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    From G String dated 15 Feb 2019 post #192 "Rig Manager 3.0 Editor" -

    "we support what makes sense from various standpoints. it's not necessary a good idea to start developing something and use deprecated/old technology right from the start. of course, we have no plans to exclude older versions unless we feel that it is necessary. macOS 10.9 is a borderline case, can't promise anything right now. for windows, it will be 8 or higher. there might be a chance that new rig manager version will continue to work with e.g. windows 7 but the editor part will be not visible in this case."

    …and I can understand that. You guys also won't sit on a dead horse to make a horse race, don't you?!

    Ich bin auch bei den beschichteten weg, gleich welcher Markt. Habe dann lange die Slinky gespielt und bin jetzt seit ca. einem halben Jahr auf D'Addario NYXL 10-46. Die funktionieren prima für mich.

    I am having the same problem with my brand new Stage. My connections are as following:

    - Guitar in KPA Stage

    - Send 1 to Amp Input

    - Mic is a Sennheiser e906 which goes into the Return 1 of the KPA

    After a few seconds of UFO noise I get the error message mentioned above.

    please take a simple guitar cable and use it to connect the Profiler's send to the Profiler's return
    send -> cable -> return
    make a profile (it will be obviously be a completely clean Profile)
    does the profiling work now?

    Even when I am doing this I get the same error message.

    OK, finally I am in. Got my Kemper Stage yesterday and played all night and feeling 8)! So it's time to introduce myself a bit more after you all gave me a very good start and helped with my pre-purchase questions.

    I am a German guy and a pure hobbyist. Music wise three hearts are beating in me: Beatles, Blues and Neil Young. I know this combination is a bit strange but possible ;) but too. much gear. That basically was the reason why I started years ago to search for a modelling amp… and failed miserably. Sound wise it was a disaster for me.

    The KPA wasn't an alternative for me because it was a device with too many knobs and I was just scared. Then… about 3 months ago I meet a friend who owns one and he profiled my 5e3 with 6L6 and a Greenback speaker. Kind of a unique sound. Then I made a blind A/B comparison which really surprised me, because I was wrong in all of my guessing . Then Kemper released the Stage and I was sold.

    Thanks for all answers and the warm welcome.

    In the meantime I could hear the KPA through my Genelec 8020 and I was very surprised about the nice, clear but warm sound. For home use this is a great solution. Even my old and trusty AER Compact 60 would work.

    On the other side my plan using the Laney LFR-112 probably won't work. The sound didn't blew me away. But on that front I am not in a hurry. My first gig with the KPA is in some distance.

    My GAS is increasing dramatically. It's gonna be an expensive month… =O

    Ikea. Ivar shelving (2x 30x178 sides, one shelf, 2x sets of drawer runners. And 4x castors/wheels) . And some screws and glue.

    The 30cm deep Ivar shelving is just right for shallow rack units. Once you bolt the rack units in place, it stiffens the whole rack considerably.

    I added plywood sides and a top using velcro/magnetic catches (with sound absorbing foam to silence the fan in the Marshall 9100/JMP-1 transformer). Its pretty cool.

    Wow, this is very cool. Can I assume that you don't travel with your rig that much? If so, how do you gig?

    Hey, Welcome. I do not know any of the mentioned speakers. But for home Use the Genelecs should be fine. For live Use I use a guitar cabinet, only a DI signal for FOH or something like the Yamaha DXR-10s.

    I guess a standard guitar cab won't work, because I plan to buy the unpowered version of the KPA Stage.

    Please excuse if I am not familiar with the rules here in the forum. May I add here my next question or should I start for every question a new thread?

    However, I am making progress with my decision to buy the KPA Stage. Regarding the output I have two ideas: I'd like to use my good old Genelec 8020 for my home & practising use. For the two bands I am playing I'd like to buy a new Laney LFR-112. How would you judge about my idea?

    Thanks again!

    Wow – you folks are very fast! And thanks for the warm welcome!

    I'll dig deeper in al videos and documentation before I buy. Abut there is one thing for sure: the community is much bigger than it is for the BIAS.

    Thanks for now.

    Hello out there,

    After I've seen the new KPA Stage I am about to jump into the Kemper adventure.

    You've heard this before but currently I am a die hard tube lover. Mainly clean Vox and Fender amps make me sweat and a Neil Young'ish Deluxe with a greenback is my huge love. But my back isn't as strong as it was, so I have to find a perfect and lightweight replacement.

    My first attempt was the Positive Grid Bias amp which sounded ok but the different volume levels on the several amp models drove me crazy.

    Before I now sink money again I thought it is a good idea to register at this forum even without a KPA and look around. I used the search feature, found some partial answers on that, but please allow me asking here straight:

    Does have the KAP as well issues with different volume levels on different profiles?

    Thanks in advance.