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    I tried different Bluesy intensity with a TAF SL Mod Lead

    I think it's a very good result if we are looking for blues or overdrive sounds....

    I just put the exit to the UR22 Audio Interface and directlty to the Logic

    The result is not 100% tube sound...but it's already an amazing result....what do you think?


    My idea is buying it second hand, i found one for 200€ as new...but i don't know if it is the same as buying a normal guitar cabinet or not...because in that case, that this yamaha cabinet is like a normal doesn't have any sense...

    So, as i see your answers it's better to wait another oportunity?

    Thank you!


    I've testing a Bassman profile with a Epiphone guitar.

    The final result is an amazing bluesy sound even when the profile is a "Broken amp Profile Bassman", puting down the gain gives this sound

    I hope you like it, every day i like more and more this Kemper...very happy.

    I hope i can save money to try it with a very good FRFR...

    Thank you!


    I would like to share a Testing of a Bassman Profile:

    Everyday i like the Kemper more and more...

    I never had before so much time to practice until midnight and with this sound quality :)

    Supper happy with it


    Sorry for the post, i'm not so sure if i'm doing it correct.

    I have some profiles in my Kemper, everytime i change one of them, i store it, i think this is the procedure for saving them, i push store until the unit shows the message of profile stored. But the issue comes after i try to look at it and it doesn't appear, and the original profile never changes, i mean if i for example turn of delay and turn on reverb, after power down and up again the unit, the profile is there as i never changed.

    I'm sure i'm doing something wrong here...but i thought that doing the store procedure will just the profile as i used....Any clue about this?

    Thank you

    I find rolling off the treble and presence a little bit helps tame the digital sounding rigs, also turning up the pure cab knob helps some.


    I do the same! and IT sounds less digital.

    Yes it's very similar and much more amazing of whatever i tried before.

    One thing is I also doing line soon as i can do mic recording using some cabinet I will post it to check the difference.

    I think this little fella has a lot of oportunities...but for me, have the availability of making guitar test during night, wihout bothering neibhers or's already a lot...and having this so similar tube sound...for me it's perfect

    Sounds very digital to me ... ;-))))

    Hi and welcome here. Those sounds are really great. Don't worry for clean sounds. You will find hundreds. Just for the strat work on some parameters: rase clean sense to 3/6 db, use compressor stomp if needed and amp compressor too, and work a little bit on amp eq. Kemper profiles are well know for clean sounds...


    Everything sounds digital with this ☺️,

    i will learn how to work on it, but i have many clean profiles from Top Jimi, TAG, MB, and there is not even one which sounds not as digital...i think is the lack of these units. Anyway the crunch and overdrive sounds are pretty similar.

    I never worked with compressors before, i will have to learn how to

    Sounds great man! Great playing as wel. Do you remember exactly what profiles you used?


    I don't remember exactly, but there were 2 profiles from TAG and Michael Britt. One time each one.

    I think it works fine for now.

    But where i find the very lack on it, it's on the clean sounds...i don't know how to make it sounds correctly.


    I think i'm using some Mb profiles one friend gave me, I've used some kind of Plexi Profile with reverb, i dont remember the name right now.

    I'm only using it one headphones so i think or I hope it will sound even better over a cabinet.

    Good afternoon,

    I would like to make my first post and attach my First 2 test with the Kemper Profiler, i'm just using the profiles i have in it because i don't really understand how it works for now :)

    I hope you like it:

    I hope I will learn how to use it soon, thank you!