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    Whenever you put a distortion or overdrive in front it will increase the gain. How much depends on how you dial in on the pedal. But let me tell you on most of all metal albums it's less gain than you might believe.

    a overdrive stomp simulates the signal of a overdriven tube amp, but therefore you can use the amp at lower volume and have the same tone?

    is that correct?

    it doesn’t work like that. The Kemper has its own gain scale which doesn’t represent the gain level of the amp.

    Lets say the amp being profiled has the gain maxed (10) but isn’t a particularly high gain amp. It might only register 5 on the Kemper’s scale. Then you put an OD in front of the amp. This might raise the Kemper’s gain reading to say 7 or 8 even thought the amp itself is still on 10.

    ok thanks Wheresthedug

    that makes sense

    No the Kemper will not recognise a pedal in front it. That's why many call a profile e.g. Recto-ts, 808 etc. Or give information that profile(s) are profiled with that or that pedal.

    okay, thanks alot GearJocke.

    Maybe you don't know, but I ask anway haha.

    The KPA recognizes the gain level while profiling automaticly is that correct?

    what is he recognizing when I have the gain on the amp to level 6, but i have a distortion stomp infront, will the result be higher than 6? like 9 f.ex.?

    or those stomp has absolutly no effect on that?

    Yes od/dist/fuzz works fine profile with an amp and many do that.

    okay so if you profile an amp with a real stomp infront, the KPA will not recoginze it as such? It's then just a amp for KPA? And the profiler-guy has to put an information in the RIG details info, that we know what he put infront of the amp... ?

    So the KPA recognizes cab's only?

    Hi everyone

    I'm interested in how you guys setup your signal chain from guitar to ear. Especially for good sounding high gain rock and metal tone. At home.

    Does make sense to use external pedals infront kemper? If yes, why and which one? Distortion? Compressor? Overdrive? Alle of them? ... If no, why not and what kemper effects do you use for high gain rock / metal?

    Do you guys use another gear for effects after Kemper? Reverb? Delay? Does it make sense for good quality sound? Is that even possible?

    do you use speakers at home? monitors? PA? or Headphones?

    Thanks alot and I'm curious.


    Use distortion sens for that if it's not enough gain on profiles. For me it's the opposite. To much gain on most high gain profiles so I have to lower the distortion sens.

    I played now with that distortion sense parameter and it gets more distortion, but is it just me, or is the tone quality getting worse if I highter the value? it's like I get more gain/distortion but it's losing homehow the deepness... I don't know how to describe it in english haha.

    Did I something wrong?

    I didn't changed the height of the pickups yet, but they have to less output or gain. If I choose amps on my kemper where it sounds good its always 9 or 10 GAIN amp's and even then it sounds not very distorted

    What don’t you like about the pick ups? One thing to keep in mind – the pick ups may just need to be adjusted. If you have too much low end, lower the bass side of the pick ups. The same with too much high end. If you don’t have enough high end, raise the pick ups closer to the strings on the treble side. If the pick ups have too much gain, Lower the pick ups farther away from the strings, and then adjust the bass and treble side height to get the tone you want. If they don’t have enough gain, raise the pick ups, and then fine-tune the treble and bass.

    Is it really that simple? I get more gain when I rise the pickups?

    Hello everyone

    I bought a new guitar Jackson PRO Misha Mansoor Juggernaut HT6QM, Chlorine Burst, but I can still send it back for a few shipping cash and get my money back. But I like the guitar except of its weight, but I don't like the pickups. And I thought hey I could change them. but I actually don't know witch pickup will satisfy me really... what I know they should be passive high output humbuckers (the original one are humbuckers too) for rock and metal from the producer Seymour Ducan or DiMarzio. But there are alot of diffrent types with that specs.

    And I need new potentio meters aswell? is that correct?

    So what should I do? try the first time in my life to change the pickups? or send the guitar back that I searched for a long time to find a good guitar that I like...

    thanks for your opinion!

    Cheers, Marc

    So overall: it is the best editor we have and the functionality is there. But yeah, I wish it was more reliable at its most important function - saving performances, I wish it could detect panicked Toaster are react accordingly. I'm confident it will get better over time.

    thanks man!

    I'm a beginner so I don't do tours, its for home use only :)

    Hey Kempers!

    For all of you already using the new Rig Manager V3.0.105!

    Can you recommand this version? Is it stable? oder still bugy?

    I'm asking because I see a couple of issue topics here in the community forum.

    Thanks a ton for the clarification guys!