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    I just bought the Kemper PowerRack.

    First of all i updated to the latest version 7.1.3 directly after unpacking the whole thing.

    After fiddling around for a couple of hours i recognized that the first two soft knob under the display behave really weird.

    When i turn one of the knobs, the settings on the other one change as well. Not as fast as the one im turning, but it changes the setting. It does that in every menu and it does not depend on the setting that the knobs are changing. The two knobs are also not changing values fluidly. I can see gaps between the numbers when changing the EQ for example.

    Compared to the other two soft-knobs, they do behave very differently. The other two seem to work correctly.

    I wonder if this is a hardware or a software issue. Do i have to return the unit to get another one?