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    Ok. Das beruhigt. Habe den Stage bisher nur auf der Laptopablage im Studio verwendet. Nicht dass sich bei den ersten Einsätzen am Boden herausstellt, dass man ihn hätte reparieren oder modifizieren müssen.... Hoffe das waren Einzelfälle mit den defekten Fusstastern....

    3 Years ago i bought my first Evertune Guitar... A cheap VGS Guitar to check out Evertune. Since then i bought another 3 Evertune Guitars. Another 2 Guitars with Floyd Rose Tremolo are now @ guitarcare to install an Evertunebridge ... I love Evertune?

    ich habe mir im Oktober einer der letzten verfügbaren Kemper Stage geschnappt. Seither ist der Stage nicht mehr Lieferbar. Weder hier in der Schweiz, noch bei Thomann, Musicstore etc. Man hat viel über Probleme mit den Schaltern gelesen. Wird eine verbesserte Version erscheinen? Oder weshalb ist der Stage nicht mehr lieferbar? :/

    Gruss fat

    It can't be true that i have to update my whole system for the Kemper Rig Manger??? All works perfect on Win7. Also all my Editors for my Gear! Helix, Bias AMP, BIAS HEAD, Mooer Gear, Drum Modul my Presonus Faderport and Studio Live etc ... All the Synths and Plug ins!

    NO WAY!!!

    Positive Grid Spark can do it all! Auto Chord, Voice Command, Smart Jam, 10000 Tones, New App and Cloud. But Positive Grid is unable to write a Firmwareupdate for Bias Head and Rack, that makes it possible to change the Level on the Speaker out and the Line out seperately??? Or Switch on/off cab sim on different outputs??? I can't understand this Company! They made one of the Best Amp sims with a really brilliant GUI, incredible speaker simulation with Celestion Impulses, 2 blendable microphones, amp match from a Audiofile .... But the most elementary functions are missing! ... and now they bring us Spark! Thank you PG! You Suck!

    When It comes to raw guitar amp tone the Kemper is the gold standard. I have tried the fractal/Headrush units and the Helix. I think that the Helix is the worst for amp tones but has some great effects and IO options. The Fractal units are good but I feel like the only area that they beat the Kemper is in the FX department and not the amp tone. I feel like the Fractal and the Kemper are the top dogs and the Helix and Headrush are a lower tier sound wise. I did really like the Headrush floorboard a lot better than the Helix. For the right price the Headrush is a great backup for a Kemper or Fractal.

    Do you ever tried the PG Bias Head? For raw guitar amp tones the Bias Head is IMHO the Winner. Never tried the Axe FX. But i have a Helix, a Kemper and the Bias Head. I know that PG Products are the most bashed and hated. I don't know why. With the Celestion Packs the Results for me are incredible!;)