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    Make it so you can't use a profile you either didn't create on your device(s) or don't own a license for. A la Eventide with their H9.

    I bought two H9's and I can use any algorithm I own on any device registered to my account. I'm sure if it were possible to create new algorithms on an H9, those would then be confined to my devices, or I could purchase a license kit (similar to ISRC numbers) and redistribute at a price of my choosing. This all can be done easily using your current infrastructure and possible blockchain for better security.

    This decision will be made for you sooner or later, as someone else will figure out your IP, reverse engineer it, and make their own profiler, and then also (wisely) implement DRM. Which one do you think will be embraced by amp and speaker manufacturers? The one with DRM and license agreements, or the one without? It's advantageous for them to do so. They can hire profiling teams to profile their designs and sell them in bundles. Selling profiles is way cheaper than manufacturing hardware. They can scale back production, increase profits have officially licensed dialed profiles delivered direct to the consumer via download. (And for what it's worth reduce their carbon footprint in the process)

    BY THE WAY when someone steals your IP-stealing IP, and puts you behind the 8 ball, that's called Karma. I wouldn't be surprised if that ends of being the name of the machine.

    Don't lag behind on this. For the record I love your tech, but for this one issue. And I won't share my profiles of my amp designs for free, to be easily redistributed again; for free. I'm not alone in this. Musicians are already being stolen from daily. Don't you think it is more honorable to work in concert with amp makers rather than use the "guns don't kill people, people kill people" defense? "Kemper Profilers don't steal IP and distribute it, people do."

    Just a suggestion.

    Is the SuperThump profile in the Rig Exchange? I am not seeing it but I admit it's late and Im tired so maybe Im just completely missing it!

    It's not, and won't be until Kemper employs a solid and effective DRM system to protect amp designers hard work and insights. The only way to get the profile is to own the amp. Right now only 2 exist, mine and Bryan's.

    Sorry if that seems a bit arrogant, but I really feel like this amp is special, and it took years of listening, experimenting, and breathing in solder smoke trying to figure out how to get an amp to sound the way this one does... I'm not really excited to just give all that hard work away in a format that can so easily be shared for free. The moment Kemper employs DRM, the profiles will be made available for sale.

    I am said producer. And the profiles we used were: (never more than 2 profiles per guitar part at any given time in addition to the live amp track.)

    For Gab's tone ( left speaker) A heavily modified Marshall DSL 40C (and I do mean heavily. I ripped about half of the components out and replaced them with different stuff based off what I learned building the ST, put it in a head enclosure and blasted it through an Avatar 412)

    • Blonde Bassman Candy by Rainer B. - to sweeten up all her clean parts
    • Except on "Hands" and "FFOM"; for more grit, but same Bassman body, we used a profile Bryan and I pulled from a '69 Bassman head that belongs to Wren and Cuff wizard, Ray Rosas. We ran that full blast through Gab's Avatar 412 and pulled a killer gritty profile.
    • EVH 5153 A2 by M. Britt
    • MW ENGL Safe Age 120 (Only on "Lost on You" and "Groomed")
    • One of the following profiles by ReampZone
    • '92 Mesa Dual Rectifier S15
    • Marshall JVM 410H_133

    For Bryan (Right speaker) Stormhenge Superthump 50 SS model

    • EVH 5153 A2 by M. Britt
    • One of the following profiles by ReampZone
    • '92 Mesa Dual Rectifier S15
    • Marshall JVM 410H_133

    On "Idiot", "Cycelcide", and "Advice", I re-amped both Gab's parts and Bryan's parts through profiles we created of the other's amp to pan the other way to keep that big stereo guitar feel while panning the leads up the middle, or in the case of "Idiot", panning Bryan's rhythm part dead center with the bass on the verses. I did that so we wouldn't have to record a doubled track to put over there, which usually creates an unwanted phasing.

    Occasionally when needed, I would sweeten the leads by mixing in a little of Michael Wagener's MW Voo Doo Plexi into the solos, and if that didn't give it the right vibe, I'd instead try a profile we pulled of Bryan's Superthump using different power tubes that gave the amp a real Eric Johnson vibe.

    And actually, Bryan, the design of the SuperThump is a cross between a Marshall 50watt Plexi and a Marshall Super Bass; not a Fender Bassman :)

    Or better yet, just make the EQ's on the main and monitor fully parametric with both an HPF and LPF like the studio EQ. Only cuz it'd be nice to have that independent control right at the end of the chain so you can get the stage sound dialed in, but still be able to give FOH something better suited for use in the mains and sub.

    Using the onboard EQ's in the pedal chain can't do that.

    I use my Stage for bass, as well as guitar, and bass players need different EQ bands for shaping than do guitar players. Guitar players don't have much use for 40 or 100HZ but bass players do. And conversely Bass players don't have much use for 200hz or 1.5khz controls, but Guitar players do. Also every amp maker has different band selections for their EQ knobs that are specific to their tone profile, so knowing where the system has those bands set, the width of the Q , as well as making them customizable would be a nice feature. Further; if they could be (tick box) optionally independent per performance/slot in the output section, that would be pretty awesome as well.

    On every amp I've owned there is usually a description of each knob and it's function in the manual. And on the EQ knobs they tell you things like the BASS control will give you 14db of boost and 12db of cut at 40hz, and 19db of boost and 25 db of cut at 8khz on the TREBLE knob and so on. Can anyone tell me the specific BANDS for each of the 4 EQ knobs in both the Stack and the Output sections (Main and Monitor) and how much boost/cut is employed on each.

    Also a suggestion for future updates to make these customizable somewhere in the settings so bass players and guitar players can have controls that fit their instrument cuz I play both, I use my Kemper stage for both and they need different bands. Guitar players don't have much use for 40HZ but bass players do, and conversely Bass players don't have much use for 1k controls but Guitar players do. And every amp maker has different band selections for their EQ knobs, so knowing where the system has those bands set at, as well as making them customizable would be a nice feature.