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    I think you are able to, Im not in front of my kemper but... I think its something to do with the headphone out link button. If you go to output, you should see a selection for that.

    1 - play with the eq in the output section. That was a eureka moment for me.

    2 - add graphic eq's to shape your sound more.

    3 - the definition and power sag are my friends, love it and is normally my first stop with new profiles

    4 - invest in good profiiles. Currently my fave is top jimi casswell afd. Its fantastic

    5 - if you plan to use a real cab, get a good power amp.

    Thats a start for ya. ?

    So after this exhausting test of switching speakers around and dialing in tones.... Ive decided to stick to my real cab speakers. One thing is I am finding myself constantly tweaking as opposed to playing!

    I had my real speakers set up and sounded fantastic. I guess Im just not into the FRFR thing still.

    I have posted the speakers up for sale on here in the classified section if anyone is interested. They are brand new and may work for someone who has more patience and a better ear for dialing it in.

    Hope this helps someone down the road....


    Hi all, I recently bought these but after testing them, Ive decided to go with my normal cab speakers. Not that they sound bad, I just prefer regular speakers.

    I paid $281 Canadian each. - Can provide the receipt of purchase for warranty info.

    Looking to get $400 for both or $230 each. - E transfer's accepted

    Im located in Toronto Ontario area, would rather deal locally but can also ship (plus shipping charges).


    Last update... lol

    so, I did some more tweaking today for a couple of hours. I think I have dialed in a good tone on all my commonly used rigs.

    As to which speaker i prefer???

    Im leaning towards the celestion t be honest. To me it still maintains that Guitar speaker feel to the sound. I might be imagining it but, ya.

    Ive bought a second f12 and will be installing when it arrives Monday for a full experience in the mesa 2x12. I just want to see if 2 is better than 1.

    The kone sounds still too “full range” for me. Again, just my $0.02.

    So far, the celestion seems like a viable option to the kone.

    It shouldn't sound fizzy at all. Sounds like you've got the cab turned off. Is the sound changing when you select different imprints?

    Fizzy probably was a bad way to describe it. It was sounding very trebly. Also I made sure the cab selections were correct, I was able to hear the difference when the cab was off. The imprints did change the sound when I was switching them.

    It sounds a lot better now though with some tweaking and help from dmatthews. ?

    Hmmm... Bummer! I must say that I don't detect any fizz on my Kone. I bet you're setup the same, but here are my settings in RM...

    Obviously never mind the volume setting... and of course the speaker choice. What speaker imprint are you trying?

    i tried the settings you had on the vhii profile and I must say, it sounded WAY better! I saved it and its a good start for me. Sounded very alive! Thanx for your help on that one. Now to dial in my jubilee profiles....

    Another update.... so ive received the kone and celestion now. Had the day off to try them both since around 10am eastern time... im tired, have played all day basically! Also note that they havent broken in yet. There are less than 3 hours on these speakers. Maybe that makes a difference once broken in???

    First of all, This is a review of MY findings and my opinion. Take it or leave it.

    -celestion f12 x200

    As i mentioned before. I had a tough time dialing in a tone. I used the top jimi vhii profile most of the time for both of these comparisons.

    Using the kemper kone mode with monitor cab selected off-selected, I got a nice sound but it was very fizzy. I adjusted the eq settings, added an eq still no joy. I just couldnt get a good tone that I liked. I tried it with monitor cab off deselected so now its a full range style-no thanx didnt like it. Just didnt sound like an amp in the room to me.

    kone-the exact same as above. Couldnt dial in anything to my taste. Just sounded way too fizzy and too digital. Again, I know this is a digital device but, slight disappointment.

    All in all, i think I will be sticking with my mesa cab stock from now with my v30’s. It sounds way more pleasing to my ears and sounds and feels like I am playing through a real amp in the room which is what I was trying to achieve before.

    Ive tried frfr in the past and it didnt work for me then, this was a test to see if it would sound better in a real cab, alas! No... still not my cup of tea.

    I will stick to my real cabs n speakers for now. Was a fun but tiring test.


    ive figured out the “settings” for the speakers as mentioned before. Now Im trying to dial in a useable tone that I had when using my normal cab speakers. Im finding them too fizzy.

    my favorite profile before was the top jimi -vhii profile. I had it dialed in and sounded great. Now its super fizz! These are the settings i used on the output tab....

    kemper kone tab - on

    Monitor out cab off - on

    basically this is removing the cab from the studio profile and inserting the greenback imprint. Sounds ok but still has a lot of fizzyness.

    when I turn monitor out cab - off, so essentially it is now full range and using the entire studio profile, it jus sound blah.... no punch which is what is correct in thinking that its not “amp in the room” feel.

    Ive played a bit with the eq settings on the amp and other settings but I am not feeling like Wow yet.

    Work in progress.....


    im still waiting for my kone to arrive but I have the f12 x200 installed. Im a bit confused with the settings on the kemper but so far it sounds pretty good. Definately have the amp in the room feel with just one speaker in the cab. ?

    Do it man! Should be awesome. Im looking forward to it

    So an update.... after some research n such.... ive bought a kone and a celestion f12 x200.

    I hope to compare them and figure out which one is best for me. The celestion is available around the corner from me so I figured I would try it out as well. From the reviews and YT, it sounds like a good alternative to the kone even though some places say the kone is a rebadged f12 x200. I also like the fact that it is 8 ohms so it will push my amp a bit harder.

    Plus its $100 cheaper. ?