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    Hello there!

    I have searched the harmonizer effect for dedicated delayed notes but I couldn't find anything. Maybe I am missing something? A dedicated 20-30ms delay on each harmonized note is what I am seeking (eventide harmonizer has this feature)

    Hello friends.

    Im trying to reamp a DI track from reaper (first time doing it). The connections I have are as follows:

    1)spdif out from kemper to spdif in on focusrite 6i6

    2)return input from kemper to output 3 of the focusrite

    3)input set as "return input reamp"

    4)output set as spdif master stereo

    I insert the track on Reaper and in the track I set the input as "spdif 1". When i playback the di track i don't get a reamped sound. Although the kemper GETS signal when i playback since both inputs and outputs are flashing. What am I missing?

    I have updated both the profiler and the rig manager to the latest beta. Until 2 hours earlier everything was working great since the release. Now I am experiencing this crazy problem

    I imported a performance. The kemper "crashed" and I turned it off. There was no "shutting down" text on the screen. Exited the manager, booted the profiler AND the manager and now now there is no communication between the profiler and my PC. I tried everything. Rebooted multiple times, reinstalled the manager. Nothing works. I am suspecting a corruption(????)

    I am on Windows 10


    I completely unistalled the manager with a 3rd party tool . Had to login again. Synced everything and works ok. Strange thing!


    Gibson Les Paul Custom Zakk Wylde bullseye

    focusrite 6i6

    studio monitors

    studio "desk"

    upgraded all of my guitars with stainless steel frets

    new original floyd (with stainless steel upgrades and big brass block)

    duncan pickups

    profiler powerhead

    official kemper bag


    marshall jvm410h

    marshall mr1936

    boss gt 100

    an 80s original floyd

    some 80s duncan pickups

    What i will buy in 2020

    The remote

    A Charvel San Dimas

    A Malmsteen Strat

    and i will modify them both!!!!!!

    Found a sweet deal for a used powerhead toaster which i could not refuse. Loaded a lot of profiles for various known makers and I AM BLOWN AWAY!. Installed the beta rig manager/os and the editor rocks. Now about the connection

    Spdif out to my focusrite 6i6 in. Spdif set in master sterero. In the mixer i have these settings. Although I have not put the clock source as spdif I still get sound lol? Are the settings on the mixer ok?

    Thanks guys!

    1)TURN DOWN THE GAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

    2)Practice WITHOUT a lot of effects

    2)Practice with an acoustic guitar. It will cleanup your playing a lot

    3)Did I say practice?

    4)Use strings that YOU like.........just because someone told you to use thick strings for "the tone"doesn't mean that you will sound like shit with thin will destroy your fingers. You like 8s? Use 8s

    5)Good pickups/cabling/monitors are MANDATORY

    6)Don't use tones that are bass heavy and get lost in the mix. When creating rigs from profiles, try them in a backing track of your liking. They will sound "thin" when played alone but they will rock in a track

    7)Have the action is low or as high as YOU like. It depends on the guitar too and its limits

    Hello there!New member here and new in the profiling world

    Im gonna jump ship and order a Profiler TOMORROW! Yeah! I have done my research on how a profiler works, how to manage rigs, performances etc. Right now I have a focusrite 6i6 2nd gen and a couple of prodipe v3 8" 125W monitors (pretty good monitors).

    1) I will connect my profiler to the focusrite via SPDIF. Could you please provide me a link(from Thomann if possible) with an SPDIF cable?Im not sure which one I need (I live in a remote place so I have to order it online)

    2) Is there a "global" reverb setting so I can have the same reverb on ALL my profiles?Or I have to set it individually?

    3)Is it possible to clip the input with VERY high output pickups?

    that's all! Thank you for your time