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    Since the latest update, if I press the "EQ" button on the Kemper, the entire Amp module also turns off.

    I'm presuming it's a bug in the update (the latest one, with the new Fuzz) , though let me know if there's some setting I might have accidentally activated that could be causing this.

    This has been already discussed here many times - search forum. However It's not bug.

    To whom it may concern - I did use looper in the fx loop in the past but than realize better way (in case you can use main output):

    - Kemper MAIN OUTPUT to Looper INPUT

    - Looper OUTPUT to Kemper AUX IN

    - MONITOR OUT to amplifier

    I have Stage so as AUX IN I use RETURN 1 & 2. This works perfectly also in stereo. I have Boss RC-10.

    You still save your own presets by dragging the FX block to the Presets window in RM and dropping them there. Unfortunately there is no save preset button or key command and no way to name the preset when saving. You need to locate the dropped preset then name it afterwards.

    And of course you can also save your preset on Pofiler itself and change its name to your liking.

    Did you switch your KPA into performance mode when creating new performance in RM? This works for me nice.

    I've tried 8.0.5 and 8.2 and both caused my stage issues with last imported folder . 8.0.2 works great maybe one day an update will work properly for me

    What you mean with "last imported folder"? All I know is "Last imported" as one of the sorting options on the device itself. This sorting is not working or did I miss something?

    So if the "factory presets" are also displayed, this can lead to confusion, especially if the naming is the same.

    Eg. you take a "factory preset" and modify it (by example from timebased to BPM based also some mixparameter and EQ settings) .

    Now you save it (without changing the name) now you have the user preset and the "factory preset" with the same name.

    I understand some of your points but I do not understand why you can not rename your modified preset? You can store it under whatever name you like.

    RE Effect presets: just an idea. What if in the main menu (after right click oh the effect) there will be directly visible only user presets AND item called for example "Factory Presets". And only after clicking on this you will see all factory presets offering.

    Trouble with the RM - me too ..

    MAC OS: 11.3.1, RM 3.2.28, Kemper Head:, remote connected to the KemperI am now quite frustrated using the RM to change and arrange Performances and Slots. There is a lot of chance and surprise involved, and changes happen as if by magic.Today I saved the slot (1) of a performance as a rig in the pool (on the Kemper). Then I renamed this rig in the pool (in the RM). The slot (1) was then given the name of the renamed rig in the performance (can also be seen in the Kemper ..). Then I could not find the renamed rig in the pool (RM), but another rig (it seems as if it was the rig that I had last activated in the pool) was now found twice in the pool AND the slot (1st ) The performance had the name and the tags of the double rig in the pool. It all sounds very confused, but sorry, it's not fun. Synchronization problem RM-Kemper ?? So I disconnected the Kemper from the USB and restarted the RM.
    Then I reconnected the Kemper via USB and suddenly the originally exported and renamed rig could be found in the pool (RM). The double rig was gone again. However, the name and the rig tags of the performance slot (1) in the RM were still identical to the originally double rig from the pool - in the Kemper, however, the slot (1) of the performance was again as in its original state. The slot had completely different names / tags in the RM than in the Kemper - despite switching the performance several times with the remote or as a preview in the RM - it did not change anything. RM and Kemper showed different information about the same slot (1) of the performance. Synchronization problem RM-Kemper ?? So I disconnected the USB connection again, so the remote lost the connection to the Kemper and did not want to start again. Network cable disconnected, plugged in again - No connection remote to the Kemper. Then I selected a different performance on the Kemper, whereupon the remote started again. However, the name of the slot (1) of the performance in the Kemper was still not identical to the name of the slot (1) in the RM. With the assumption that the synchronization (RM - Kemper) must take place again, I edited another slot in the performance (in the Kemper) and saved it in the Kemper. After disconnecting the USB connection and restarting RM, the name of the was correct Slot in the RM and Kemper are the same. Synchronization problem RM-Kemper ??
    I have learned to love, appreciate and use the "old rig manager" with much less great functions over many years as a very reliable companion. You could rely on it. Now I don't even dare to make any changes to the performances ... I'm sad and at a loss ...

    But RM 3.2.28 is PUBLIC BETA, so you shoud be aware of possible problems when using it. Why don't you wait for stable version?

    This is probably a stupid question, but.. Do we have to buy the Kemper Kone or do they come installed in the Kabinet ?

    You can buy either Kone speaker separately (and install it to the cabinet of your choice) or you can buy Kabinet (powered or unpowered). You can get more info on the Kemper web.

    In Windows 10 the path is:

    C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Kemper Amps\RigManager

    Again this way you just create the folder structure, the content has to be copied separately :-(

    I already did this too. But it does not remove Kemper.sys file. Is it safe and effective, when I just delete this file manually?

    I would recommend to move it to another location (could be different folder or even USB stick). In case something goes wrong you can return it, if everything is ok you can delete it!

    You are playing live with connected Mac and Rig Manager running? If yes, than my question is why? If not than my other question is how can new beta version of RM influence the Profiler?

    English translation might be helpfull :)