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    Glad to hear positive thoughts on this I was thinking about snagging the Super Kracken as well, seems to be the only thing that is unique out of the packs. With Rabea doing the profiling I can probably ensure the accuracy as he plays that amp alot exclusively.

    All depends on you purposes, I find for my self, ive ran through nearly 30k different profiles so far from a lot of makers.

    And everyone has a mix bag, depending on if your going to be doing live playing, or recording...its great because there is something for everyone.

    Im no expert and have only been dealing with kemper for nearly 5 months lol so take this for whatever its worth. but I feel like I have a decent ear.

    I find the most success differentiating based on your purpose...recording / live. Now there are similarities between the 2 - you probably are going to want to drop high and low cuts into the profiles regardless so your not hammering frequencies into 20hz and 30K all the time.

    Then youll most likely need to tweak Definition and Clarity to taste before Squashing it with more eq would be my recommendation.

    When recording I like to combine 2 different profiles so you get a blend of different mics or cabs...that's where youll have some fun with the sounds coming alive... like anything isolated guitars typically sound like shit, once combined or mixed into a mix then you get the goodies pop out.

    For live use your going to utilize eq a bit more since your needing to shape things as if you were recording into a desk technically...this can be the more annoying because it all depends on the dynamic of your live mix.
    But of course Find a profile that jives with you > Eq the crap you don't want to hear=- always try to cut in eq vs boosting things. And keep it as simple as possible and you might find your spot where it cuts.

    If your not into the crazy high gain stuff and want more rock I would steer you towards The Amp Factory or Top Jimi.

    Ive been impressed lately with what the amp factory offers in variety and they are really keen on making sure the Definition nob actually has a function and headroom to tweak to your taste.


    Thank you guys. I managed a bit of brief reading on my lunch and apparently you should hit that store button often. Well I’ve never seen the store button so it was probably that :).

    Might have my own pop at profiling soon too!

    Yeah get used to smashing that Store butting 3 times quick when making changes, Especially before you go to another patch...everything resets.

    Did you have your stage hooked up to a pc and rig manager open? What you experience was probably some sort of crash.

    I notice most frequently if I get a crash its when its in performance mode connected to my mac book running Rig Manager...

    Forgive my ignorance but if your using a footswitch you could assign it to a stomp setting?
    Ive got the Stage so I just add it to one of the 4 FX must be using something separate I assume? or all your other blocks are taken?

    The Demo Profile Delivered for sure...very similar to the actual plugin from Neural.
    Hit that Buy button on the Single Channel one...will provide details soon of my full thoughts.

    Sorry this didnt meant to end up like a commercial.


    So if yall follow Neural DSP, im assuming a lot of us tone nerds do. They just dropped the Omega Amp Works Plugin.

    I have only known about them from a quick NAMM 2020 Vid of the owner showing off their stuff. I recall i think he came from Peavy...or something?

    Anyways I watched the Demo Rabea did and its not very often I hear one chord ring out and immediately turn my attention, But this one certainly did.

    I Own the Ola Englund Satan (Natas) Plugin and it deff delivers some goodies.

    Well being the Kemper nerd I am, I went to the rig exchange in search of anything I can snag for Freeezy, with no avail.
    Ended up doing a Google Search and Alpha actually has a website with Kemper profiles.

    So my question is has anyone had any experience with them? They provided one free sample and I have yet to preview it but im at the point where I would end up buying it just from what ive heard on the plugin....

    Would be interested in all of your thoughts?


    Nah no expressions or other, tom foolery.

    Havent had a chance just yet to test out again after turning on and off a few times but maybe ill actually pull from power before I test tonight when I get a chance.

    I was going to make a new topic but Im pretty sure I just experienced this yesterday.
    Hit a random crash message after going back from tuning the tuning button. I had just turned my master volume down like 5 seconds before it happened. Was playing at just before 9 oclock and it was pretty loud in the room...moved it to half of that amount so literally like 1.5 lights were lit. blamo crash screen.

    Reboot -- everything came back but im pretty sure for some reason the volume dropped while the leds went back to 9oclock. So the volume seemed to be audibly where I set it but not represented on the nob.... Is that possible?? I feel like I had to dime up the volume to nearly 50% to get the same level I had at half that amount...? Shit!

    I would say that's accurate yes. Both bundles offer that great balance of recording or live playing. Eqs already built Into the profiles and they sound immense, I really enjoy the Laney Gh100 or whatever model it is. I've picked out my 5 favs and have a performance built for both packs. They all sound as sick as his YouTube commercial demoing the tones.

    Tested all of them, plus some extra, they all sound great as usual, you have not lost your skills :P

    Used the djemass tweaks and all sound perfect for my needs. The Fredman aare great also

    HOLY Cow you guys are amazing, Thank you for your commitment to the Free Stuff!

    Djemass - Im a huge Metallica Freak and you just changed my world with these 2C+ Profiles. And for free!

    And the acoustic stuff you did is insanely amazing I cant believe how realistic this stuff is!\