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    YEAH MAN ! I am adjusting all my profiles now . I press the button adjust the eq and before I save I check another time A and B I mute the button and put it on to compare and I always press SAVE after that LOL It's a lot better The fizz is gone it is like a new Kemper for me Thanks to you !!!! Happy Christmas everyone and try this trick you might love it ;-)

    The issue isn't changing them after-the-fact.

    You can dress it up, but the core profile you start with cannot be altered. That involves a great deal of time, effort and know-how to create. The concern is passing work off as your own when it isn't, or giving away (or selling) someone else's commercial profile.

    Oh sorry man


    You might find that some of your favourite sounds in a mix can sound quite fizzy if isolated.

    I admit you got a very good point here. I spent all my life in studio, (recording not only guitar but a lot of keyboards , and it is true that instrument that siounds good IN THE CONTEXT OF THE MIX, dont always sound good alone. For instance in the context of drum bass and guitar, we need to cut bass frequencies on the guitar, to reserve this space for the bass (and bass drum) This means that if we solo the guitar it might sound thin.... but in the context of the mix (where we got a good bass ) it is ok. So thanks thats a good point. I will give another exemple . I did prepare 5 sounds to experiment in a solo for a track . So I fined tune , each on 1-2-3-4-5 listening to the guitar alone. Each one sounded good my best was 1-2-3 and 4-5 were weaker and bad to my ear. Then I try with the track and its the contrary, 1-2-3 sounded ok but not wonderful and 4-5 were super and perfect for this track. And the more track you got (ex 8 keyboard overdubs singer bass ,drum , sub bass etc ) and the more you need to find a guitar tone to play inside this context. I dont talk about metal here coz I never played or mixed this music. I admit they are good musician though. So thanks a lot Karlic

    I also want to thank you ALL for the great comments you gave here. I will try to experiment what you suggest thaks a lot and happy Christmas

    Lets be honest. Since I play electric guitar I had a fractal a Kemper and many modules before and many effects. But I always try EVEN TODAY to get rid of FUZZY tone you know the FIZZZZ we hear when we dont work hard on our sounds. When I listen to great guitarist (making album, and shows) I dont hear that fzzzzz amateur tone. (I do hear it when an amateur player publish their performance on you tube, so I dont wanna judge them, they will improve . but this fuzzy tone is ugly to my hear I prefer creamy tone. So as there is a lot of pro here, please how do you get rid of that FIZZZ inside the kemper ? any tricks to share ? Thanks and Happy Christmas


    I did most of that at the gig when I first had the issue but I'll try something else....thanks.

    No need to be smug (but never mind...) about it

    I tried to help you but you turn down every suggestion people give. Sound almost like a troll . Your headphones work or not btw? Someone asked you if your headphones works. Your reply: I dont use headphones. LOL

    You need to balance the band . Coz if you play louder, then the ego of the guitarist will make him play louder, so the bassman and the drum will play louder too. You need a soundman at a mixer board making a good balance of the overall sound then HE can put it all louder at the same time. Get it?

    Use rig manager and make back up profiles is a MUST ! All the fine tune I put on profiles cannot be lost like that ''snap''

    Same thing with your computer , you need to back up. I lost a SSD containing many programs and important data

    But I had a back up of everything

    Same thing with my Cubase songs. I back up every recording session on an external HD

    I've already tried other guitars, new cables, cab and different cabs, still nothing. All that and the output or input lights staying on with no guitar plugged in is very strange.

    My point was to try something else than the Kemper first in the chain but never mind...

    I once had a pedal (one IN four out with volume) Of course you can do it with two . Google it and search you will find many type of pedals that split (and boost) the signal

    Shut down the Kemper , unplug it . Use the same cables ....Plug another device (a synth, a module, a radio whatever you got) and test first of all . Just to check that the problem is the Kemper and not something else in the chain. So if another device plays perfectly ... then at least you'll know your problem is at one place . Replug the Kemper and work on it. Its important to ISOLATE the problem first of all

    I dont talk about subtle adjustments here, but effective tricks to make a ''day and night'' diffrence. How do you improve your tone???

    Let's share our best ''tricks'' here is mine:

    - Maybe my guitar pick ups suffer from a lack of mid, but I always end up with sounds that got good highs and lows and a hole in the mids... So bwhen i fine tune and before I save any sound , I jump on the graphic Equalizer and Studio Eq of the Kemper. (The EQ in the front is not enough for me) I need to boost precise frequencies. I always end up saying ok thats better. Of course we need to take care of sounds also in the context of a mix. Boosting lows can be very cool for a guitar alone but in a context of a mix it will fight with the bass tracks and Bass drum . I try to find a mid freq and a Hi freq too, that will give my guitar sound a perfect touch so we can hear it. Of course it depends of the style and other instruments if its an arrangement with a lot of keyboards synth overdub pads the guitar needs the right eq. If its a guitar rock blues tune or metal the eq will be different of course.. But I never save a sound without trying to get better EQ and generally it makes a great difference.

    Paul :love: (goodadvice)

    I don't wanna complain. Maybe the problem is my guitars or my technique. But everytime I buy profiles (I wont name cies , but trust me, I've tried them all) but when I compare the demos of the sellers and the result I got playing the same riff than the demo it doesn't sound the same AT ALL. My result are al,ost boring if I compare with their great sound Do they eq and make post production work on it? I don't know. They all use better guitar than mine (Shur and so on) But mine worth 1000$ each (Gibson and Fender,all American) Am I the only one to get this kind of deception? PS Please dont give the names of the cies on your answer, I still respect those cies a lot. I am very honest here just wanna verify if this happens to you too?