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    So are you saying you've now got the sounds you want when you aren't connecting through the Ur22?

    I don't wanna conclude too fast I will make more test. It sounds better on headphone and also directly on the KRKV8 speakers.... That's for sure . Now next phase is how I will record.... If I could record with ...lets say Focusrite in SPDIF ... and then record the same thing with UR2 ... and post the result here and A and B compare , then we could conclude. But now I realise , I need to mork on it a lot, and thanks to you guys, I already sound better after one day, talking to you and trying all your recommendations. So I am very happy to realize that Kemper sound depends on what is all around it . Its a chain in a way and a bad interface can ruin or improve the sound dramatically for instance . My output at -12db plus output eq sounds better even in the Ur22 . I really wanna dig on it I will put a lot of time on it Thanks

    OK yes the Headphone output on my DT770 Pro headphone sounds better than the overlall ''soundcard sound'' I got . And for some profiles it sounds way better. Now if I want to record THAT sound I hear on my headphones. The solution is to use SPDIF??

    Thanks for your precious help I think if I concentrate on that I will improve my guitar sound a lot

    (There is so much things that can improve (or ruin) our tone.... This is almost like science hihihi)

    PS I might also try to record from the headphone output from the Kemper (just a split cable headphone out to split left and right) why not ? lol It sounds good

    UPDATE: My interface cannot record SPDIF. So maybe my solution is to buy a better interface

    Ok I compared the headphone output sound to to the headphone output of my soundcard (with a pair of DT 770 Pro, so decent headphones ) and I think the output of the Kemper sounds a bit better. Not day and night but a bit better overall. So my soundcard doesn't help I continue other test . It,s good to concentrate on the music but now I need to make a stop and concentrate on the technical aspect of all this. ;-) It's fun I will learn a lot

    One thing you can try to make things feel snappier is to use a different DI. The kemper one is 1MOhm, but I’ve used others at 2.2 or 10MOhm’s that make most pickups sound a bit snappier than using the kemper input.

    Great idea . I admit I am not an expert on DI (direct injection right?) so I must plug this in this order: Guitar - to DI to Kemper ??? is that right? Or Guitar to Kemper to DI ? Do you recommend a specific DI box? Thanks (I will also read about Ohm , I dont know NOTHING about it) Thanks

    I think youre always gonna struggle with some fizziness or harshness if you're comparing it to a tube amp. I give the Kemper a rating of "OK". I wish I wouldn't have bought it, but now I'm stuck with it, so I gotta make the best of it. I notice, save for a few great profiles, there's either harshness or impedance. I always find myself trying to dig in and not getting enough, or having to change profiles because they're too much. I think it sounds awful through a soundcard. Maybe spdif, which I hope remedies this, or mic your amp. Not sure, but so far I haven't found a solution to the weird gain with the KP + interface. Good luck!

    SPDIF.... I must admit I never tried to record Spdif but I will Thanks good idea

    But to clarified my problem, I<d like to sound as good as other Kemper users I hear everywhere

    maybe the level is too high from the Kemper, overdriving the interface? You might need the Main Out -12 db on the Output menu settings.

    OK I didnt know the button OUTPUT had so many adjustment Main monitor direct ... monitor outpur eq ...I will experiment over there Will surely make it sounds better a bit if not a lot LOL

    UPDATE YES ! it sounds better I put the main volume at -12 db and I put more bass on the main output EQ and cut a bit of treble and presence (just a bit) and its sounds really better .I think I will continue to adjust all that. My problem is I dont know my Kemper enough... this is the first time I adjust the OUTPUT.... so the trouble is my lack of knowledge I admit it . But I thank you for your help everyboday coz you lead me the right way , where to look . It helps a lot

    To see if it's the profiles or something on our sound card settings, you could try connecting the Kemper directly to your monitors. If it sounds better that way then you have something set wrong for your interface.

    If it sounds about the same directly from the monitors, maybe the level is too high from the Kemper, overdriving the interface? You might need the Main Out -12 db on the Output menu settings.

    Are your Input or Output leds on the Kemper getting into the red? If so. lower the Clean sense for input or maybe Rig Volume for the output.

    Good ideas I will try to connect the speakers directly !!! Great experience to do

    Also looking fastly at the OUTPUT I will experiment here too . Now my monitor volume is at 0.00 . But I never played with SWEETENING , IMPRINT SELECT, and DIRECTIVITY (I wonder what is it? directivity) But I will experiment and read my manuel about it. Looks like I dont know my Kemper well ...Thank you so much. We always learn when we discuss with users. Bye for now I will come back with conclusions after I experiment

    I am sure some adjustment or advices could help please. I ear great Kemper sounds on you tube , or on demos , I bought many packs from the best on internet (Britt , Tone Junkie name it) but still, my personnal sound got a problem. It's too fuzzy.... I plug everything on a decent soundcard... and I got very good KRK studio speakers.... But is my soundcard the problem? Do you play through soundcards guy? or you got monitors and to record put a good microphone in front of the speaker to capture the rich kemper sound I hear everywhere? I got 2 decent guitars (fender tele and Gibsons les paul ) I know there is a lot of place in our Kemper to ajust tone. But I cannot find the right one. Thanks for your advice. I know the problem is ME !!! Thats for sure coz the sounds I hear from Kemper users everywhere is SUPER and sounds way better than mine in every style I am doing something wrong .... I try very hard to fix it. Thanks

    YEAH MAN ! I am adjusting all my profiles now . I press the button adjust the eq and before I save I check another time A and B I mute the button and put it on to compare and I always press SAVE after that LOL It's a lot better The fizz is gone it is like a new Kemper for me Thanks to you !!!! Happy Christmas everyone and try this trick you might love it ;-)

    The issue isn't changing them after-the-fact.

    You can dress it up, but the core profile you start with cannot be altered. That involves a great deal of time, effort and know-how to create. The concern is passing work off as your own when it isn't, or giving away (or selling) someone else's commercial profile.

    Oh sorry man


    You might find that some of your favourite sounds in a mix can sound quite fizzy if isolated.

    I admit you got a very good point here. I spent all my life in studio, (recording not only guitar but a lot of keyboards , and it is true that instrument that siounds good IN THE CONTEXT OF THE MIX, dont always sound good alone. For instance in the context of drum bass and guitar, we need to cut bass frequencies on the guitar, to reserve this space for the bass (and bass drum) This means that if we solo the guitar it might sound thin.... but in the context of the mix (where we got a good bass ) it is ok. So thanks thats a good point. I will give another exemple . I did prepare 5 sounds to experiment in a solo for a track . So I fined tune , each on 1-2-3-4-5 listening to the guitar alone. Each one sounded good my best was 1-2-3 and 4-5 were weaker and bad to my ear. Then I try with the track and its the contrary, 1-2-3 sounded ok but not wonderful and 4-5 were super and perfect for this track. And the more track you got (ex 8 keyboard overdubs singer bass ,drum , sub bass etc ) and the more you need to find a guitar tone to play inside this context. I dont talk about metal here coz I never played or mixed this music. I admit they are good musician though. So thanks a lot Karlic

    I also want to thank you ALL for the great comments you gave here. I will try to experiment what you suggest thaks a lot and happy Christmas

    Lets be honest. Since I play electric guitar I had a fractal a Kemper and many modules before and many effects. But I always try EVEN TODAY to get rid of FUZZY tone you know the FIZZZZ we hear when we dont work hard on our sounds. When I listen to great guitarist (making album, and shows) I dont hear that fzzzzz amateur tone. (I do hear it when an amateur player publish their performance on you tube, so I dont wanna judge them, they will improve . but this fuzzy tone is ugly to my hear I prefer creamy tone. So as there is a lot of pro here, please how do you get rid of that FIZZZ inside the kemper ? any tricks to share ? Thanks and Happy Christmas


    I did most of that at the gig when I first had the issue but I'll try something else....thanks.

    No need to be smug (but never mind...) about it

    I tried to help you but you turn down every suggestion people give. Sound almost like a troll . Your headphones work or not btw? Someone asked you if your headphones works. Your reply: I dont use headphones. LOL

    You need to balance the band . Coz if you play louder, then the ego of the guitarist will make him play louder, so the bassman and the drum will play louder too. You need a soundman at a mixer board making a good balance of the overall sound then HE can put it all louder at the same time. Get it?