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    Hey everyone, so I finally got my hands on one of these guys. Very cool amp. Definitely has a rectifier vibe but has its own thing going on. Thanks to Kyle Bull for letting me borrow this beast. Go check out his YouTube channel. Anyway I did a handful of EQ settings and two boosts, a Maxon 808 and a Kartakou Warmer. These are DI profiles except the Crush 808 is merged with my Mesa cab. I also included the standalone IR of my cab as well. Hope you all dig them.…W3Exq-LDhCulMIPWrOFa?dl=0

    You and me both, pal. I bought the Tonewars ones which were a bit inflexible. It’s strange so many people, in particular the commercial profilers, don’t have them yet. Maybe it’s the Covid/supply chain issue…

    From the profiles I’ve got it’s basically a Dual Rec with a boost similar to an SD1 up front. The sound just isn’t that different. I’d wait until you get some on the RE or until someone like Choptones or Crazy Pete gets hold of one.