try thanks!

    Agreed. I don’t have Paul Gilbert size paws, and the HM Strat’s 25.1” scale, combined with the flat, thin (but rock solid) neck, as well as full access to 24 jumbo frets, makes this a joy and inspiration to play.

    I have been considering the Schaller Floyd (Lockmeister) as well.

    Question on the locking nut. Not sure if this is available from Schaller, but wouldn’t we need an R10 locking nut, due to the radius? The R10 is 15” radius, which is closest to the neck’s 17”. I will have to measure the width of existing nut/shelf.

    No, the nut is already a BR3 (korean equivalent of the R3). Get the r3 and you will be ok. Buy and a couple of nut shims in case you need to raise the nut a bit because the R3 is slightly shorter

    Indeed it has the best neck I've ever played on a guitar. The combination of scale,neck,pickups, fret access because of the heel and LOOKS, rocks hard. What do you think of the pickups? If you can't find an official floyd rose, buy the schaller lockmeister. Same thing as the OFR but with schaller's stamp on it (schaller makes the OFR). Be sure to order it with R3 nut and 32mm block

    Hello there!

    I have searched the harmonizer effect for dedicated delayed notes but I couldn't find anything. Maybe I am missing something? A dedicated 20-30ms delay on each harmonized note is what I am seeking (eventide harmonizer has this feature)

    Hello friends.

    Im trying to reamp a DI track from reaper (first time doing it). The connections I have are as follows:

    1)spdif out from kemper to spdif in on focusrite 6i6

    2)return input from kemper to output 3 of the focusrite

    3)input set as "return input reamp"

    4)output set as spdif master stereo

    I insert the track on Reaper and in the track I set the input as "spdif 1". When i playback the di track i don't get a reamped sound. Although the kemper GETS signal when i playback since both inputs and outputs are flashing. What am I missing?

    I have updated both the profiler and the rig manager to the latest beta. Until 2 hours earlier everything was working great since the release. Now I am experiencing this crazy problem

    I imported a performance. The kemper "crashed" and I turned it off. There was no "shutting down" text on the screen. Exited the manager, booted the profiler AND the manager and now now there is no communication between the profiler and my PC. I tried everything. Rebooted multiple times, reinstalled the manager. Nothing works. I am suspecting a corruption(????)

    I am on Windows 10


    I completely unistalled the manager with a 3rd party tool . Had to login again. Synced everything and works ok. Strange thing!