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    I am also a heavy Linux user, but I do no recordings and have no Focusrite And I do like RigManager for sound editing and almost forget how I can do edits with Stage alone.

    On the other hand, I do not like Wine. So I installed Windows 10 with Virtual Machine Manager and run RigManager in it. I saw it works, somehow great, somehow not so good regarding the speed of USB communications. So, if I really want to work with RigManager, I still boot Windows native on my dual boot system.

    I have saved interesting amps and caps in own preset folders. If I edit some performance rig and try another cab, I just goto the presets cab, mark a cab and drag it onto the cab icon of the performance I am editing. Nothing more. This works.

    Ok. When I have done this, and I wanted an Undo, then it would be nice to have an Undo click. But there are workarounds.

    I couldn't get heard no matter what. No matter how much I turned up the volume, I couldn't cut and be heard over the other guitarist

    I can not confirm you. And of course don't know how loud your band is playing in the room. When I am playing with my band in a rented room with equipment, the Kemper is connected to the Return of a Boss Katana with a 2x12 Marshall Box. My band mates often give me the advice to turn the volume down.

    the compressor in the amplifier settings helps to create a fat sound.

    yes, that's what I've found. Nearly all profiles I tried and use sound way more "full" or "fat" with a compressor. And of course, with classic rock amps, you had to turn them up to get the cranked sound. The same is with Kemper. And remember: a good profile will react very dynamically when you turn the volume of your guitar up or down. And it will react when you are hitting the strings hard or soft.

    I suppose this will not happen. First, way too few people using Linux. And then: RigManager is not built with a GUI framework like QT which would have made it very easy to run RigManager under Windows and Linux and... This was a design decision and I think Kemper will not revert it.

    I installed Windows using virtual "Boxes" under Mint Linux. Enabling and forwarding USB allows to run RigManager. The problem I found: it is very slow. So, from time to time I still boot Windows..

    Ja, in Vor-Corona-Zeiten gab es einige Kneipen und kleinere Clubs in Berlin, wo regelmäßig Blues-Veranstaltungen stattfanden, manchmal mit oder als Jam-Sessions. Zur Zeit natürlich tot. Und natürlich ist die Frage, wie viele werden überleben?
    Insofern stimme ich gar nicht mit Yoda überein. Das Publikum, das ich dort sah, war sehr gemischt her vom Alter: Mitte 20 bis 70! Auch bei den Musikern sah man diesen Altersquerschnitt.

    war bereits vor Corona am Aussterben.

    - Die Jüngere Party Generation will eher Konservenfutter.
    - Die ältere Generation (40-70) die so etwas mögen würden sitzen lieber vor dem Fernseher.

    1) download and install another PDF reader; this should now be responsible for opening PDF files. If not, goto Explorer, select a PDF, right mouse click, open with.

    2) Use Rigmanager connected to your Profiler stage. It will find the latest OS and install it. Alternatively, there is no other way than using a USB stick with kaos.bin on it and plug to the Stage.

    Hi Linuxers,

    Until lately, I used my Desktop PC with the dual boot option to either run (Mint) Linux or Windows 10. Almost always I was running Windows just to start RigManager (there are maybe 2 or 3 other programs in Windows which I like better than Linux alternatives). This is sometimes annoying - leaving Linux and starting Windows just to run RigManager.

    I have now find the way to start RigManager in Linux: I had to install "Gnome Boxes", download the Windows 10 ISO and tell Boxes to make a virtual machine from this ISO. This ran without any problems. Then I installed RigManager and tried with my Profile Stage connected by USB cable. Nothing happened. Obviously there was no USB connection / passthrough available for the Windows system running as Linux guest. Looking at Linux log, I could see entries for the connection of my Profiler, stating it was a Kemper system. Well.

    Next, I read, you'd better use "Virtual Manager" to manage your guest system. Because with this software, you have the option to tell the system to passthrough USB devices to Windows! Wow, this was the solution - now RigManager sees the connected Stage. (Caveat: it took around half an hour to synchronize my performances on the Stage with RM).

    Before installing, have a look at: you are interested to install this, look at the following commands:

    1. sudo apt-get install qemu-kvm libvirt-daemon-system
    2. sudo apt-get install libvirt-daemon-system libvirt-clients bridge-utils virt-manager
    3. sudo apt install spice-vdagent
    4. sudo apt-get install spice-client-gtk-3.0

    So, here it is as screenshot.