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    On my Windows 8.1 computer, everything seemed to install correctly but when I run Rig Manager it looks like it's launching (splash screen, progress bar, etc.) but then it just dies--no error message or anything.

    It seems to be working fine on my Windows 10 computer so far.

    Kemper guys--let me know if you'd like logs or anything.

    Same thing happened to me.

    I had to unplug then reboot a few times but it finally worked.

    Installed both and now working fine.

    Editor is amazing. Will take a bit of getting used to but not much. So great to be able to see everything on one screen.

    Only issue i've encountered was when updating to 7.1.6 on my stage; the initial part of the install went smoothly, but after the reboot the unit got stuck. I had to unplug the unit and when it started back up it got stuck again. The screen would just say Kemper and show the loading bar that would progress to full, but there was none of the subtext that is usually there. Had to repeat this a few times before it actually booted right.

    This has happened to me before on earlier OS7 when I had to reboot, so likely not directly related to 7.1.6

    I've had the same thought about the sensitivity of the knobs when adjusting EQ settings....but then again, who cares if I can't set the filter @ 11,3456Hz exactly.

    But for other settings, like the tempo, I can see how a sensitivity adjustment is needed.

    WhenI first joined this forum I started going through ALL the threads from back in 2012ish and was impressed by how civil, helpful and level headed all the users seemed to be, then this thread happened....good times.

    Press the looper switch, that puts it in looper mode.

    Press the first footswitch to record, press it again to end the loop.

    To stop, press the second footswtich.

    To delete what you recorded press the second foots twitch 3 times in a row.

    Press the first to play.

    Press the first again to record an overlay.

    You can set it to be before or after the amp via the system settings. Putting it before will allow you to change the patch to try different sounds. To do that you press the looper switch again to get out of looper mode and then navigate through your rigs as usual.

    This is not a comprehensive guide but enough to get you started.

    I agree but they did and here we are. If it's not ready yet but there is a working version they should reach out to some of their more long standing users and give them a beta version. A move like that would allow these beta testers to provide a great test for their QA and provide the users in forums like this to have progress updates.

    Although unlikely, who says they haven't?

    I'm sure if they did though they would require them to sign something along the lines of an NDA, so we would never hear about it.

    Sorry if this has been discussed to death before!

    The Stage is selling for significantly less (in the US $1700 vs $2300) than an unpowered toaster/Rack footswitch combo, and I am sure some of that is due to the lower manufacturing/material cost of building the pedalboard into the brain unit, however I've heard that there are some other differences b/w the units that contribute to the lower price.

    So do we have a comprehensive list, on a component and features level, of the differences to allow for this significant cost difference?

    I LOVE this one too.

    What other 3 FREE clean/crunch/high gain profiles are up to this level?

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    Sick of going through profiles, want to find uptown 5 that work and be done with this tone search

    On this note, I couldn't get one of my guitars to sound good with ANY high gain profiles! They sounded great with my other guitars but just not this one and this guitar sounded amazing with all my the amps.

    It was driving me nuts.....

    As a last ditch effort I tried moving the pickup away from the strings and bam, back in business!

    The kemper is definitely much more sensitive and was picking up on the pickup effect on the strings more than any other amp that I've had.

    I don't think they're incompetent at all. They're not lying neither 'cause the editor is coming out (soon) and that's true. I think they're just buying time as they did since the beginning. As i said i hope to be disproved very soon.

    I agree.

    It looks like they are having a hard time with the recent change from FW 6 to 7 and the hardware issues with the Stage, plus the development of the kone and whatever else they have up their sleeves. These guys are a small team and have their hands full is my guess.

    The recent stability/quality issues are not good for their business, especially given the highly competitive landscape, and I am sure they are under a lot of pressure internally to get this rig back on track. Even 7.1.3 is still a buggy release, so If I was in their shoes I wouldn't want to repeat/continue the FW7 experience.

    Even if it takes more time, and may annoy a few forumites, I'd rather sort out FW7 once and for all, then make sure RM3 and the editor are fully stable before release so they can put this year behind them.

    Complaining and calling them incompetent or misleading will do nothing to speed up the process. At the end of the day this is a first world problem fellas.

    AXE FX might be expensive and they loose market value like crazy once a new version comes out but at least there are quality of life improvements with each refresh.

    And just now with the latest iteration is getting close to the Kempers' 7 year old technology....not sure how that is a Pro to you or why you would want that for the Kemper.

    Do you really want ckemper to release a refreshed version every year with some minor "quality of life improvements" but keeping the core sound to the same high quality, forcing you to buy a new unit and your old unit going down in value? The way Kemper is doing is doing it is the most ethical and best for the consumer. They know they can make more $$ buy charging for incrementally revised units but refuse to do so b/c it is not for the benefit of the consumer and would be a bigger headache for the company when it comes to manufacturing. He said so himself in an interview with Andertons.

    I don't get your logic, unless you're insinuating that the unit could actually be made to sound better but they aren't doing that.

    I wonder how many ppl on this forum are going to start bashing the Kemper1 when the Kemper2 comes out and all of a sudden they now have magical hearing where they can actually hear a difference b/w the Kemper1 profiles vs the real amps.

    Ppl are always going to be biased towards the gear they just dropped enough money to buy a car with on.