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    Quite funny though. Coming form Fractal, the editor was available when I bought the Axe-2. I basically don't know much about the front panel at all (well, just the basics, I guess)....and think it's a mistake, especially if you gigging.

    Now I have a KPR Stage, but before I bought it, I though that the RM was all there was. So, here I am sitting on the floor in front of my Stage turning and pressing buttons!

    Having said that, I'm a new KPR user and for me the fact is (especially because I have the Stage) that I need to get familiar with the front panel. I'm only going to gig with it so there will be no computer available.

    Sure I want to stand up instead of sitting down but I look at the bright side and make the most out of it :)

    I'm new to both the Kemper and the Headrush (got the 12 inch speaker version). Got it all set up and was surprised how boomy and bass heavy it is compared to listening to the kemper through my headphones. A lot of the stock profiles are crazy bass heavy. I'm using the speaker sideways on the ground as if it was a stage monitor.

    Is this common? Am I missing something?

    Hi, @readysteadyjedi. The only thing you're missing (so to speak) is the listening through headphone vs speaker. It happened to me as well when I first got my EV ZLX-12p. You should try and start with the Contour Switch as mentioned by @Booyah. After that the EQ in the Kemper is the way to go. I personally keep the main output flat for FOH and use the Monitor Output EQ to to cut the low/highs if needed. Hope this helps.

    I had a Thin Lizzy style band in the studio the other day so it was JCM800 to Marshall 4x12 with Greenbacks.

    Beautiful dynamic crunchy sound. Free profile !!

    You are probably all bored of my JCM800 posts by now but it is a sensational amp =P

    I like Thin Lizzy a lot and never bored of some good sound. I've never bonded with the JCM800 in my Axe-2 so maybe your profile will.

    Ciao @linenzo1

    hot trovato quest nel manuale inglese:

    "In case any inputs or outputs don’t operate as you would expect, or you experience any other unpredicted behavior, the soft button “Init Globals” in System Settings will reset most global parameters in System Settings and Output Section as well as returning all locks to their default state. This way, you are always able to recover a defined state of settings."

    The level for each output can be set in the output menu with the soft knobs underneath the display. After soundcheck you obviously do not want to change the main output voume anymore but maybe the monitor output level for your personal monitoring on stage needs to be adjusted midgig. To achieve that with the master volume knob you need to deactivate the main outputs volume link in the output menu and only keep the monitor output link active.

    Ahhh, that makes sense now. You august the volume for FOH first, then you deactivate it and use the MASTER VOL for the on stage monitor. Thanks @Kemper Support #1 for the clarification, much appreciated :thumbup:

    Hi @timowens,

    I'm very interested in this. Can yo elaborate on this? "This procedure will make the MASTER VOLUME knob only control the MONITOR output, the main outputs will be at a fixed level."

    If I understand this right, I can control my on stage FRFR cab with the MASTER VOL knob....but how to I control FOH volume?


    Just came across this....Mate, that's a lot of WAH's. I haven't read through all the post yet, but thanks for sharing. :)

    Do try my Deedle VH4 Rage TS9, man. I think you'll find it superior to the Diezel models on the Axe FX.

    Thanks mate, will give it a shot today. It's going to be interesting as I never used that model. My go to amp in the Axe are the Friedman BE/HBE and the 2018 model, The Joe Satriani Marshall, the JMP-1 model and for a couple of songs the Engl. Having said that, I'm open minded :)

    That step's the toughest and most-significant one, man; well done.

    It's all downhill from here... in a good way, that is. ;)

    Thanks mate, much appreciated. One step at the time, no rush. The KPR Stage is a different beast for sure. Need to get my head around. It took quite a while to shape my sound on the Axe and wold like to to able to 'replicate' it on the KPR Stage now.

    G'day from Melbourne, mate. ;)

    Let us know how you go once you've taken that "next step", eh?

    Well, glad to report that I have taken the 'next step'. Couldn't pass on a nice offer for a KPR Stage. Been noodling around with it for the last couple of days checking out primarily the onboard profiles for now. The online videos are great. Next step is to find some profiles that sound similar to the ones I'm using on my Axe.