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    The PROFILER's gain control is absolutely tone neutral, it really does just increase the gain.

    I doubt, when trusting my ears. What Kemper states maybe right in a very technical view. I always found when increasing gain a remarkable lost of tone clarity and especially a lost of the characteristics of the profiled amp. After all, distorted or heavy gain profiles tend to sound the same: mud, especially when played loud in a band context.
    From another tone experience: using above mid or heavy gain profiles and decreasing the gain level always leads to are real amp tone .

    Just my ears...

    Or is it just a myth with this famous "Amp in a room"? After all - it is not the amp, which the profiler can replicate very well, and most of you agree with. It is the sound coming out of a box - whatever the box type is. And then: it is the "room", which can be a very different thing. Further: the surrounding sounds: at home alone or with an (extremely?) loud band (which instruments take part?) So many factors, and of course your ears or subjective factor.

    Or is it the problem that guitarrists are never really satisfied with their sound (instrument, effects, amp, cabs, etc).

    That statement isn't true.

    Hm, the point I described: when you have 2 or more effects assigned to a button, then either all are in the state ON or OFF pressing the foot switch. OR one is ONE, the others OFF. So there is always a binary logic ON / OFF, but not a possibility to select 1) ALL OFF, 2) first ON, 3)BOTH ON, 4) second ON and first OFF.
    If that's not true, please tell me how can I get this.

    Erstens denke ich, Input-Signal kann man nichts reduzieren. Zweitens denke ich, dass der Input nicht dein Problem ist. Ich habe bisher auch noch nie derartiges hier gehört.

    da es leicht zerrt

    Hm, zerren kann man nur am Output des Kemper hören. Und der durchläuft halt die ganze Signalkette. Hast du eine zweite Git zum gegenchecken?

    the vast majority of applications do not work in linux

    oh yeah man, what a discovery. Because they where not written for Linux. And they where not written with some kind of OS independent framework like QT. For instance, XnView is a nice photo and image album program, running on Linux as well as on Windows (Mac, I do not know).

    I am mostly running Mint Linux on my desktop system. Only when I run RigManager and some very view other programs, I am booting Windows.

    I tried to use RigManager within Linux virtualization software (Qemu/boxes), Windows in this box. This works, but due to USB virtualizations, it is kinda slow. So, I would like to see RigManager running native in Linux. But I think, Kemper will not support this because to few users are Linux guys, and because this would only affordable, if RigManager was written with such an OS independant layer framework.

    Change it by selecting "Load Type". See description from the manual. I think this works also when switching from legacy reverb to a newer reverb effect.


    Preselect a new effect type and press the soft button “Load Type”. This effectively locks all parameter settings,...

    “Load Type” will often make the choice of algorithms easier: for example, you can make a dedicated setting for a

    wah effect, and then step through the various wah types

    Der angebotene Sound klingt in der abgenommenen Kombination wie der Originalsound.
    Also Pickup, Gitarre, Mikro und natürlich Amp-Einstellung.

    Immer wieder: Pickup und Gitarre werden nicht profiliert. Nur die Einstellungen am Amp für diese Gitarre/Pickup. Der Kemper bläst den Amp ohne Gitarre an und profiliert ihn mit dessen Antworten, auch der Boxen. Mikro ist beteiltigt, aber wesentlich?
    Jedenfalls: mein Profil des Amps mit Box, die ich damals hatte, klingt wie diese klangen.

    du musst nicht den Originalsound reproduzieren, sondern das Feeling, und das kommt dann aus deinen Fingern! Bei einer Paula jedenfalls den Halspickup benutzen, damit es weich und nicht spitz klingt. Der Rest ist das Ausprobieren eines passenden Profils (Marshall) mit entsprechend gut passenden Effekten und Einstellungen. Meine Meinung.