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    Hi all. If I use the Parallel path & have an acoustic Simulator effect in effects slot 1 or 2, is there any way I can make this be panned to left or right so I can have the stacked sound panned the opposite way?:)

    Hi guys, I love my Kemper stage but it has a hiss coming out of Monitor left/right, when using a jack to my monitor amp setup. I always use my main XLR's to the PA.

    Also, when I profiled yesterday; any amp I plugged into from send 1 also had the same hiss but after being profiled the profile was clean from any hiss (through the Main XLR outputs to my computer monitor that is) but still hiss in the amp that I use for on stage monitoring. I have tried different amps for monitoring & still have the same hiss. I can even have the tuner mode on & Kemper effectively bypassed .

    I just did a test from my Output jacks from Kemper & found I still have the same hiss on Main Right, but not Main Left-strange!!

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    yes,being a studio owner,session guy, and live giger for over 40 years, I have had a long time to mess with it,,, I have been doing it since day one,, and adj my profiles to taste,, I went thru a ton of cabs till I was happy,,after 7 years of live gigs, every sound man, every one, comes up, and says how good my tone is and how nice to be able to turn up the guitar player,,

    I am very much the same as your working situation and I also teach guitar. I have/am still doing what you do as well. A great lifestyle eh? ? . We onstage mix ourselves for most gigs but I do get told by fellow musicians to turn the guitar up quite often. I’m going to look into the profiles to taste option. Do you only adjust the cab settings per profile, or any parameter that works? Cheers

    I like the cab on,,, it somehow works for me,, I really dont give a crap about anything other then if it sounds great,,

    and it DOES,!!!!!

    I tried your suggestion to not engage the cab off in output to monitor section & I must say that I really enjoyed the sound. There was a slight/subtle tone change, but for the better & also closer to what I was hearing in my In ears (I usually only wear one earpiece). Thanx for the suggestion. 8):thumbup:

    Yeah great points. I have all of my sound direct to PA from my Kemper outs (so audience hear my Kemper tones... & in stereo) & only use the amp for monitoring as the guys in the band are old school & play pretty loud.

    My amp is small & I can get nice feedback from it, but do not have to have it very loud-think I am running on 18 watts max. As a plus I put some Kemper direct into my ears as well. A bit of old school & modern I guess-works well for me. :) Thanx for all your suggestions & input guys. Really appreciate this forum :thumbup:

    Thanx ST. Yes I use it as specified in the manual (above) & I do put a bit in my in ear monitors (fed from my Kemper stereo outs thru mixer etc.) so I do get the best of both worlds. I have had the Kemper for almost a year now & done heaps of gigs with it already, so very happy. :love::thumbup:

    Thanx for your replies guys. I thought it was taboo to use a valve amp & was not sure why. I just watched a Rhett Shull video where he used one, so feel better now. I have my main outputs sent to PA in stereo & my amp (monitor out) in mono & I record our band from the desk most nights. The guys at Kemper are awesome. I do not have any weird effects drop out monitoring in mono at all. Great unit-loving it. :)

    Hi all. What is the main reason/objection to using a valve amp for monitoring onstage? I get a really great sound on stage (using return channel from a Hughes & Kettner tubemeister 36 watt combo) but wonder if I am not hearing the profile sounds as intended (the way I am hearing them through the amp) or whether my onstage sound would be noticeably better with a solid state amp . Any information would be great please :)

    Hi. If you are using the stage: Make sure you are on the slot you want copied. Hold the Rig button down for 2 seconds & then push copy. Move to the performance & slot you want to move your rig to & push Rig again for 2 seconds & push paste from the screen.

    I recorded our band (direct from the desk) over the weekend & I noticed that the recording (guitar direct via Kemper out) was Clean & void of artifacts, where as my amp was sounding nasty with digital noise while using the whammy/+24 pitch shift. The whole band noticed it on stage. Is my guitar amp (for monitoring) not handling the extra frequency range perhaps or is there a setting for the monitor out I should change?? Thanx

    Hi Edward, thanx for your advice to drop Kemper a line. They got back to me very fast. It seems like a was a bit heavy footed & was leaving my foot on too long. It is a just a very quick tap to set up 60 second loop. I am not sure if Craig has worked it out already but simple answer for a puzzling question. Cheers again. Jase :)

    Hi Edward, Thanx for the reply. Yes, I have been updating regularly thru the Rig manager etc. I have already done a lot of gigs with the Kemper so hoping the buttons are all lubed up by now. I will drop Kemper a line.

    Cheers Jase :)

    Hi Craig. I know this post is a bit older, but my Kemper stage is doing exactly the same as yours while in looper mode as I’ve just started using the looper live. I have had mine since November last year. Have you found a solution as yet?
    regards Jase