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    I've only had a Kemper Stage for about 4 months now but one quick search on yt and a few attempts and I created 3 performances in less than a hour. That was 45 minutes of learning (reading/watching) and 15 mins of creating 3 performances. Pay attention to the prompts in RM; don't try it on a phone use a computer connected to USB

    After almost 3 years experience with RM I can only wish you good luck with your further usage!

    And your recommendation "pay attention to the prompts ..." and "don't try it on the phone ..." to somebody, who spent 40 years in IT are completely off.

    To Kemper

    In the following thread rig manager replaces profiles I tried to point out general basic problem of RM, but it seems to me that many users (including Kemper support) are not willing to think about it on such high level :( They are looking for answers for their particular problems but sometimes the root cause of the poblems is quite different and more general.

    Never mind, I am going to be very specific and concrete now and would like kindly ask especially Kemper to answer my question in all possible detail.

    My question is very simple: What is the correct & recommended procedure to "CREATE NEW PERFORMANCE, EDIT IT AND SAVE IN RIG MANAGER???" Including information how the whole system KPA + Rig Manager has to be set up, what has to be selected (headphone sign), when the activation of store is necessary and when not etc ....

    @G String recommended me to watch following video

    but from the overall 18 minutes length only only 3 (!) minutes describes this particular topic. And I also disagree with the comment that: "In all fairness, the manual is not the right medium to explain such an application. And even though it's 2.5 years old it is still valid. But the video does a much better job."

    Written manual has its own advantages and video has completely different ones. Why EVERY HW & SW companies are producing written manuals than??? And the statement that 2,5 year old manual is still very good source of information is simply wrong - it is not true!

    Last but not least, I would like to ask other users, who are not 100% sure that thay fully understand how all procedure around correctly handling performances in RM, to support my request just with simple like.

    Looking forward to your detailed response?

    Thanks a lot in advance!


    PS: I have to say that my opinion about Kemper support is very high, they are very professional and trying to help quicky and effectively. But when it comes to problems with RM, their approaxch change quite substantionaly. The best description probably is - they switch to self defending mode and the only problem is that users dont use RM correctly!

    We have a great video on Rig Manager. Did you watch it?

    In all fairness, the manual is not the right medium to explain such an application. And even though it's 2.5 years old it is still valid. But the video does a much better job.

    I didn't want to spend more time on this subject, because I see that Kemper team feels that they did perfectly everything related to RM and all problems are only because users are not using it correctly. That is of course wrong! Re "manual": let me ask you simple question, why 100% of HW and SW companies are writing manuals when "... the manual is not right medium to explain such an application ....". Why are you then producing Main Manual when it is not "right medium"??? Maybe few more videos would be enough? I can understand resources problems, writing GOOD manual is quite time consuming and resources demanding task, but I do not accept that it is not right medium to explain how sw application works. But I really stop for now, unless I will feel more realistic approach on RM from Kemper team. Otherwise it is waste of time for me, because I can not change anything. I just wanted to share my view on this with other users.

    Have a good day!

    .... and what you think is missing ...

    1st of all VALID DOCUMENTATION FOR RM IS MISSING!! Again 2,5 year old manual is completely out if date. From time to time you disclose some information how to work with RM but that's not normal. Or do you really want us to spent hours searching forum when we need basic information how some particular function is implemented? Documentation of the current RM status is definitely very 1st step that has to be done. And I am afraid that the 2nd step is substantial redesign! I am realy sorry to say so but the quality conflict between great Profiler and poor RM is for me obvious :( But I stop complaining about RM for now, because I did several attempts to point out biggest RM issues but with no success so far. RM is by far the weakest part of the Kemper ecosystem!!!

    Thank you!

    I am afraid this is extremaly "sophisticated" & complicated. I am quite old guy (67) and have spent whole my business live in IT, but even if I am extremally carefull, errors happen from time to time and often I loose all my edits :-( Only way how to minimize loss of edits is to make backups every 5 minutes, which is of course nonsense. And NO, I can not replicate it, because it happens erratically! We have saying in Czech - don't try to shoot too many birds with one bullet. I am afraid that that is axactly what Kemper (company) is trying to do with RM :-( Sometimes less is more! I am afraid, that the only way how to improve bad reputation of RM is to rewrite it from the scratch. Basic functionality: loading, editing & saving rigs/performances must be 200% reliable! Last but not least: nothing is documented anywhere!! The "newest" rig manager manual is more than 2,5 years old!! It is completely useless!

    OK, so do following:

    1. Unzip, extract (or whatever we call it) the original file

    2. Move all extracted krig files to the separate folder on your PC

    3. Arrange 2 windows

    a) folder with extracted krig files

    b) Rig Manager

    4. Drag & Drop krig files from 1st window to the 2nd window (Rig Manager) to the "Local Library". You can eventually create separate folder in the local library.

    Hands and fingers can be touchy (no pun intended). When I have had issues I have had success with ice if it is immediate then after 36 hours I am on the heat. Ultra sound and massage along with acupuncture did wonders for me. Diet can help as well. A lot of the things we eat cause inflammation within out bodies and when we do have injury it really slows the natural healing process of the body. Stretching, proper warm up, building up your endurance (consistency is key here) help a great deal. Lighter gauge strings may also be a help or even necessary depending on what you already use and the injury or damage one is up against. Good playing posture and positioning is also vitally important to keep your body aligned as best as one can and to reduce (if not eliminate) stress points. Oxygenation is key for many health related things and one of the best and cheapest little things you can do is rub your hands down with hydrogen peroxide and get that extra oxygen into your hands and system. It will help a great deal, is safe and cheap and easily available. I stopped having surgeries and focused on nutrition and acupuncture and the ability to give my body the chance to heal itself and have been very happy with the results and in return it has saved me from having surgeries the doctors told me I would have to have in order to get things right.

    Hopefully something I shared is helpful to those reading this and saves you some pain and frustration or even surgery. Good luck!

    Sorry to be negative, but if the diagnose is really "carpal tunnel syndrome" than only surgery can help. If done correctly than problem dissapears completely! I know what I am talking about. The complete recovery takes from 6 to 12 months but it is actually only real option. So my advise is: if your diagnose is really "heavy carpal tunell syndrom" don't waist your time with "alternative" treatments and go for surgery! Just my personall experience & advice!

    English version page 19:


    The Editor Area


    You can change the value of a parameter with the mouse by grabbing the control and dragging the mouse. Hold the : (shift) key for micro-adjustments. Alternatively, change the parameter in question on your PROFILER and the editor will follow.