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    From the Main Manual, page 100:

    • Due to its special cone design, the KEMPER Kone speaker is not suitable for close mic‘ing. Use it for personal monitoring only.

    Well, the question is, if a Kemper generated IR of a certain speaker that you might upload in a rig is in any way comparable to the one that is used for the Kemper Kone. May be it is tweaked for this purpose. Then a use of such IR in the signal path for the FOH outputs would make no sense. But if they are the same, what is the problem to offer them to interested users?

    even if it’s tweaked especially for one purpose, I don’t see why we just can’t access it.
    what can works on kone can work more or less on monitors.
    could be great for home use.

    You can put 8 drives with no amp and no cab if you want but I don’t think it ways to way to be used. ;)

    All you are saying is correct only if "Kone speaker imprints" equals "IRs"! And I personally doubt it is. But I am not an expert, so maybe somebody from Kemper Support #1 should comment it.

    ...and that is exactly what goes through FOH. The imprint serve the purpose to give the "amp in the room" feel for monitoring purposes. If you would be using a real amp you hear the amp direct on stage and the public hear the mic'd amp through the FOH (that is very much different from what you hear on stage)

    Yes, but the original request I responded was about something else:

    It would be great to have the Kemper Kone profiles as IRs so you can preview what the outcome will be once you connect the kemper cab and you could have a similar sound coming out of the cab and the FOH speakers.


    it would be great to have the Kemper Kone profiles as IRs so you can preview what the outcome will be once you connect the kemper cab and you could have a similar sound coming out of the cab and the FOH speakers.

    You can never achieve similar sound from the Kone and FOH! Just check this forum - it has been discussed several times here.

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    Yes I've read the manual - your question of who knows, is exactly the whole purpose of my thread. I'm sure somebody does and it would be great to hear from them.

    ... the manual and marketing documentation on the kabinet (the subject of this thread btw) is limited and didn't delineate that it was referring to the kemper aux and not an aux input in the kabinet itself which i have just learned does not actually exist (you can see that in my earlier comment).

    So the main point of this thread is, that you didn't know that "Kabinet doesn't have aux input" :) That's quite curious, because it is so obvious just with quick look at the product itself or pictures of it available on the web. Instead of such "few second look" there is huge thread with many complaints, blaming .... I quit!

    Are you saying the kabinet cannot be used through the aux input as frfr speaker without a kemper? I appreciate your response - but I'm trying to clarify your second sentence. You're talking about the kone speaker, and I'm asking about the kabinet product (which has kones in it).

    FYI - I'm not looking for advice about frfr speakrs (i've had several before) and what sounds good etc - but specifically the use case i asked about with the kabinet.

    The best would be, if you read carefully (again?) Main Manual 8.5, page 95, chapter KEMPER Kone. If you use it in different setup than recommended it will sound somehow, but nobody can tell you in advance how. You have to try it, maybe you will like it, maybe not. Who knows.

    Main Manual 8.5, page 274:

    System Settings

    Press the SYSTEM button to access the global settings pages. Use the <PAGE> buttons to navigate through the various pages. Global settings do not change when you switch to another Rig.

    ✓ Users of the PROFILER Stage can access pages related to pedal and external switch configurations via the PEDALS button.

    LCD / HW Setup / Brightness / User Interface

    On the LCD / HW Setup page you can control the settings for the display and adjust the “Line Frequency” parameter. Press the soft button labeled “Startup Dialog” to enter the menu where you can enter your name and set current time and date. Whenever you create your own PROFILEs, the “Rig Author” tag will default to the Owner Name. The “Startup Dialog” appears automatically when the PROFILER is started for the first time.

    Using the soft button labeled “Edit Owner” you can edit the Owner Name and assign a Device Name to your PROFILER. Assigning unique Device Names is useful if you intend to connect and manage multiple PROFILER units with the Rig Manager application.

    Main Manual 8.5, page 291 -296:

    When I test using my Rack and a footswitch, it appears the looper is capped at 30 seconds.

    LOOPER Button (6) The Looper is a device for recording up to 60 seconds of stereo audio. It allows for an unlimited number of overdubs. That means you can layer unlimited recordings on top of each other.

    not sure what good is half time mode but that is sad it is only 30 seconds.

    But there’s more to this than meets the eye: the regular available recording time of the Looper is 30 seconds. When you set Half Speed before an initial recording, the available recording time doubles to 60 seconds. When you record at half speed, you will not notice anything special at playback. However, when you press the Half Speed Button again, playback will revert to regular speed, transposing your recording one octave higher, and doubling the tempo! Thus, by selecting the speed prior to the recording you can effectively chose whether this functions as a Half Speed or a Double Speed Button.

    Thank you but i need a bit more info if poss, i'm new to kemper, please explain as if i'm a dullard please:D,

    click on the cab block ,,yes scroll right , ??? any more info would be great thanks.

    I'm old and not a computer whizz!

    Download & read Main Manual 8.5. Chapter "Kemper Kone", page 95.

    It depends wheather you are connected to RM or not.

    See Main Manual 8.5 page 285:

    As soon as you load another Slot from your foot controller, or foot buttons of the PROFILER Remote or Stage, any former modifications within that Performance are interpreted as temporary tweaks during a live performance and will be discarded immediately. If, for example, you had activated a booster in module B, or increased Delay Mix via pedal, any such changes will be lost if you switch Slots remotely. This way, you can always be sure that Slots will be loaded in their original, predictable state during live performances.

    However, there is an exception to this practice: While Rig Manager is connected, any modifications are interpreted as editing and maintained during Slot changes as long as you stay within the same Performance.