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    I'm having an issue with RM. It keeps crashing upon starting. Currently running MAC OSX 10.13.6. The details are attached. Please help!

    This is exactly the message I was getting. I upgraded to 10.15 in the hope that would fix it, but it didn't -- same message. I sent the log to Kemper via their support channel and they said they're looking into it.

    There is a problem in Catalina when Rig Manager tries to open a message box during startup (e.g. if the auto backup did not work). This crash will be fixed in the next beta.

    As one of the Mac/Catalina users who hasn't been able to launch RM 3.0 successfully, this is encouraging. When I try to launch RM 3.0, it crashes in less than a second. I don't see any indication that it is trying to open a message box during that brief moment, but I'm not sure I would.

    Updated today (unwillingly) to mac os catalina. Re-installing rig manager did not help. Neither an update of xcode to the newest version did help. Nor deplugging all devices and bundling it with plenty of restarts.

    Rig Manager still does not want to run on my machine.

    This is exactly my experience, down to the upgrade to Catalina. Still haven't successfully launched RM 3.0.

    Crashes on open for me. anyone else get it working after something simliar?

    macOS 10.12 sierra

    Similar issue for me. RM 3.0 wont open, using macOS 10.15. My error message text is slightly different but same end result. I’ve restarted several times, uninstalled, reinstalled, and updated macOS to the latest version.


    Hi all -- I just received my Kemper (unpowered head) and can barely contain my excitement. The thing is, I really have no business dropping this kind of dime on this kind of kit. I just got serious about guitar last year and am quite squarely still in the beginner camp. But the siren call of the Kemper was too much to resist! Due to space constraints, my ability to collect amps is quite limited (like I have room for one), so I'd been fantasizing about a Kemper for months.

    Anyway, happy to be here!