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    Only a couple of months old from Andertons in the U.K. never been gigged as I’m a bedroom musician.

    As much as I love it, it’s massively overkill where I can better use the funds.

    I will also leave a couple of tone junkie packs on it, and will supply proof of purchase for the paid packs too.

    Due to item value, it will be collection only. I am willing to meet mid way though depending on travel distance etc.

    Looking initially for £1100 which is a saving of £300 for what is pretty much a brand new Kemper

    It is the profile you use: some are really shining with Strat / single coil, some are better used with humbuckers. Some are so dumb, that this does not really care. And others sound equally good (but different), no matter what guitar you plugin.

    I feel like it should be pointed out that the same can be said for real amps too.

    Some really shine with certain guitars, and less so than others.

    I picked this up and transferred it today. This along with the ToneJunkies 62 Deluxe pack are my first commercial packs since getting the Kemper.

    Gotta say, while I loved the Kemper with the default profiles. These are another world. I’m loving the tones.

    I have found a few profiles I really like and have a few set as favourites now.

    When I power off the Kemper with the browser set to favourites and turn it back on next time it still says favourites but is showing all rigs.

    I have to change the filter to something different, and back to favourites to get them back up.

    Running the most recent OS. Software bug? Or am I missing something silly?

    Good afternoon everybody.

    After pondering whether the Kemper is right for me (a sub standard bedroom player relatively new to the instrument but not music).

    I finally pulled the trigger and bought one. And I am in love, not a single regret. Knowing that I have no excuses to sound bad, and have gear that will never hold back my progress is nice.

    Still exploring the supplied rigs and if I add up the value of gear I “played” last night it’s already a saving ;)

    It is obvious this is a pro piece of kit with functionality that I’ll never use. But it is still accessible to a bedroom player.

    My question though, I joined the forum prior to my Kemper arriving, now that it has arrived how do I change my forum membership and add my serial number to my profile?