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    Thanks a lot! I'm a recent Kemper user myself, and I've been trying out most of the commercial profiles with my 2 H&K tubemeister 1x12 and 2x12 cabinets which I loaded especially for use with my Kemper with the new Celestion F12-X200 speakers (I've got a lot of different cabinets, but since the H&K tubemeister are "semi-ported" with a hole in the front, I thought I'd best put my new F12-X200 speakers in these since the recommended Celestion Cab design also uses a ported cab).

    I've had decent success running all my tested profiles running through these 2 cabs in combination with a full range poweramps. I'm now using my Crown XLS1502 and t.amp S100 for testing, because till now these fullrange poweramps seem to work better with the F12-X200 then my SD170 or the Kempers own poweramp (these seem to have more mids and work better with my "normal" cabinets).

    But I think your AKG perception P5 center profiles are the first ones which on spot on for my F12-X200 cabinets without any tweaking. Some others sound great as well, but only after some changes.

    Till now (and I've gone through a few 1000's of profiles in the last weeks) I think your AKG P5 center sounds the most balanced until now (with both of your Harley Benton and Peavey cab profiles, so I suppose it's really the AKG that's making the difference here and not the cab itself).

    I have an AKG perception P3 myself, but haven't made profiles of my own amps yet. To be honest, I would never have thought of using an AKG Perception for making Kemper profiles since these are mainly just considered "vocal" mics, no? But after using yours, I will definitely give my own P3 a go (or just buy a P5 myself, they are very cheap and good quality mics).

    So thanks not only for the profiles, but for pointing me in the right direction for making my own ones in the future!

    Did you record these with the P5 directly against the cabinet grill cloth, speaker center, straight angle?

    PS: I think the noise gate setting on your lower gain profiles are reducing the dynamics quite a lot, I like these a lot better without the gate active.