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    Will comment that the profiles in this pack are above amazing. The clips speak for themselves and they are really killer.

    Some of the best Fortin33 Boosted tones ive come to enjoy out of this new BE! Well done sir!!

    IF i can put together some clips i shall do so for you.
    Snag this because youll get all the updates!

    Recall the previous BE2017 was short of what like 600 profiles?!!! Not that this will end up the same but such value in this!!!!!

    Sorry, no idea as I am working with the RigManager all the time when I am creating Performances and selecting profiles. On the computer screen it's way more overview in such a big pack as Bert's BE100 stuff.

    Yes, I see, I had a similar experience when I got the pack. But I anyway always put an EQ in the X effects slot with high and low cut. With Bert's BE100 profiles I'm cutting the highs at around 8,5khz or even a bit lower and the lows below 100hz. That cleans it up nicely and makes it ready for the sound guy. No fizz anymore 8)

    By the way with the next official release of the firmware Kemper will introduce the high/low cut as a standard in the Output section.

    Thats pretty much exactly what i have been doing..ill cut Lows 60-90 and Highs between 12-15k.

    Alot of times if there is still flub ill drop the 80Hz nob down a bit as well...even when im low cutting around there.


    So im a metal guy here and i was watching Matt Heafy (Trivium) Stream a shootout he did of the 5150s he uses....6505,5150Block,5150 II, 6534+.

    He Did them all in a row and its a pretty cool vid to watch if your a tone nerd as most of us are, and seek out differences.

    Anyways he is known as hoarding a few TC Electronic Integrated Preamps. Mainly Because Fredrik Thordendal (Meshugga) and their Producer are most famous for using them and hoarding them. So apparently they are a main piece to their tone. Personally im not savy on Meshugga i just know they have broootal downtuned tones.

    Anyways to keep this short....I went Full nerd and searched out (Like many) what makes the TC Pre so unique or sought after. I learned its super hard to find on the used market and apparently sell for upwards of $400 if found.

    I scoured how the Eq Profile was shaped and what it does to the signal. I stumbled upon a few videos comparing that stuff in detail with Fortin's 33 and Grind pedals. We probably know Fortin is pretty much the king of the High Gain game. These videos claimed that Fortin was after what the TC Pres were doing and it makes sense that then Fredrik has a signature pedal from that. They insinuated his goal was to maybe produce that??

    Anyways i came up with a "Half Baked" Rig of my interpretation of the TC Pre Infront of an amp in the Kemper.
    So if you Look up on the Rig Exchange 6/23/2020 You will find 2 options One with the Guido B. 5150 thats in one of the Kemper Rig Packs. Then a rig without the Amp included so you could drop your own amp into it.

    I have tested it at kinda low volumes so far with a few different amps and i think it sounds pretty damn ripping. Its not Rocket science what i did, or will i claim its a direct result of what the TC Pre will do infront of an amp ...but i think it could be a cool addition to our nerd ears.

    Let me know what you think if youd like! its my first contribution to the Rig Exchange!

    Again Search : Yetti TC Pre

    Yeah i can see how people can say that. Just depends on your personal mindset...

    In my case i enjoy the kemper because of its pureness, i dont prefer to build tones from the very ground up.

    When you hear a profile you are aware of whats its supposed to be structured from. If you end up liking it and choose not to touch or adjust much it will be as authentic as possible to the real deal.

    Some folks can get too intense about it, which is fine its just their take on it. People treat it like were back in the VHS Tapes days...the original tape is the best offering/quality ect. You make a copy, adjust a few things and you now have a "Degenerated" copy of that original tape/tone. Another copy/adjustment then again your further away from the original.

    For me, i dont see it completely like that, over the last few months i have taken a few Cabs from profiles i know that deliver the right sound to my ears and if i run into a profile that doesnt have everything i want, ill drop it into that cab and see if i like it. 90% of the time i turn out loving the profile then..even if i broke its genetic code lol just depends on your own personal taste.

    It seems the BE is a interesting Amp to profile and there are alot of options out there...I have yet to find one incredibly a metal guy so my opinion was based on Heaviness, Tightness, Balance ect.

    I have Played through and will rate/note what i think:

    Amp Factorys - For now my favorite and most versatile for Clean - Mean tones.

    Reampzone BE Deluxe - Near my favorite and they are free on Rig Exchange...great versatility for what he shared so good - check em.

    Top Jimi - Just didnt vibe with these either had a blankety feel over the tones.

    Bert Meulendijk - Was my first BE pack i played, lots of profiles and great tones out of this here as well!

    Cililab (Midgain) - Not in my ballpark for the right tightness and heavyness. - Usually decently done profiles but these just lacked the high end clarity so could get there with tweaks but out of box nah.

    Tim Owens - Free profiles shared here o forum, There was sooooooooo many, done well in a studio but i just didnt catch any that vibed with me.

    I literally just picked up Live Ready Sounds BE today ...will report back later on whats up.. However for over 400 profiles at 17 buck Promo currently i dont think there is a better deal. And im sure there is versatility included in the pack.

    This is excellent will try the profile later!

    After watching Petes Vid tho it sent me into a whirlwind of catching any type of Modded Tones i could find for the Kemper.

    Craig Sorrienti Stuff is pretty magical, i really dig the Brit 800 Jose Stuff. But learned in the video Jose didnt prefer the 800 circuts. Ive combed all of the RE for those tones and didnt find any super impressive either.

    Then the Rabbit hole brought me to Mark Cameron Tones....oh boy!! Suckerfree,Cililabs Ect.

    Careful how deep we go searching boys!

    ^^^Thats how i have always done this....should be a solid solution. Once unzipped.

    I categorize my profiles under the Local library either by AMP Manufacture or the Commercial Profilers Name.


    Local Library

    > EVH 5150
    > Live Ready Sound

    > Modded Jose
    > Tone Junkie

    With the new updates have yall tried this yet? I didn't see any discussion currently on it...

    I assume at least 50/50 of us are using FR vs Real Cabs. (I personally Run Laney FR112)

    Ive found it pretty satisfying depending on the rig and the Direction nob. I understand this is not the "Correct" way to set it, but after watching Big Hairy run through his demo i though oh snap i might try this.

    In case you didnt know...Be connected to cab though Monitor out-- OUTPUT> *Uncheck Cab Monitor - *Check Kone > Soft Nob for Speaker selection.


    If your looking for Full out Metal like 5150s style from MBritt id say in my opinion the Heavy pack is about as Gained out as he gets with profiles.

    You might want to Look at the ADA Pack from Britt, for a bit more Metal and Rock sounds as thats a very 1980s piece of equipment and he covered the ranges in that pack quite well.

    That modern pack isnt very "modern metal" which is what i think your imagining? ....youll be looking at more classic rock with that pack and it just touches into a little more harder rock with 1 or 2 amps with in those profiles.

    Otherwise id encourage you to check out AMP Factory Profiles, I would say they are done with the same type of quality and attention to detail when making their profiles like Mr Britt.
    The Metal Producers Pack. Youll find goodies from Ubershal, 5150III, 6505, JSX, Krank, Fortin Marshal Modd, Dual Rec.

    Yeah I pretty much would agree 100% with tweaking. They still aren't immediately satisfying, but now can be pretty fun.

    I dropped in the high and low cut for eq, post amp and cab.
    Took out the reverb depending on patch

    Boosted the clarity nob 1/3 to 2/3s depending -definitions were already up there

    Then boosted no more then 1-1.5 of treb and half that amount in presence. Occasionally same thing in mids to liven up things.

    Well my first thoughts on the Super Kraken were not completely impressive. Picked them up just this afternoon and was going through a ton of AMP factory profiles previewing until I ended up finally at my super krakens. Compared to the demo Rabea did I felt like it was missing some life.

    Could be my ears were that time. but seemed like the tones had that blanket effect...

    If I know Rabea, im sure he put some sort of high cuts and low cuts for the video so I will try them again tonight with those changes and see what happenes.

    Will report back haha