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    Love this clean sound. Had it set up / stored in a performance but, somehow lost it or saved over it. it's not a rig found in browser mode, at least, I can't find it. Without doing a factory restore to get it back, where can I find it ? I looked on rig exchange and can't seem to find it there. is it part of some kind of rig pack? Is there a way to get it back without restoring my Stage?

    Well, yes. I got a Stage as a replacement. It works great so far. Updated firmware straight out of the box & fired it up. I'm using the main 1/4" outs, master stereo.

    At first I thought, oh no, not again. Then I went into edit of output menu & saw that it was set to wet/dry/wet. Set it to default & back to tonal nirvana. Same with studio, , live with 2 frfr's & live with cabinet. I dont know what was wrong with the toaster I got but, this was so easy with the stage.

    Very happy right now knowing it wasn't me doing something wrong, was just the unit. And I saved over $500 which enables me to get an ltd ec401 with actives (fluence moderns) to go with my Gibson LP'S.

    I know they'll sound the same but, I think it might be a problem with this particular unit which is why I'd make the swap. I'd go for the stage just to get access to the footswitch portion & start using it. lol Haven't even touched mine yet.

    I was experiencing bass heavy tones with the frfr's on the ground. I put them on milk crates and partially fixed the issue. Then, as I mentioned, I stumbled upon settings or a divine act from god, I got this glorious sound. For a few days, was even about to buy a bunch of commercial packs.

    I haven't touched the frfr's since as I was so happy with the sound where they were, I know placement isn't the issue. If it sounded great where they are, that potential problem is ruled out.

    I sent my backup to kemper & they responded saying my monitor out was not configured properly which I know is not the case. I tried all output settings, multiple times.

    They told me to use monitor/direct master stereo, soft button monitor stereo and uncheck monitor cab off. I've done this dozens of times. I've gone through all output presets (Studio, default, live with 2 frfr's etc.). What's curious however is that sometimes while I was trying to work through this, when I switched monitor to master stereo, the soft button option for Monitor Stereo doesn't appear. I believe, from reading the manual and the screen, that when set to master stereo, they become 1 pair or stereo outs. Maybe this has something to do with it?

    I don't know. I have a feeling it's just an issue with my unit as I can find no one who has experiences a similar issue. I will load the backup they sent me. If that fails, I will see if I can find someone or go to a store with it & plug into 2 frfr's and see if it works. If not, it goes back. I do appreciate all the help from you guys!

    Thanks for the in depth reply. They are headrush 8" frfr's. There is nothing other than volume, ground lift & contour. Have tried with each on/off. I also have a digitech SDrum going l/r out to each speaker directly, not through the kemper, and no problems with them.

    I was only using 2-3 commercial profiles someone was kind enough to let me try before buying. There were no fx linked to either, just a couple of eq's, some on and some off.

    Clean sen & dist. sen seem to be ok. Not much of a clean player so haven't touched it. Dist. sens I have between -.3 to 0.

    After some initial issue with placement of the monitors, I got them elevated and sounding better. Then, either by chance or whatever, I found this glorious full, rich, organic tone with the same 2-3 profiles I referenced earlier. I do remember that my speakers were hooked up to monitor/direct as I tried mains first & had no luck.

    Fuller, richer & more organic than the clip I posted of the guy above using similar speaker. It was amazing.

    I have tried direct/monitor out as well as main 1/4". I was short 1 XLR cable which I'll go buy today to try each with xlr cable through main. I'll even try to swap out the cables from the sdrum with the cables I currently have going to the monitors. But, I'm not optimistic.

    I've gone through the output menu extensively, factory reset, init. globals, Noise gate is off or at a minimum. Definition usually up, pure cab off, clarity usually off or very low. Direct mix usually off or very low.

    I'm a newbie but, not completely hopeless lol. I sent a backup copy of the profiler to Kemp and they are going to try to help me figure this out. If not, it's going back but, not giving up. I might swap it for the Stage.

    ive got pure cab off, thanks for the tip.

    Somethings off here. It was full, thick, rich, organic etc. Now it sounds mono even on stereo. Honestly, my digitech rp360 into the monitors was better.

    I think somethings up with the unit. I have an inquiry in with kemper. Ill see what they say.

    I tried adding the stereo widener & it helped but, it wasnt there before & still not as good as it was. Ive tried the main outs 1/4" & monitor/direct. Master stereo & monitor stereo & its weak. Thinks itxs goin back unless Kemper can help me figure it out.

    Im not recording or using anything but, the frfr's. Just playin at home. Have nothing left to try. The fact that it worked & is now gone leads me to believe it's the unit.

    Re; the frfr's Ive got them upright & off the floor. Its not that. Check this clip:

    This organic sound is what I had & is now gone. Its not me but, an example of good sounding profile & I had dimilar. He's running 1 frfr & im running 2 in stereo & it doesnt even sound stereo. Its flat sterile, clunky mono.

    All Im left with sounds worse than my boss katana. When I had it in stereo & right, it was glorious. Something is a miss, just no idea what happened.

    So I had initial issues with bass heavy tones. Lifted the powered speakers and fixed it. Everything still sounded a bit clunky and then, either through dumb luck or coincidence, I stumbled upon settings that had a wide open feel, organic, like an amp on 10, saturated, full & rich sound like we hear on youtube videos or sound cloud clips.

    Then I tried putting my speakers in the main 1/4's, didn't like it. Put them back into monitor out/direct send and cannot get it back. I've tried everything in the output menu, amp and cab settings (Definition, clarity pure cab, etc.) I have no idea what happened.

    I've had Monitor out set to Master Stereo and Monitor stereo soft button checked off as I'm pretty sure that's how 2 frfr's should be run in stereo. But, it sounds sterile and lifeless. Every profile is bass heavy again. I have no idea how to get it back but, I'm just about out of ideas and thinking of returning it.

    I hope the extremely friendly, experienced and helpful people on this forum would see fit to offering tips tricks or ideas. Maybe someone knows what I'm experiencing. This thing sounded SO RICH and INTENSE that I'd be sad to return it over something I simply can't figure out. I've read the manual, tried different connections and some settings. I could use some help!

    Well, right now I'm using my monitor out & direct send as a stereo output. I know I can disable the cab section to run through a guitar cab but, won't be doing that.

    I'd like to run the merged profile as a studio profile, through my current setup to frfr's. Based on the quoted portion of topjimi's page, I am confused.

    His statement makes it sound as if you will get the studio profile from the main xlr outputs but, not others. Since I'm not using the xlr's, will I get the studio profile through 1/4 direct send/monitor out? If I need to get XLR cables & use the main xlr outs, no biggie.

    This is where my confusion is coming from.

    So, I'm interested in buying Cililab's JVM pack and see that they are all merged & direct profiles. I've seen some discussion about studio profiles sounding better than merged and this may be the result of how it was captured/profiled. But, also, people say that if no changes were made, it should sound the same.

    I've also read this from topjimi's page:

    "Studio profiles include the amplifier, speaker, microphone and anything else used to make the profiles. The same signal is output to all of the Kemper outputs.

    A Merged profile has two types of outputs. The main XLR outputs from the Kemper are the same as for the Studio profiles. The other outputs effectively break the signal between the amplifier and the speaker. This allows you to use a traditional guitar speaker cab. One scenario where you would use a Merged profile would be if you wanted to use a traditional guitar cab as a stage monitor while sending the Studio profile sound to the PA."

    I'm not playing live, through a cab or recording, just using the kemper at home. If I bought this pack of merged files, or any other pack of merged profiles, will I get the mic'd sound like a studio profile via only xlr out? Will I not get that via direct/monitor 1/4"?

    I'm new to this & getting confused. So if it sounds like I'm confused, I am. But, I think I understand the difference between the studio & merged and the extra step involved. It's more what will I get output wise that's confusing me. Thanks for the help.

    Thanks all for your input. Through heaphones I found dirty profiles never sound great. No exception with the kemper but, the cleans are very nice. The headpnone out is better than any I"ve used.

    I flipped the frfr's upright to get the majority of it off the ground & instant better tone. Sounds like metal high gain! No more overpowering, clunky bass.

    It's till bassy but, at least I found it was the speakers placement rather than my settings. Next step will be to get them on stands or on tables.

    Any recommendations on height? Putting them up I may lose some bass response but, can eq it back in from the amp settings, output eq or use the contour. Thanks all for your help!

    I've read comments from a few people with the Headrush speakers that indicated they turn down the Bass in the Output menu EQ.

    Are you planning on sending a signal to FOH PA? If so, I suggest using the Monitor Outputs instead of the Main Outputs for your cabinets. (I use a mono monitor, but, the Kemper Manual describes how to configure Stereo Monitors).

    Not planning on playing live. Since I tried stereo through the mains last night, I will try them later via Main mono. Then I'll try monitor out + direct send in mono and stereo. I'll check out the bass eq as well. Thanks!

    Also try turning the Clarity down, this will bring whatever gain the profile has more to the forefront.

    Thanks for the tip!

    Greetings! Got my unpowered toaster yesterday & updated the firmware, linked to rig manager & everything went fine. Hooked up my 2 headrush 8" frfr's to the main out's via 1/4" (couldn't find my xlr's). Output set to Master stereo and started sampling profiles in the kemper & the Sinmix free recording pack I downloaded.

    Cleans and crunch profiles sound quite good! But, I'm a high gain player and am having issues with high gain patches. All the high gain patches, whether it's an Ubershall, 5150 III, JVM, 6505, etc...the bass is overly present and clunky sounding. It's not smooth. The high gain patches do not sound high gain like I hear in many videos. More on that below. The profiles lack good saturation and articulation. The bass heavy sound makes it not smooth at all. It's all pretty dry & sterile. They all have a rock to hard rock vibe to them, not high gain metal.

    I am going to try putting my frfr's into the monitor & direct out & set soft button to monitor stereo. I believe there is also an option under the quick button to run common configs & 2 frfr's is an option.

    My frfr's are on the floor, angled up. I will work on positioning or getting them off the ground entirely to see if that helps the bass heavy sound. However, all the sound clips on youtube and elsewhere usually are double tracked or are mixed for a nice polished sound.

    Aside from all the detailed settings which I haven't really delved into yet like clarity, definition, power sagging there anything I could have missed? A lot of the profiles have some of these being used to some degree.

    Only my first day with it & need a lot of time to familiarize myself with it but, was hoping to get some tones I can play with in the meantime. I'm not going to record or play live. I'm ok with not having the in the room sound.

    Any help, advise or tips you can offer would be much appreciated! Here are 2 clips of what I'd consider to sound good & would be happy with. Help!

    Hi! A little about me. Just a hobbyist metal, high gain, rhythm player. Not recording, just playing! Have 2 Gibson LP's. Have tried a bunch of tube combos & preamps (6505+112, EVH5153, mesa single rectoverb, jvm 205, JMP-1, etc.). Love a lot about all of these but, never had much chance to open them up, play loud & get them to their sweet spot. Also, not interested in changing tubes, biasing, etc. Been eying a Kemper for a long time for lower volume playing without losing the sound quality. Finally got convinced to do it after hearing Josh Middleton's heavy packs and some others.

    I'm going with either an unpowered toaster/remote into 2 headrush 8" frfr speakers or the Stage. I've been reading about some glitches with the Stage so leaning the toaster route. Considering I'm a total newbie with this stuff and won't really know what I'm doing for awhile, I don't want added issues with the device itself on top of the learning curve.

    So, some initial questions I have are about running my 2 powered frfr's in stereo & what outputs to use. From what I've read, the main xlr's are for direct to PA and monitor outs are for floor monitors like mine or a guitar cab. The stage has monitor outs for L & R. The toaster has, if I read correctly, 1 monitor out + you can use Direct Out to use it in stereo.

    I believe it will be easier & prefer to just use the main XLR's rather than Direct out + Monitor Out. Can I use my two FRFR's this way without any compromises to sound or performance?

    Second question is regarding volume control in this kind of set up. Ideally, I'd like to control the volume via the Kemper and not having to adjust the FRFR's all the time depending on whether I can crank it a bit or not. What are the steps to do this? I believe I can do this via master volume but, do any settings in the output need to be tweaked?

    I just want to use my frfr's into the main XLR's, set them at about half power, and control the volume of my profiles or presets with the kemper. I am going to have more questions but, this is a set up one I need to figure out and I don't have the equipment yet to test for myself. Your help is much appreciated!

    Hello there! Simple hobbyist player from NJ tired of trying amps, pedals, flipping gear, etc. trying to find the tones I want. Metal, high gain, rhythm player.

    Been wanting a kemper for a long time and about to pull the trigger on either a Stage or the unpowered profiler / remote bundle. After never being able to crank my previous tube amps to hit the sweet spot, I finally gave in and am getting a Kemper. Going to post a few questions for advice but, just wanted to pop in and say hello.