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    awesome thanks folks massive help

    Btw you can find a lot of usefull info in the Main Manual 8.5

    Hi All

    i was wondering when i set up the kemper through the FOH pa eq etc... i get a great sound then when i listen to the same sound through the onstage monitors its totally different is it possible to have 2 outputs from the kemper for the same profile so send one to the desk FOH and then have another output sent to the desk stage monitors which i can tweak the profile of without affecting the FOH sound ? is this possible ?

    for example re your question see Output Section, page 122

    If you connect another modeler to the auxiliary input(s) of the Profiler set to Kone Mode, the Kone will automatically play the modeler in Full Range Mode, just like it would with backing tracks, a monitor mix, etc.

    Yes, this is certainly possible. BUT I thing joshriggs wants to use Kabinet directly with other modelers. He specificaly mentioned Quad Cortex and Fractal FM9. Conection guitar-other modeler-kemper aux in-kabinet is not very streightforward I am afraid :)

    From the Main Manual 8.5:

    The KEMPER Kone speaker and KEMPER Kone mode in the PROFILER are a perfect match. Therefore, please do not run the KEMPER Kone without the KEMPER Kone mode activated. You should also refrain from running the KEMPER Kone speaker with any sound generator other than the PROFILER. If you do, it will not sound good, and will certainly not sound as intended. The same applies for running the KEMPER Kone mode into another speaker — this will also not sound good.

    I found the -12dB check and set it to mono. It's good to go :)

    1. Where do I find the MASTER VOLUME settings to make sure it's not linked to the Main Outs?

    2. Do I need to worry about bypassing the Speaker imprints when going through the PA?

    2. Should I face the Kemper towards me as if it's my monitor?

    re 1: Main Manual 8.5, Output Section, page 110

    re 2, 3: Main Manual 8.5, Kemper Kone, page 95

    I disagree that it would make more sense to be configured in reverse. The Kone is intended for people who want to use imprints. People who want full range by default tend to use a regular powered FRFR like a DXR10 or Headrush etc.

    However, I do totally agree that it would be nice to have the option for those that want to use it 👍

    For me the situation, when this might be convenient is: When I buy new profile pack than first I want to hear pack producer intention of the whole pack, than I choose some profiles that sound good to me and try some imprints and at the end decide which setup sounds better to me. In current configuration you can achieve this as well but it is a little bit more time consuming.

    I don't understand your intentions. Either you want Full-Range Mode globally or you don't. If you want, don't activate Monitor Cab Off. If you don't, activate Monitor Cab. Off and select your global Speaker Imprint. Kemper Kone needs to be activated all the time. All settings in the Output Section are global.

    With Monitor Cab Off activated and Speaker Imprinted selected globally, you could now overwrite the global selection locally within the cabinet module. So for a particular cabinet in a particular Rig you could chose to deviate from the global Speaker Imprint selection and locally select another Speaker Imprint or even Full-Range Mode.

    These whole mechanics are explained in the Main Manual chapter KEMPER Kone. No need for guess work.

    I think FlyingSnowman wants to set FR mode globally and than in particular rig set some particular imprint. I am not sure if this is possible and since I am not with my Kemper at the moment I can not check it.

    For Windows the RM library folder location is C:\Users\"account-name"\AppData\Local\Kemper Amps\RigManager\Local Library, the file is in DB format, I have zero knowledge about databases but it maybe possible to do the editing via this DB files, maybe someone with DB knowledge here can share some insights

    Simple advise: If you don't know what are you doing, don't do it!

    I don't have any tip for you but I have same experience with combination Stage & Headrush 108. Whatever I did the sound was extremally boomy and lot of additional tweeking was necessary to get reasonable sound. My quick solution was - sold Headrush, bought Kone speaker (put it into the cabinet) and class D amplifier. And everything is ok now :)

    Because they sound great to them? I personally like very much profiles from one well known profiler (MB) and I really enjoy almost all of them that I bought. And definitely don't regret! 2nd reason is, that I don't want to spent my time with finding and trying thousands of profiles from RM. And I know that some of them are really great but other are definitely not my cup of tea. And to find right ones is for me quite time consuming.

    I do not see any problem on your pictures. On the 1st picture the folder Rig Packs is selected. This folder is managed by Kemper and it has several "subfolders", in total 1343 profiles. On the 2nd picture the MyProfilerRACK location is selected. Your purchased profiles are very likely in "Local Library". On both pictures Local Library has 578 profiles. So what is wrong?