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    Your answer is at about 1:00 in the vid. The guy says he is running it through an "API Summing Amp". That is that color you are hearing in the vid that you probably don't have at home. An API mic pre can be a very colored tone. You can also add in the "youtube compression".

    Well, I have quickly got in to the profiling of my own amps. I still haven't even made a single performance yet and barely tweak any of the FX.

    I'm still learning and experimenting with making my own profiles. I have found quickly that different recording levels on the process can make a huge difference in the outcome. Any good "How to profile" resources?

    Yes, that is right I said 45 different cabinets!

    The amp is the same on all of these. Studio Classic with Master on 3 and gain on 6.

    All of these are Zombiecabs Impulse Responses.

    I created these IRs. I'm one of the owners of Zombiecabs.

    Most are using 3 mics- a ribbon, Sm57 and a room mic.

    All of them with the "Bog/OR" in the name are a mix of two 412 cabs, the same cab on all profiles but with different mics. 57, MD421, E609 etc so you can hear all mics available.

    Finally, there are two with the name ending in "RM1" & "RM2" which are just room mics. RM1- Telefunken M81-SH and RM2 Neuman TLM102

    DL them all so you can check out those Zombiecabs IRs.

    Author "M ROE"

    I uploaded this one.

    Named "JIMI JIMMY" author "M ROE"

    A Marshall SV20H using only the High Treble channel at about 4 with a 2x12 Greenback cab IR from zombiecabs.

    I think this works well with a Strat and/or a Les Paul for that vintage plexi type tone. A Hendrix/Zeppelin vibe.

    I used a Slate Digital Virtual Bus mixer to enhance a bit and also tweaked some of the Kemper knobs a little.

    I didn't realize until doing this one that the "Power Sagging" parameter can really mimic that real power tube bloom, very cool.

    Is this a merged profile?

    No, If I am understanding what "Merged" means. I am still learning this thing. I assume "Merged" means that the amp was also done separately and then merged back with the same cab that was initially used?

    Someone please explain to me if I am incorrect in my thinking.

    "Studio" means the profile was created with the amp and cab in one session.

    "Amp" means that just the amp was used for the profile.

    "Merged" means I did both "Studio" and "Amp" and then re-combine those with the "merged" setting.

    Thanks mate. Appreciate your sharing.

    Just FYI:

    No need to create 2 threads; the name "SV20H" is already in the other title anyway. Most peeps AFAIK use the "Unread Posts" link top-left-of-page every time they log in, so you don't have to worry about a thread's disappearing into the ether somehow. Folks will see it. ;)

    I didn't load the "SV20H" at the time of the other post, it was the "SC20H".

    Here are three profiles of my Marshall Studio vintage "SV20H" , author "M ROE".

    1) High Treble CH with a Jub 212 w Greenbacks- Moderate gain

    2) A reversed jumped into Normal channel first then into High ch, with a jub 212 w greenbacks- warm clean tone here.

    3) Normal channel only with low gain into a Bogner 412 w T75s.

    Al cabs are Zombiecabs IRs


    I uploaded a few JMP-1 preamp profiles. One clean, one with OD 1 and one with OD1 with a plexi type gain-hit this with an EP Booster and it sounds really good!

    I profiled it like I normally use one live with a BBE after the pre and using a JCM 2K DSL 50 as the power amp.

    Cabs are Zombiecabs IRs (1960B, 1960BV & 1960AX).

    I profiled my Marshall SC20H Studio Classic.

    Two settings here one with moderate gain and another cleanish.

    Cabs are Zombiecabs IRs (1960AX).

    Then there is three versions of my Marshall 2525H Mini Silver Jubilee amp.

    A clean, a clean with rhythm clip engaged and then the Lead ch.

    Cabs are Zombiecabs IRs (1960AX).


    Author name "M ROE"

    Ok I uploaded two Rigs to the exchange.

    I have seen guys post .zip files here to share, not sure how you are doing that or why you do that? Can't you just upload/download from the RE?

    My author name is "M ROE"

    One is a JCM 2K DSL50 with a Bogner 4x12 w/ V30- left this one natural.

    and the other is a DSL 20HR with a Bogner 2x12 w/creambacks- had to dial back some definition on this one-quite bright.

    The cabs are not real, they are my IRs that I created.

    I did these with headphones on so if they are really bad please let me know so I won't torture you again :)

    I noticed quickly that the "definition" parameter is quite key in shaping the sound.

    Both are on the Ultra gain ch with medium gain settings and moderate EQ.

    Thanks for all the "Welcomes" !!!!

    Looks like there is going to be a bit of a learning curve on this thing.

    I will surely try and do some profiles of my Marshalls.

    Is there a good site/youtube channel for tutorial vids other than the official Kemper site?

    Like a Kemper for dummies :)

    It still leaves me with many questions...and I am no manual reader which doesn't help :)

    Yeah, I get it!

    I spent many of years using mostly tube preamps into power amps of all kinds. I've used different SS as well as tube power amps and heads as power amps. Let alone the "feel", a power amp definitely imparts a frequency response to your tone. One of the best ways to understand this is to get a Marshall DSL and a Mesa Rectifier. Try each amps preamp into the other amps FX return. You will real quickly find out which power amp sounds anemic. Hint: it's not the DSL.

    I am new here but wouldn't you know, this would be the first thread I go to :)

    I have a little experience with tube power amps. I can't and will not say the name but, I own a website that sells IRs that have loads of them made with different tube power amps as well as SS.

    A tube power amp, depending on what model of amp, can be as much as maybe 50% of the tone of the amp. Every tube power amp or power amp section of an amp is different. They each have their own character. Some add huge amounts of mojo while others (like Mesa) do very little.

    Making IRs with tube amps and capturing that character is a bit tricky. We spent countless hours on getting it right. Lots of trial and error. We even did amps with different tubes and it is possible to hear, although you have to have a very discerning ear, but afterwards decided it may just be overkill and we ditched that idea.

    Concerning the Kemper and capturing just the tube power amp section to me sounds intriguing. My guesstimate would be that 6L6 types would not be as good but EL34 and EL84 might be interesting.