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    Welcome and have fun here in the forum and with your Kemper!

    Regarding your amp request: Google is your friend. Feeding it with the simple words "kemper omega iridium obsidian" I immediately got what you are looking for.

    I had googled it. Just a lazy typer and didn’t want to explain I was looking for “the best”. Went ahead and got their $10 pack at Omega of uncabbed profiles and am going to check it out ASAP.
    Thanks for your welcomes here and looking forward to getting some knowledge.

    Hey people,

    Spent about 3 weeks with my Kemper so far that I got on a good used deal from a retailer. loving it so far and just running through an Allen and Heath 16fx mixer I just got and my Yamaha HS7’s. Currently in the market for a power amp and selling my Blackstar HT Metal 100 because the Kemper provides it all! Tones are great and I’m hoping I can fiddle my way to just the right amount of bottom end. If anything, this amp has me sold with all the great JCM800 profiles and the ability to rock whatever Fryette or Engl concoction I’m in the mood for.

    I have one possibly dumb question:
    Don’t know much about profiles, but does everyone have access to 16k+ free profiles on their Rig Manager? Because I could just sit and scroll through playing just those.
    2nd question: Anyone know the best place to get the Omega Amps’ Iridium and Obsidian profiles? Haven’t heard any, but the amps sound amazing to these ears and I’d like to get some good ones. Thanks and hope to be sharing some of my own at some point as well!