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    i feel the same .

    I had a L6 Helix before which really made me progress in sound research. I've learnt where to place fx in the chains and consequences on the sound . How to set parameters and the need you have to do so (high cut/low cut, etc...)

    I'm pretty proud to have learnt all those stuffs and now i can talk to a sound guy and tell him ; it's plug and play, i've done all the job before ;):). Or, ok, you want this tweaking, i can do it quickly on my kemper....

    Nevertheless, at the end with the Helux, i was still tweaking parameters to improve my sounds. An endless quest, this is here, i feel i've wasted some times....

    But it can be another good base for the next level i wanna work on ; the band mix on the mix table ! (we have to improve this part too) ;):/

    In the end I realized that doing only recordings over a long period of time while doing no live work changes EVERYTHING. And I mean EVERYTHING. The "balance" get lost and we as guitar player in the recording studio or alone at home doing our parts on the DAW evolve right away from the casual rock guitar player into a different sort of musicians more in the direction of being also our own "producers" (working on the drum sound,bass,keys etc).

    I can't see clearly the conclusion...

    Is it a bad or a good thing for you ?

    There are drawbacks and advantages in each cases...

    It helps to understand all the workflow. You can prepare your rigs before.

    On the other hand, time you've spent to understand EQ/high/lowcut and its importance is not time you've worked playing on a new song...

    I also realize that now that I own a kemper and that the effects are really great I absolutely knew nothing about how to set up effect like reverb or delay, not even talking about set up delay+reverb. Lol. That’s a total different job of just be a guitar player.

    What do you mean ? What have you discovered ? ;):)

    I had a weird phenomenon yesterday in rehearsal like this.

    I have a Rig with a Fender Twin amp/cab sim. For the solo, i've got a boost in block "X" and an EQ in block "mod" .

    I had this modulation effect. I took a look at reverb/delay effects to see if i had a modulation parameter activated somewhere ; nothing....

    When i enable the EQ, the modulation effects appears... No modulation parameter exists in this FX ???

    i didn't have time to go farther in my investigations.....Turn the EQ off....

    Yes, try to setup pickups height before changing them ! ;)

    If you don't like them ; switch for another ones.

    Adjusting the pickups is great advice. It can make a significant difference.

    I'll offer a different opinion regarding pickups after spending a few decades swapping them. I came to the conclusion that pickup swaps aren't really worth it unless the pickup is broken or poorly made. For the most part, the majority of replacement pickups are a waste of money IMO. That being said, there are some specialized pickups with targeted qualities that will offer some significant tonal differences and noise advantages. But my view is that the most significant aspect of a guitar's tone is the scale length and wood. I have swapped a multitude of pickups through guitars that never sounded 'right' and not once has a pickup solved the problem. I'll get some popcorn... ;)

    I don't have the same experience and my conclusion is not this one.

    I have made a switch for my gibson SG and my fender strato.

    A French guy makes handwounded pickups with American parts specifically selected. He has a real good reputation.

    I visited him (he lives at only one hour from my home) and we talked about what i like, what kind of music i play, etc...

    I could play with a lot of different guitar he owned to choose the "good" pickups" for me.

    At that time, i used to play with Helix/Variax :/=O so i couldn't tell immediatly the difference.

    My Gibby is my goto guitar nowdays.

    Nevertheless, after some time, i decided to buy a Michael Kelly Guitar (my avatar) with Rockfield PU. cause i just find it magnificient ! :love:

    But the sound was not there for me. It's nearly impossible to find those guitars over there, so i jumped on the used one i've seen.

    At home, even if i've played with pickups settings, the sound was never pleasant for me.

    So i've ordered a pair of Humbucker Alnico 4 to the same guy, changed them.

    It was night and day ! The sound has really nothing similar ; for the best ! What an improvement ! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    The sound was less harsh, the definition was far better.....

    I really hear every nuances in my (amateur) play now.

    I won't pretend i'm better than others !

    I don't use a lot of features on the Kemper and other devices but i easily understand added values for someone else.

    In this case, i really don't join all the arguments given.

    My way of working is this one :

    Step 1 ) Built a raw Rig with all amp/cab/Fx i need

    Step 2 ) Listen and tweak parameters to obtain sounds i'm pleased with at home

    Step 3) In Band situation, listen and improve my sound in this context

    Why ? Just to go more and more fine in my sound search

    I assume every one works that way or close to

    All the examples you give can be modified quickly and globally (fortunately) in live situation.

    The global EQ is done for that, the lock function is done for that. If you go to the FOH, all the parameters you are talking about are there (on the mix table) exactly to solve those kinds of problems ; to adapt your sound to the situation.

    When i have problems at rehearsal or gigs. I resolve them directly.

    It arrives sometimes that i don't cut the mix well. The singer shows me his ear X/:/ (: don't hear you on solos). Me too, it's done intentionally :P;)^^!

    Do you think i wait to change parameters alone at home ? No, i say ; "sorry guys, it's gonna take 30 seconds but for the next song you gonna hear me" !

    If i follow your procedure, so eg, i notice that i need more middle/treble ;

    OK, you say you have to modify it repeatably on all your RIGs, does it mean that you go in every amp rig's parameters to change the mid/treble value ? Do you really do that ? Seriously ? :wacko:

    And ; how far are you gonna push the value ; mid : +0.5/+1/+1.5 ?

    Are you gonna do all the rehearsal/gig without hearing you ?

    In fact, the thing i find aberrant is that to improve a sound, you purpose a solution in which you don't work in context and you work blind

    I could eventually understand that it can be useful for the first step i was talking about...

    You want a raw Rig, you through all the blocks in RM that you imagine will be useful but you'll quickly need to work with sound at home or in situation.

    So, do i still think this feature would bring few improvements ? Yes, i do