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    Tuborgmann i think the demos are a realistic representation. I found myself using a dozen or so on a regular basis. The eq is preloaded in the x slot and I think tastefully using the hi and lo pass along with a little mid scoop is pleasing to my ear. I also make subtle adjusts to the clarity and definition. I’ve also dialed the gain back slightly on some of the lower gain profiles which yields sort of a bastard clean which I dig.

    Welcome! There is a wealth of knowledge to be absorbed here. I’ve found lots of helpful tips and tricks just by searching a few key words. A lot of questions I had already had been answered in prior posts.

    Drink Wisconsinably!

    V8guitar thanks for the feedback! My intent with my setup is more for recording than live sound. I do play a few gigs a year but I’ll be damned if I’m hauling the 4x12 for that. I will focus more on the PA output moving forward.

    So I’ve only had my Kemper about a month now and I’m wondering if I’m setting it up the best with what I have to work with. I have a pair of Yamaha DBR 12s on stands. A pair of Presonus Eris 8”s an old solid state Peavey head and a 4x12 Sheffield cabinet. For my interface I have an Allen &Heath Zedi10. I’m running xlr out of the Kemper to the interface and monitor out ( with monitor cab off) to the effect return on the head. I have slightly adjusted the multiple eq outputs on the Kemper. I have both pairs of active speakers hooked up to the mixer for A/B mix comparison. Nothing sounds as great as it does on my Sony MDR headphones. I get close... any tips or tricks would be appreciated. Could this be because I’m not using the SPDF output on the Kemper.

    Thank you! The Kemper Youtube channel and manual have been a great help thus far. I need to spend a little time dialing in some verbs and delays. Picked up a couple profile packs during the Black Friday sales. Really pleased with the profiles I have to work with. whippinpost91850

    Assigning an Effect Module

    Assigning switching functions to the Effect Buttons is simple: just press and hold an Effect Button on the Remote for example Effect Button IIII and press the desired module button, e.g. Module D, on the front panel of the PROFILER at the same time. Done! In your press the freeze soft button.

    Hey there from Wisconsin! I recently received my toaster and have kicked myself repeatedly for not getting one sooner! I’ve been playing for almost 30 years and been though tons of gear. All that combined didn’t fire me up like the KPA. Look forward to learning as much as I can from you pros! Remember to drink