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    I've had mine for a week. Setting up for a weekend gig at lunchtime today and button 1 decodes to stop working. Tried various things but no joy. I arranged with the supplier to collect it tomorrow. Went out for a couple of hours and on my return, switched it back on and all is well again !

    I have checked it a few times this evening and it is all working. I have cancelled the return for now to see how it goes over the next few days. Never had anything like this in years of Line 6 ownership. Does anyone from Kemper read this forum?

    Oh oh ! Today whilst setting up for the weekend, the number 1 footswitch decided to stop working. I tried re-setting etc etc, no joy. I telephoned the supplier who was excellent and arranged to have it collected tomorrow. I went out for a couple of hours and on my return, switched it on and hey presto, the button was working again !!Anyone else experienced anything similar? I've cancelled the return for now.

    Thanks guys. First gig with the Kemper this weekend coming. Just need to decide which sounds to use !

    Hi from sunny Devon, England. Recently bought a floor unit. Still learning, but I'll get there !

    cheers !