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    I have a profile named "Fan Vibr. Queen" from author "And44" / "The Amp Factory Rig Pack IV", that is Fender Vibrolux.

    With my Tele, it sounds best. Look up for other Fender profiles, example is "Fender Dlx '68 Vntg".

    Of course, it depends what you want to hear; I suppose clean profiles.

    Ryan96: check, if your output is too heavy, leading to clippings. Or check delay and other effect settings. On the other hand, your "wird feedback noises" might mean some other thing. Did you do a check against headphones?

    When I first had the profiler connected to my Headrush-112, I also was disappointed hearing digital, dirty artifacts. I think my adjustments to the profiles were leading to the tones which I now have and which now make me satisfy.

    Recently I did a "reset globals". Now I notice some annoying oddity when pressing up or down to select another performance. The performance is not available for playing, but the Exit button is blinking and the performance slot buttons are blinking. Selecting a slot by footstep loads the performance; pressing Exit brings back the last performance.

    Is there any setting to prevent this behaviour?

    I'm sometimes thinking if I should learn how to use the Looper and handle it comfortably, so I could use it with some songs live on stage. Or is this just a nice feature for practising at home? Anybody here who does this regularly? What are your experiences?

    holds the best information about what is being changed

    I doubt. The information they give us are very, very sparse. Kemper should have a public list of error tickets, and they should tell in the changelog which of them were fixed. And what are new features. This is a politics I knew quite a long time with successful public domain software.

    And with each new beta release of Kemper, people detect new errors, or that this fixes do no work in every condition. I got the impression they do quite a bit more code changes.

    Strange. I myself cannot complain about bad sounds, more the other way. Got the uncertain impression that the profiler was sounding better after the update.

    But: why do they do things on a beta update which change sounds? Ok, when they found a bug in Green Scream. But what users are reporting here seems to be a much wider changes in sounds - which is a very bad thing for users. Leading to the impression of a muddled, scrambled code base.

    I know Kemper did some upgrades / work on their website yesterday. Now, as of today when it is available again, I notice it is very slowly responding. In Germany only?

    What I do not like with the current situation: having 2 effects on the button, you only can select either one on/off or two on/off. But not ALL OFF, one on, the other off and vice versa.

    1000 rigs loaded simultaneously

    Do not know what this means. "Loaded", for me, is: selecting a rig for playing. Another meaning might be: import them. But to which location? Into the Kemper itself? Or into the Kemper database where you can load each rig individualy; that is: onto your computer. Sure, it makes no real sense to put them into the Kemper's memory itself.

    is the Kemper Stage as reliable a piece of hardware as its big brother, the Toaster?

    Well, I cannot speak for the Toaster (except what I heard here), never had one. But since October, I am a Stage user and had no probs with this device since that. Besides hardware, which might be different, but I think not at the DSP level, both types now share the same OS. And here it is, where you talk about reliability. Anyway, small bugs in the OS might not make it unreliable. Bugs which sometimes are annoying, mostly happen when you running the Kemper together with the RigManager and do some heavy rig editings. Whilest just playing on the Stage, never met any problem.

    Once a software package was released, it should not be deleted from download without any comment in the forum or on the HP. This is totally unprofessional

    Fully agree. I there a good reasons for withdrawing a released version, there should be a good explanation, why they did this. And suggest, if users who already installed these versions better should go back to the former stable release.

    Less SW launches with higher quality are much better than many releases which contains bugs

    I do not agree with this. Releases with small changes are much better trackable; this was common sense in SW development since nearly a decade under the titles "continues integration" and "continuous delivery". Some folks do daily releases!

    Well, in effect: this will not work, if your grown software has bad designs, bad code and you are trying to fix some of it, and then tear new holes.