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    Thanks all of you for your kind suggestions, I've double checked everything you mentioned, I had already previously checked out some of those items, but I stil haven't got a clue why it happens.

    Guitar is a PRS custom 24 USA, cables are high class cables but just in case I also changed them, no extreme settings, noise gate on, "low" feedback appears in no specific location, with any performance, and so on. I noticed that maybe it happens when the volume in the Seymour Duncan powerstage 700 (SDPS) reaches 12am position, so I'll try to increase kemper stage monitor output (mostly around -18 or -20) and low SDPS volume below 12am.

    I'll keep on investigating, once again: let me thank all of you for your kind support! ;):thumbup:

    Hi, cutting short a long story, my band needs to buy a new PA for rehearsals. Basically, only the singer and my guitar will connect into it.

    I would connect Kemper profiler stage main output straight into this Yamaha. My doubt: would it be power/loud enough considering drummer and bass play really loud?

    Would you recommend Yamaha Stagepas 600 as PA for rehearsal?


    Hi! Playing through Kemper power stage, seymour duncan powerstage 700 and two kabinets, there is a low "bass" frequency feedback rising up whenever I stop playing.

    I noticed if the volume is lowered then it doesn't happen so often. I don't play too loud, but more volume was necessary. The point is, it wasn't too loud and there should be no low frequencies feedback.

    The low cut output frequencies are already cut to 100Hz (though maybe it doesn't work for the monitor output and only works for the main output, now I'm not sure about it).

    Really don't understand why that low feedback happens, never before happened. Any help will be truly appreciated.


    I had a similar problem yesterday playing through Kemper power stage, seymour duncan powerstage 700 and two kabinets. Never happened before. There was a low "bass" frequency feedback rising up when I stopped playing. The low cut output frequencies are already cut to 100Hz (though maybe it doesn't work for the monitor output and only works for the main output, now I'm not sure about it). Really don't understand why that low feedback happens. Any help will be truly appreciated.

    Yup, I don't have a Stage but that looks like you'd have stereo Kabinets, and stereo to FOH.

    You may find that stereo doesn't work well for some situations, so you could then send either stereo or mono to FOH, and mono to either channel of the SD700, or I suppose you could use a Y cable to split a mono output from the Stage to both inputs of the SD700. Never tried that myself.

    Yes, I know and agree about stereo. In rehearsals, stereo is ok for me, but in certain gigs I agree is a source of problems, then I'd just go to the output section of the Kemper Profiler Stage and set Master Mono in Monitor Output and Main Output.

    Again, thanks for your kind support ;)

    It's a stereo amp, so the two outputs are separated L/R. The only thing common is the single volume control.

    ***EDIT*** And the EQ

    So, since the two outputs are separated in the seymour duncan powerstage 700, there's no need to daisychain both Kabinets and the result would be 4 ohm each and... 350 w each one? Or 700 w each one?

    And the setup could be:

    Guitar into input Kemper Profiler Stage (KPS)

    From Monitor L/R of the KPS to the inputs L/R of the Seymour Duncan Powerstage 700 (SDP700)

    From SDP700 L Speaker Output to Kabinet 1

    From SDP700 R Speaker Output to Kabinet 2 (not daisychain at all between Kabinets)

    +From Main Outputs L/R XLR of the KPS to PA or FOH

    Output in KPS set to Master Stereo for both Main Output and Monitor Output.

    Do you think it's ok?


    You can do a monitoring in stereo when you Monitor Out for Monitor Left and the Direct Out for Monitor Right.

    This is selectable from the Output menu. ;)

    I've seen this comment some other time but I don't understand it since the profiler stage has Main Outputs L/R, Monitor L/R and Main L/R (besides SPDIF, Send /Return, etc). What do you mean with "DIRECT OUT"?

    The thing is, the PS 700 has got two outputs, therefore there is no need to daisychain.

    Great, that's awesome, after reading the kemper manual I thought both kabinets had to be daisychained, but obviously I was confused, if there's no need to do it, then I've made up my mind. Thanks #Ingolf

    The Seympor Duncan PS-700 is a stereo poweramp.

    So it can drive two Kabinets independently, giving you a stereo option.

    And yes, more is louder.

    Thanks #Ingolf, just one question after reading an other kind comment from #dmatthews (by the way, big thanks to both of you): I understand that, as I imagined, 2x12 is louder and better than 1x12 to deal with crazy drummers ;), so two kabinets will probably be my choice, but... if the PS700 is 700w per side at 4ohm, and 350w at 8ohm, so two Kabinets daisychained = 8ohm, therefore 350w... how come is it louder than one single kabinet?

    Again, thanks for your patience and support!

    I've got a Kemper profiler stage and I'm considering to buy the Seymour Duncan powerstage 700 and one or two kabinets. I think of two kabinets not only due to stereo capabilities but mainly thinking of achieving more "punch" since 2x12 will sound "louder" than just 1x12. Am I right?

    Seumour Duncan delivers 700 w, no problem with one kabinet to deal with it? And two kabinets daisychained?

    Thanks in advanced and sorry for these naïve questions

    Right now I'm seriously considering a Seymour Duncan PS700 and one or two Kabinets, but I'd rather buy a 2x12 powered Kabinet for my Kemper Profiler Stage. So that's my wish... powered Kabinet (plus 2x12 would be awesome).

    Anyway, I'm afraid Murphy's Law will accomplish and Kemper will release a powered Kabinet only at the very moment I buy the Seymour Duncan PS700 and one or two current Kabinets... ;)

    Ok, let's think of just one single Kabinet now, if I don't need to use the imprints of the Kabinet, since I want to experience and have the same sound sent to both:

    FOH (live)/ PA (rehearsal) through Kemper profiler stage Main Outputs L/R XLR


    Kabinet though Kemper Profiler Stage Monitor L/R TRS into Seymour Duncan Powerstage 700 (SD700)


    Should I connect the SD700 to the Kabinet through SD700 Speakers Outs L/R or through SD700 XLR L/R (with SD700 Cab Sim off)? My first thought is using the XLR but maybe I'm wrong.

    And just an other point: in rehearsal or even in little gigs, if there's no FOH and the mixing desk or PA ain't good enough, would it be enough the Kemper Profiler Stage into the Seymour Duncan PS700 and the Kabinet, not thinking of the Kabinet now as a monitor (in previous posts I didn't express clear enough my doubt) but to play in front of the rest of the band (rehearsal) and/or audience (thinking of little venues)? Loud drummer included, obviously.

    Thanks in advanced, your help is extremely appreciated! ;)

    There is nothing wrong with using a single XLR with output set to mono. You obviously won't get the full stereo effect but for most guitar parts that is no great loss anyway. I would never use stereo on stage.

    I'm not at the rehearsal place now, I'm at home and tried to reproduce the situation I'll find at the rehearsal place: connected 1 single L XLR with ouptut set to Master Mono into my M-Audio M-Track eight Interface, without opening the DAW Logic, well... it only sounds through one of the speakers... I expected to sound in mono through both speakers. Desperation level rising... ;)

    Later I also tried connecting a TS to Monitor Out L and later a TS to Send L, always setting output to Master Mono, but the result was identical. Desperation level keeps on rising... ;)

    Again, truly thanks for your support.

    Just one doubt has arisen to me reading this interesting thread: probably I misundestand but, cutting a long story short, the sound from FOH will always remain a mistery until we give it a try? No matter how good it has previously sounded, for instance through Monitor Output to Kabinet, will it sound different sent to FOH from Main Output? Thanks

    I have a PS700 and two Kabinets. I have the unpowered toaster.

    Works great!

    Thanks for answering dmatthews. By the way, one more doubt: in rehearsal, I guess you connect the PS700 through Kemper Monitor Output but... do you also combine it with Kemper's Main Output to the PA or mixing desk? Or maybe is the Monitor Output to the PS700 and those two kabinets loud enough to play with the rest of the band? Again, thanks!

    How does the interface know what other inputs to send to the L&R main outputs without information from a DAW program. The interface would have the settings to send 2 inputs to 2 outputs as default built-in but maybe not 4 inputs to 2 outputs without a computer connected to tell it to do that.

    Using computers on stage is just asking for trouble, IMO.

    I guess you are right, it makes perfect sense to me. Thanks for answering!

    When using a single out on the KPA you need to select Mono out. The Kemper doesn't automatically sum stereo outs to a single output just by plugging into only the left out. Unless you select Mono out you will lose half of any stereo FX. You can test this by setting up a ping pong delay.

    But is it adviseable to use 1 single XLR output on the KPStage (previously selecting Master Mono in Main Output)? I think using only 1 out won't affect to the sound beyond what you already mentioned about the stereo/mono, am I right? Thanks!