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    Hi. If you are using the stage: Make sure you are on the slot you want copied. Hold the Rig button down for 2 seconds & then push copy. Move to the performance & slot you want to move your rig to & push Rig again for 2 seconds & push paste from the screen.

    I recorded our band (direct from the desk) over the weekend & I noticed that the recording (guitar direct via Kemper out) was Clean & void of artifacts, where as my amp was sounding nasty with digital noise while using the whammy/+24 pitch shift. The whole band noticed it on stage. Is my guitar amp (for monitoring) not handling the extra frequency range perhaps or is there a setting for the monitor out I should change?? Thanx

    Hi Edward, thanx for your advice to drop Kemper a line. They got back to me very fast. It seems like a was a bit heavy footed & was leaving my foot on too long. It is a just a very quick tap to set up 60 second loop. I am not sure if Craig has worked it out already but simple answer for a puzzling question. Cheers again. Jase :)

    Hi Edward, Thanx for the reply. Yes, I have been updating regularly thru the Rig manager etc. I have already done a lot of gigs with the Kemper so hoping the buttons are all lubed up by now. I will drop Kemper a line.

    Cheers Jase :)

    Hi Craig. I know this post is a bit older, but my Kemper stage is doing exactly the same as yours while in looper mode as I’ve just started using the looper live. I have had mine since November last year. Have you found a solution as yet?
    regards Jase

    Thanx for answers guys. I am still a little worried when using Rig manager but getting my head around it slowly. Its like nothing I have used before. I also get worried when LIB comes up on on my Kemper stage screen and I can not move beyond it apart from turning it all of. I usually have a good handle on this sort of of software/hardware situation but find this one is a bit unnerving. Are there any Kemper tutorials that you can suggest that are helpful for me to get my head around? I have read Rig manager and Kemper manual pretty thoroughly & watched the very useful Kemper YouTube tutorials. Cheers Jase :)

    Thank you for the info. I missed that in the manual. Now I have found it though it seems that the way I was activating effects on(via Kemper stage l ll lll llll buttons etc) I shouldn't have lost my settings as I wasn't in edit mode. I was just playing as if in a live performance but also connected to Rig manager. Could it be that Rig manager thinks I am in Edit mode because I am connected to it? Thanx in advance.

    Hi guys, I am new to forum so hopefully I'm clear with my question. My issue happens when I am connected to Rig Manager 3.0.120 & toggling through a performance switching on my effects (switched on via buttons above-{Kemper stage]). My problem is that when I change to another rig within the performance & then come back to the rig I was using; my effect is still in the state I left it rather than back to the saved Rig I had. Thanx Jase