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    I have yet to gig with my kemper. I have a Carvin 12 powered PA with an internal horn. I am still trying to figure out how to send one mono signal to FOH and also have this powered puppy on stage to give me a sense of an amp behind me that i can control separately. I think i may need to foot controller as well.

    The EQ trick really worked for me with Line 6 and Axe FX II, Have not tried with my Kemper yet but still trying to find my way around.

    I hope this helps all of you. This forum has been very kind to me giving me tips and suggestions on how to use my new Powered Toaster.

    I want to help others in return.

    Let me know if you guys have success with it.


    Allowing for the Fletcher Munson Curve:

    All you need is 4 bands of EQ. This can be internal to the Kemper or an external Pedal.

    Build Patch without any EQ that sound good at low volume:

    When You Go Loud Apply the EQ as Follows:

    1 = 150 HZ - 12.8db

    2 = 3.95 kHz + 3.6db8)8)8)8)8)

    3 = 8.0 kHz - 7.7db

    4 = 9.3 kHz - 12.6db

    The Other Way is to Build the Patches that sound good at low volume with EQ ON:

    Build Patch with this EQ on:

    1 = 150 hz + 12.8db

    2 = 3.95 kHz - 3.6db

    3 = 8.0 kHz + 7.7db

    4 = 9.3 kHz + 12.6db

    Then when you play Loud Just Turn The EQ OFF!!! and you're at least close enough for Rock N Roll

    Hope this helps. This was a tip given to me a long time ago back in my Line 6 days, but it always works when going from bedroom volume to gig volume.

    I am pretty sure this should work even with Axe-FX, Kemper as well



    well its good the kemper is getting us to play more. I finished writing more songs so am now practicing to record 10 new songs. Im so happy with the tone i may not bother recording a re amp track

    i purchased Replicant Audio American Metal Classics pack. Shot with Zach Householder of White Chapel. Those are spot on. 8) long ago i listened to this guy when i had my Pod HD500. His patches seem to sound better for him. With the AMC pack i cheated a bit. Zach and I both use Dimarzio D Activator pickups. I guess it matters what pickups were used to shoot the profiles.

    I have no idea what pickups Glen used to make his profiles but you will most likely have the best result if your guitar has the same pups in it.

    i will try this. My direct out seems louder thsn my main out. The re amp track is +3 and main is -6 in my DAW. Thats another thing im tryi nv to balance. I know the direct should be quiet as it gets boosted w amp sim added later.

    im going to save up for the pedal to go with the toaster. Since my PA Speaker is powered, I prob wont be able to control its volume unless i reach behind it and grab the tiny controls on the back. thats a pain in the arse on a dark stage. Maybe i should get an Un powered pa and run out of th power amp out. or maybe i am misunderstanding you. do you mean I can set the main volume control to control Monitor out? thus can use my powered PA, then send the main outs to FOH??

    The CARVIN is a PA speaker so I am guessing it will be an honest representation of what will go to FOH. I can set up my profiles using that.

    Only thing is, I wanted to set up my speaker to act like an amp behind me. And then take the main out to the FOH, I just dont want to have to control the volume on the back of the powered PA, Maybe I should invest in a NON powered PA and run out of the POWER SUPPLY to the non powered PA speaker for my "amp" and then give the main outs to FOH? Just dont know which to try or what to buy.

    I am going to save up for the kemper foot controller for sure.

    Ingolf, since jamming on my Kemper, I have written 6 new songs, when I reach 10 songs, I will record the first full length effort in almost 9 years. I am loving my Powered Toaster. I purchased 2 packs. TITAN American Metal Classics, profiled by Zach Householder of White Chapel, and FORTIN MESHUGGAH pack (almost 50 or so profiles) So far the Metal classics are where its at for me. I chose a Mesa Dual Rec, with a fortin 33 boost pedal up front. Lucky for me Zach uses Dimarzio D Activator pickups and that's what is in most of my guitars. The profiles sound just like they should. The new recording will be profiles from the Metal Classics pack. I highly recommend them for heavy sounds. There is a great clean from a 5150 on there as well. All I did was lower the gain slightly, and minor EQ, that was it. saved to the KEMPER with my tweaks. DONE!!!!!!! Now to practice the hell out of the material, and come up with 4 more tunes. I gotta get busy, INGOLF said i gotta make up for lost time. He is right. Thanks to KEMPER, I am finally home.


    i must admit by themselves these sound awsome but did not work well in a mix when i tried. Most profiles have a lot of noise. Using the gate the noise is still in the chords causing clutter. The ribboned one suffers least. Its the most mix ready that i found. So thats my fav from the pack. I also just purchased the fortin american metal classics. Hoping those are more mix ready.

    Thank you for the help fellas.

    So maybe i didnt blow away the original amps. Thats good. I will do as suggested. Number the rigs. I need to get the foot controller so i can gig with this thing. Thst way i can set up performance mode.

    Cheers. Thanks again for the clarification. I just purchased fortin american classic pack and fortin meshuggah pack to try some pro made metal profiles. Until i can make good profiles on my own. That should get me started.

    i am happy with the tones i am getting. I just need to learn how to organize my tones cause its time to take the powered toaster for its first real test drive. Also need to figure out how to set it up live. Need to decide if i get a non poweted frfr or use my powered carvin 12 w horn that i used to use w my axe.

    greetings all. Been having fun playing on my new Kemper and decided to tweak and save a few rigs to use with my band. However when i save it randomly writes ofer a factory amp and i cant figure out how to save to user slots and next to eachother.

    If i destroy a factory rig it asks me the second tome if i want to overwrite the currest or not. Whenni say not. It saves the rig 20 or so choices away destroying yet another factory rig. Has anyone had this issue?

    IT seems that after upgrading the firmware and getting the latest version of Rig Manager, its all working now.

    Strange. At first My kemper said it had the latest firmware, but after upgrading rig manager, my Kemper said it needed an upgrade.

    So far so good. Man, I love the way the Kemper Feels as well as how it sounds. Minimal tweaking, maximum playing time. .

    I am getting along ok but i do need to RTFMs from cover to cover. I did that with the Axe FX and that was like reading the bible.

    A bible written by aliens.

    I am going to try and make a profile of Matts' FENDER TWIN this weekend. Its in pristine condition

    ALSO. I purchased some profiles for metal and again, no tweaking hardly at all. all I did was turn up the gate and save.

    I made a recording of one of my band's songs. I used 2 patches. Sort of an Axe 3 VS KEMPER throwdown.

    I did one take with my best patch for Axe FX 3, it took me months to create "tweak"

    I did another take with my new TOASTER, just loaded up a profile, turned up the gate and rocked.

    I know which one i liked more. I will see what my bandmates choose.

    It feels so nice to be back to playing an Amp and not wasting time. I mean Playing a KEMPER,

    Hard to tell the difference. I am one happy KEMPER, uh i mean Camper.


    i had the same issue with my vader 8. As well as my HH2 holdsy. Both have dimarzio D Activators now. They sound like organic EMGs. String separation is excellent. Clarity as well. The neck pickup is just as easy with harmonics as the bridge.

    Oh yeah. The thing with lithium is its kind of a copy of a juggernaut in that its alnico5 with ceramic booster magnets for each string. Thats where it gets harsh. The spacing of them iss strange too. Not standard and not F spaced. Kind of in the middle. Measure the spacing for the d acts. U get more control and clarity

    he has an extensive collection of Fender Marshall Vox Mesa etc. Also lots of 80s rack gear. The Fenders i think are the first he wants to try and profile. He has awsome mics. Spared no expense. I got to learn the basics of the unit then grt to work learning how profiling works. My friend is the best at mic placement. Always gets the best tone w amps. I cant wait to see what this powered toaster can do.